Kurulus Osman EPISODE 19 with Urdu Subtitles (Complete Episode Uploaded)

This is Episode Number 19 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Osman left the horse. The horse has gone this way. Stupid! What kind of a tracing ability do you have? I can't stand stupidity. He wants us to split If we can't find Osman, Balgay will kill all of us Let's go! Kongar' It's time for you to ...


This is Episode Number 19 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. Osman left the horse. The horse has gone this way. Stupid! What kind of a tracing ability do you have? I can't stand stupidity. He wants us to split If we can't find Osman, Balgay will kill all of us Let's go! Kongar' It's time for you to either be you again die He’s running Running, running, running. < Running,gunning, running. He escaped! He is escaping, Gunduz. We can't catch him without horses, Bamsi Bey Red devil! Son, Sofia must have had a hand in this Since Saltuk came too. someone from the tribe must be in this, too Then all the arrows point to Dundar What if Dundar collaborated with Alisar? My uncle was with us, he couldn't have done it. Son, what if he came to us to let someone else do it? If all that condemnation, all that heart ache was becasue of that7! My Gunduz, he has a lot of minions in the Oba too Don't lose yourself to your emotions, son Don't' We will learn it. Bamsi Bey, we will. Let’s pray that Zorba does not die1 Come on Kongar is still after me. Youlh'ave to convince him before it's too late I carried out your task.

I have proof here that Balgay bought Kongar, my brother, from the slave market Your brother Goktug will also see Balgay's true colours The secret is revealed now. Even if he is my brother Goktug will either believe us, or he will pay the price my Bey Instead of having a brother who is a traitor. I prefer having a dead brother Mashallah, Karayel. So you went to collect herbs with the cart, Zohre Hatun. Just when your daughter is about to marry If anything happens to Osman's entrustment, I won't show mercy to any of you! My brave girls, the lion Alps of Demirci Bey The sledge is here, ready it. The rest of the road is on you The person you will deliver the girl to is waiting for you near Cehennem river. Come on, there is no time Inshallah.no one saw you. No, Zohre Hatun, no one saw me What is it, Burcin, you are shaking like a leaf I* say that no onesaw me, but if someone did ?

What if we get caught ? If we were afraid of getting caught, we wouldn't do anything On the contrary, it will be revealed one day, and be known. Don't you understand ? You completed the mission our martyr Aybars left unfinished. We do everything for Kayi's future, our children's future Or why would we do this i to with this poor child ? Our goal is to give Dundar Bey his rightful seat and bring back the order. If it means we have to die for this cause, we will gladly die, Evelallah Don't worry, you did the right thing. m supporting you Come on We went out to collect herbs and the cart was full If anyone asked, they wouldn’t be suspects. Now it’s clear that you are Dundar Bey's daughter My clever daughter. Did you bring the bell 7 Yes. mother They . will wait for you at the rocky place near the river You’ll ring this bell when they're close When they ring their bell you’ll find the others. Okay, farewell. May Allah be with you! Now, tell me! Who killed Batur? The one. The one that killed Batur... His life wasn’t enough. Poor man died One of them died Let s not lose this one as well. Be patient, son Bamsi Bey. We will throw this Saltuk in front of my uncle.

Let’s see if he knows the betrayal or not. We’ll see. We will, son. We will but you should keep calm Keep calm. Geyhatu... i up to something bad He's in a alliance with a... > dirty structure inside Byzantine. The name of this famous organization is Margaret priests. This is the organization that faced us with Yanms and Sofia and causd trouble Geyhatu... wants a secret name to have the throne in Byzantine... through this organization The only thing to be done in the principality to prevent any Turk Massacre... is to raid them when they gather Order us my Bey. We'll slice them with our weapons. I have no doubt Konur brother But you won't come I will go. My Bey. we won t leave you alone in a dangerous mission like this Order is stronger than anything Boran brother. I said you won't come You will go to my brother, to the tribe And you will deal with Kongar. Who told you that I'm alone ?

