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This is Episode number 21 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. So they congratulate your soldiers isn t it?  I ve never seen that crowd square of Kut If General Barett listen my first advice and cancel the transfer we ve never been n this situation Oswald So what Mr Cox is everything over? All I know  for get things back on track in Iraqi front  General Barrett or Pearce Cox has to go India After all thing you did for Mesopotamia and England? Let me tell you the difference between Turks and us We never give second chance to anyone No matter how much succesful you're in the past One single mistake  one single mistake will get you to the hell And they do that kindly Thank you for your services Mr Cox Now you can rest But the game isn t over yet I have one last move I can fix everything Saeed he is the last leverageleverage we have III surprise who think I will give up and I'm sorry for them Oswald So sorry Check After you gone Saeed left here every single day To where? Allah knows Sometimes he came back one day later But he didn't come back this time father I wish you had told the Commander We told him but we don t have any clue We lost who exist Musab ah Mehmet be relax Saeed is stubborn and smart kid He probably left a trail Don t worry Didn t you tell me when he was capt ve he left a thing behind him in the desert We saved him before we will save him again In Shaa "ALLAH"(By the Will of ALLAH ) Don t worry How this gonna be Mevlut Cavus? Musab was dead Nobody knows Saeed's whereabout Are you saying this Of course Victoria We can use Victoria and find Saeed out Unfortunately that s not possible Victoria escaped You can do this Yes you can do this Miss Victoria Am not your guest anymore? What kind of word is that? Is that a thing?

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This is Episode number 55 of Dirilis Season 5 with Urdu Subtitles. We won t take him captive now. Wp’re here, sir! Kill him! Allah is great! This is not the end of your troubles. Ertugrul You will die on this journey. uew jno pue ueuuijejjnpqjgf jis are still fighting We followed you here We can't let that bastard run. There might be another trap. You go and help Abdurrahman, now! As you command, sir As you command, sir On your horses. We are being attacked! Where did they come from? You wereifollowgH you clueless fool! Come on, everyone! Allah is great!] Allah is great! Comeion! We will take the gold quickly Get the chestsyo«the cave as €lla We ll Jake them tO'JheMsIeSignated place Come on. The fact that Ta§kun Bey is now the chieftain does not oblige you to accept his hand in marriage. Sirma. You're struggling in vain. Ilbilge Hatun Your sister made her decision completely unbiased.

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This is Episode Number 22 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Wait a moment Dervish. He has so much blood coming out of him, do you think we can take him to our master on tame 7 We will try and Allah will heal him. Let's hurry. Altsar1 O Allah' Altsar' This Episode Is Sponsored By www.blestfoods.oom Alisar A!ear Bey! Open the gates of your mansion! They are shouting from the outside. What are we waiting for ? Let's go out and fight. If we don't keep them quiet now, no one will listen to us again. We will, we will shut them up first, then cut their heads off1 If you don't kill them all here, the food I have given you will be ha ram (forbidden) to you Open the gates! Alisar1 You will pay the price for attacking my mansion, Gunduz1 I'm not here to pay anything, I'm here to make you pay1 You took my seat by force. Now are you here to take my life, my nephew 7 We stopped your plan before you started a rebellion, don't talk now, uncle!


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