Hurrem Sultan History – The Most Controversial Woman of Ottoman Empire

Hurrem Sultan History – The Most Controversial Woman of Ottoman Empire

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

This video is about the Hurrem Sultan History (Roxelana) in Urdu / Hindi.

Hurrem Sultan was the most Controversial Woman of Ottoman Empire (Saltanat e Usmania). History of Hurrem Sultan is quite Controversial.In the history, for any event or a person, there is always at least two different schools of thoughts.

Sultan Salim 1 (Saleem Awal) - 9th Ruler of Ottoman Empire (Saltanat e Usmania)

One will be in favor of that act or of that particular person, while others will be against that particular event or person and sometimes there is a third perspective as well in which the writer or historian tries to be neutral and tries to represent the point of view of both school of thoughts and presents a new view by summarizing all matters about that particular event/person

Sometimes, the historian provides the point of view of both sides and do not give a final decision rather leaves it to the reader, so that the reader by knowing the point of view of both sides can decide himself which one is correct and which one is wrong.

When we talk about the personality of Hurrem Sultan, historians have written in favour and against of Hurrem Sultan, but unfortunately, common people know only one side of the story, nobody highlighted the second side of the story. Even people who have written in favor of Hurrem Sultan, they also have very strong logic and evidences which proves that she was innocent especially she had nothing to do with the killing Prime Minister Ibrahim Pasha and Shehzade Mustafa but nobody bothered it to put it in front of people so that they may decide who is right and who is wrong. Especially, after the Drama Serial “Magnificent Century – Mera Sultan” everybody thinks that Hurrem Sultan was the main culprit for murders of Prime Minister Ibrahim Pasha & Shezade Mustafa. In this video, I have tried to show to people the second point of view which shows that Hurrem Sultan was not as much bad as have been described and portrayed.

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