Sultan Selim II (Saleem 2) - 11th Ruler of Ottoman Empire (Sultanat e Usmania)

Sultan Selim II (Saleem 2) - 11th Ruler of Ottoman Empire (Sultanat e Usmania)

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

This video is about the complete life Sultan Selim II (Sultan Saleem 2). Selim II born on 25 May 1524 in Istanbul.

Selim II was the son of Suleiman the Magnificent and Hurrem Sultan. Due to the colors of his hairs he is also called Sari Selim which means “Selim the Blond”. Many people have blamed that Selim II was Wine Effective that’s why he is also known as “Selim Must” means “ Selim the Slot” or “Selim the Drunkard”.

Suleiman the Magnificent had 8 sons but at the time of his death all of his sons except Selim II had died.  Sultan Selim II passed all his time in the palace.

Murad 4 (Fateh Baghdad) - 17th Ruler of Ottoman Empire (Sultanat e Usmania)

Sultan Selim II was the first sultan who did not go outside with his  forces to fight with the enemies rather he preferred staying at palace. Suleiman the Magnificent used to attend the Dewan on rare occasions due to which when sultan Selim II became the next Sultan he hardly attended any Dewan meeting. As he was not coming in Dewan and he had very less communication with the common person, people started speculating about his personality. Everybody according to his thinking and mentality made stories about Sultan Selim II. Some people called his a person who Drunk a lot, due to which he has no concern about the common people or the matters related to Empire. While others called Sultan Saleem II a person who is not capable to run the empire. Some people even said that  Prime Minister Muhammad Pasha Sokullu  is running the show. He is planning and taking care of all affairs of the Empire while Sultan Selim II is just a dummy Sultan. After watching this video you will come to know a lot of great works done by Sultan Selim II and his thinking about the Islam and his common people.

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