Suleiman the Magnificent (Suleiman Alqanooni) - 10th Ruler of Ottoman Empire

Suleiman the Magnificent (Suleiman Alqanooni) - 10th Ruler of Ottoman Empire

This video is about the complete life of Suleiman Awal. Sultan Suleiman Awal   was the 10th Ruler of Ottoman Empire (Saltanat e Usmania).

Sultan Suleiman Awal was the 2nd caliph of Ottoman Empire and 89th Caliph of Islam.Sultan Sulieman Awal is known as Suleiman the Magnificent in west and Suleiman Alqanooni in the East. He ruled the ottoman empire for 46 years. This was the longest time a ruler ruled the ottoman Empire ever. Sultan Suleiman Awal was the  successor of Sultan Salim Awal. Sultan Suleiman Awal was born on 6 September  1494 in Trabzon.

Sultan Suleiman Awal not only conquered fortes, cites  and countries but also conquered the hearts of people. He made lots of rules for the benefits of People that’s why he is Known as Suleiman Alqanooni. Sultan Suleiman Awal ruled over 3 continents of the world at a time.

The ottoman state under Sultan Suleiman Awal rule was ruling over 15 to 25 million people. During complete life Sultan Suleiman Awal Passed most of the time while fighting with enemies. He was a great poet as well. He did lot of construction during his tenure. As a person he was very kind, humble and  justice lover.

Sultan Suleiman Awal married Horrem sultan who was the Kansas in the ottoman harem. Getting marriage to a Kansas was against the laws of Ottomans but Sultan Suleiman loved horem so much that he did not care about this law and married her.  Horrem Sultan was a Christian whose first name was Roxelana but some people say that her first name was Alexendra. She was the daughter of a Orthodox Priest. When she converted to Islam Sultan Soleiman Awal gave her the name of Horrem Sultan as she was so beautiful and she was smiling all the time.

Sultan Suleiman Awal conquered vast areas in West as well as in the East. Sultan Suleiman Awal died when he was fighting with Austria. His death was not announced for 7 weeks. His body was kept in safety. When his son Sultan Saleem Second became the Sultan of Ottoman Empire after his death, then the news of his death was announced. As the rebellion could have occurred if this news was announced before Sultan Saleem Second sitting on Throne.

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