Ilmon bus karin O yar (Baba Bullay Shah)

Ilmon bus karin O yar (Baba Bullay Shah)

This is the blessed Kalam of Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah. In the first verse of this Kafi Hazrat says

Enough of learning, my friend!

An alphabet should do for you

He says that One alphabet is enogh for one to gain knowledge if he can respect and if he can make worthy this knowledge for other people. In other words he wants to say that knowledge counts in Quality not in Quantity.

To it there is never an end

An alphabet should do for you

It’s enough to help you fend.

Enough of learning, my friend!

He says that you cant even understand the first alphabet of knowledge. Only first letter 'Alif' is enough to gain a useful knowledge. The life of a man is not perdictale that how much he has to live in this world. The life is too short to gain more knowledge if you can concentrate only the fuirst alphabet that is enough for a man.

You’ve amassed much learning around

The Quran and its commentaries profound

There is darkness amidst lighted ground

Without the guide you remain unsound

A lot of knowldge and undertanding nothing is more worse than a illetrate man. If you got lot of books and your brain and your heart is empty from respet and love then this all knowledge is wasted.

Learning makes you Sheikh or his minion

And thus you create problem trillion

You exploit oyhers who know not what

Misleading them with wild opinion

After learning you have become Intellecutal and you r telling other non litterate people about their problems. But you are not look inside your Collar. You have to see in your heart and mind the issues of other people are not your duty.

You meditate and you say your prayers

You go and shout at the top of the stairs

You cry reaching the high skies

It’s your avarice which ever belies

The prayers are not enough for a true man. The main thing is to mercy upon the people of Allah. If you think that you have called Azan and say tre prayer and it is enough then its your mistake.

The day I learnt love’s lesson

I plunged into the river of devine passion

An overwhelming gale. I was confused and lost

When Shah Inayat cruised me across

In the last verses Baba Bullay Shah is telling about his Experience that when he learned the knowledge of Love he do actually feel the devine passion. He was confused in the issues of World but at last He has reached on the right Destination.

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