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DIRILIS Season 3 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 40

This is Episode number 40 of Dislis Season 3 with Urdu subtitles. Ertugrul has set the situation in the practice field. Zuljaan is very ashamed and goes from the filed. Noorgul and his soldiers are coming back after a tremendous victory inside the castle. They reached in the Tribe an everybody meets his Bey in the Camp. Ertugrul asks the whole story about their victory. Noorgul also tells about the Ural in the castle and Kotluca also tells about the ammunition come in from Nicea to kill or get out Turks from these lands.

Zuljaan is worried about what Ertugrul has done with him in front of soldiers. He is sitting alone Gunyali comes and give him a glass or Ayran which he drinks and become happy. After that Gunyaaali goes to Hayma Mother. Halime and Aslihan are also there. She serves mother Hayma the Ayran but Halime and Aslihan refuse to accept. Mother Hayma is worried about that why Ertugrul has done this to Zuljaan in front of everyone. Halime tells mother Hayma that Ertugrul did this for the sake of his brother Zuljaan After that Mother Hayma is sitting with Zuljaan and telling him that Ertugrul has a lot of responsibilities so he has to do this. Zuljaan tells that this is not good in front of everyone. They are talking this Ertugrulcomes and ask permission from mother Hayma to talk with his brother. Mother Hayma goes to another tent where Halime is there. Mother Hayma asks Halime that what happened to his son Zuljaan. He was not like that. Halme tells her then that He is in love with Gunyali but she is the daughter of Acar bey.

Zuljaan tells Ertugrul that he is worry about to stay in the Tribe. There is no other problem has has. He wan to go in to the batlle field. Ertugrul smile and tell him that he will also go with them on raid. Ertugrul decided to raid on the immunition cominf from nicea. Abdulrehman is already on those roots as he is looking the traitor who will inform the Ural about this news. Abdul rehman with soldeirs also Looking that there is no caraban going there before Ertugrl and soldioers came. When they are waiting there They see that warrior Teo is with Caravan of immunition. There is battle there and Teo run away from there alone. Ertugrul tells the soldeirs that get the immunition as they can and rest of immunition sholud burnt and they come bcak wioth victory in the tribe.

Gunyali is trying to win the heart of Mother Hayma. Sh e is working insdide the Rug workplace. She is also telling about the designs of Halime. Halime handle her wisely. Mother Hayma also notce something. Teo is back to Visulis with the news of immunition lost. Visulis becomes very angry. Ural tells him to not angry with his commanders or solderis but he should find the traier in the castle who gives this news to Ertugrul. This is very late night now so this is enough for now for this Episode. Password for this Episode is LateNightWorkandUpload.


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