History of Ertugrul Gazi (ارطغرل غازی) – A great Warrior & Kayi Tribe Leader

History of Ertugrul Gazi (ارطغرل غازی) – A great Warrior & Kayi Tribe Leader

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Ertugrul Gazi was a great warrior and son of Islam. His struggles for the Muslims cannot be neglected. In the 13th century, the Muslims were in a very bad situation. There was not any strong Muslim government who can restore the rise of the Muslim world.  At that time Genghis Khan ( Changaiz Khan) who born in Mongolia and was a tribe leader, started conquering different areas and cities of Mongolia. When Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) conquered all lands of Mongolia in no time, then he started looking towards capturing lands of different countries. Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) and his army attacked different countries and the result was in his favour.

He destroyed so many cities and lands. The great established empires were just sand walls in front of Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) storm. Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) and his army style of conquering lands were brutal. They spread fear among people and then killed people. Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) did not leave any person who opposed him.  Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) and his army when left the lands after conquering then only destroyed cities were present after their departure.  Muslims lands were severely damaged by the attack of Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan). At the time, Sultanate of Khuwarzom was at its peak but when Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) and his army attacked this empire, everything was destroyed and this empire demolished.

People started migrating from Khuwarzm and went to different areas which were far away from Genghis Khan (Changaiz Khan) and his army. Many Turk tribes were also living for centuries in khawarum, they also started migrating from this place. In these Turk tribes, there was tribe whose name was Kayi Tribe. This tribe was bigger and stronger than another tribe. They were nomads and sheepherders.

The leader of the kayi tribe was Sardar Suleman Shah. When Kayi tribe was migrating from Kharasan towards Syria, on the way to Syria when this tribe was crossing river Euphrates, Suleman Shah drowned and died. After Suleiman Shah death, his tribe divided into parts. One part of the tribe when the Ahlat with Suleman Shah two sons, while another part under the command of Ertugrul Gazi started travelling towards Seljuk Empire. Ertugrul Gazi was a great leader and had the aim of providing proper land for this tribe. In this video, you will come to know about the struggles of Ertugrul Gazi for people of his tribe and how he was helpful In conquering different lands when eventually provided a base for an Empire which lasted for more than 6 centuries and who ruled over 3 continents of the world.

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