Diriliş series has become a sensational day by day and season by season. People are getting mad for this series and deeply involved with the characters. In which the history of Muslims, the style of living of Muslims, and as well as how Muslims stand and stand in front of the oppressors and the opponents, and the attitude of the oppressed Let's take and more than that you get in this game. You all know that 3 seasons of this drama has been shown to you on giveme5.co exclusively and we believe that all the gentlemen must have learned something from this historical play .....熊

This drama has been completed till 4 weeks ... 3 of which are in Urdu and the fourth season has been started on the www.giveme5.co website.


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Ertugruls Ghazi is the founder of Ottoman who was born in 1191 AD, and died in 1280 AD some books in 1281, Gunduz, Savci and Usman are his son, 1291 - 10 of his father's death died. After the year, Khilafah was built and named after the name of Usman, the same son of evolution, Khilafat was named Khilafat Ottmania, but the foundation of Khilafat went to the evolution of Ghazi-e-Rahta. After this Caliphate from 1291 CE to 1924, the sword of these Turks defended Ummundan for 600 years. The family of Arghig Ghazi came here from East Asia and was twelve sons of Amjad Oz Khan Oghuz Khan, who became twelve tribes, one of whom was Kayai tribe, from which belonging to evangelism Ghazi, his father's name was Salman Shah There were three brothers and sisters of Darwish Ghazi, the name of Sharam, Zuljan, Guldaro, and your mother was Hayma ...

Your tribe came from East Asia to Central Asia as Anatolia from Anatolia to Iran, to avoid the invasion of the Mongols where Sultan Suloduk was the Sultan of Seljuk Empire and was founded by the Suljuk Turkish empire Sultan Alp Arslan. In 1071, Byzantine defeated a drunken defeat in Manzikert's battle and Sultan Alp Arslan was a great person of history and was going to Sultan Sultanovuddin before going to the kingdom.


It was 12th Oz Khan Oghuz khan under the shadow of the same Sultan al-Adaluddin, and after the death of his father Suliman Shah, chief of the Qai tribe, the first person came to Ahlat, and then Aleppo went to Aleppo. 1232 Saladuddin was the governor of Ayub's grandfather Alghaziz, first of all, he was married to al-Azizi, and then married to Haji Hanim Sultan of Sultan Al-ududin, whom you have given three sons, I have named, the friends of the Ayubis and Suljuki, A strong fortress of the crusaders conquered, which was near Hلب, and then the evolution was very close to Sultan Al-ududin.


After the invasion of the Mongols was near, evangelism defeated a M Mongol's new leader, the Navan Mongolian King Ogatai Khan was the right hand, Ogatai Khan was the son of Chengiz Khan, and the son of Ogetyai was Shokko Khan who had Baghdad Was ravinda. The evolution was defeated by the same novels And then the evangelism Ghazi wrote to his tribe Sogut came to the Black Constantinople Contantinople, and first there was a key fortress of Byazantine, and conquered all the Turkish tribes and became the Sultan of the Saljozak kingdom after Sultan Al-ududin. And from his descendants, Sultan Mohammad was victorious, who had conquered Constantinople in 1453 and was offered the prophecy of the Prophet




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