I will have a companion in this important mission. Tell us, Bey. who will be your companion ? A brave soldier, who devoted himself to his cause l Brave enough to sneak nto these priests Everything in the universe has a goal. Lighting strikes, thunder squals. water flows and Turk mothers bear brave soldiers Eyvallah brother Konur. But Geyhatu learned about this brave one. I’m worried that his life and his great plan are in danger. My mission is to stop commande Boke, sent by Geyhatu Boke comes to reveal the one that sneaked into these priests. They will meet in Karavadi, near Ke§i§ mountain Ke§i§ mountain, it's here. But be careful, these lands are not our Don't worry about it. brother Konur. Our brave ones become wolves, and the lands we step on becomes our home You will see. A day will come, And the glow of the Crescent will spread in these lands. Ihshallah, my Bey. Inshallah. We will rest here. We won't stop again until the meeting Go to the hill See if there is anyone following us You seem worried Master Risto I am filled with joy because we are getting rid of the Turks. Master Risto. However, I am scared of the price we have to pay by working with the Mongols. And also of-the new/emperor we will enthrone after we bring down the emperor Will he be strong enough to treat the Turks the way they deserve?

Are we sure of that? I know he is ambitious. He grew up with hatred for Turks inside of him. He is as smart as he is merciless. Who is he? Master Rones, who is this noble that is kept a secret from me and many of the priests You will learn who he is once we get together with the other priests, Master Risto Are we sure? So you were the snake that infiltrated between us and poisoned us. We won't let you ally with Mongols. Kill! Burn in hell, Turk! We’ll be hell for you all. Traitor! We brought your entrustment safely, the rest Is up to you Dundar Bey did well, please send Alisar Bey's regards to him. Safe travels. Eyvallah. You will work for us more. Where is he ? Soldiers, cover her, and let's leave immediately. He will catch up to us Isn't that Saltuk ? What did Saltuk do ? Put him into a caged tent Oh Dundar! Let's go ask my nUncle, Bamsi Bey. When we mention Zorba, his face will reveal his true intentions. Oh Dundar1 Will you be the one behind this again ? Come on! What is it Boran? Why are you alone, where is Osman ? My Bey is on a mission, he sent me here. To help you What mission is this, Boran ? What if he gets in danger ? He told me to come here, you can learn the rest from him It's my Bey's orders, I can't say anything about it Come on Bamsi Bey, let s go Gunduz!

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Bamsi Bey! Wait! What's up aunt? What happened? My Gunduz, Princess Adelfa is missing. Bala went out to search the area around the tribe. Oh... Boran, take the Alps quickly and go after her. Come on, my brave one! As you order, my Bey Hurry, go after her1 My uncle is getting out of his depth, Bamsi Bey As we keep trying to ignore it and find a solution He's gone even wild. Sister-in-law, you wait here We ll go and talk You can’t find him my Gunduz. Dundar Bey Zohre. Aygul. are not in the tribe. I don’t know what they are trying to do However, it is as if they disappeared into thin air Oh, Dundar is asking for it However, this isn’t going to end well. He will end up returning here eventually. Let's calm down. When he comes, we will face him, Let's see what he will do when we tell him we have Saltuk. Oh, I call him my fathers legacy, that he is my uncle, But he keeps going against that What a shame I swear it is a shame I have shot Zorba as you Is he dead7 He is. father My unchained lion. Your father would die for you No one saw you or got suspicious, right?

No one saw me. However, they captured Saltuk This isn’t good. Saltuk's mouth is sealed father A battering ram wouldn't make him talk, let alone a steel sword. Inshallah son Inshallah. I won't worry even if he were to tell them everything now. I feel so much stronger and content now that you are here. Thank you my father. How is your mother, Hazal Hatun? Didn't she want to come? Has she forgotten the way to the tribe? You know she is the daughter of a Bey, she values tradition. She won't move until you order her to come However, I know the longing in her eyes. She will come, son, she will. Let us clear the road ahead of us first Then she will come too It is my fault that you two are at odds. I made a big mistake Are you still mad at me father? A big tent has big problems son You had your reasons And so did I So did your mother who said, My son is in exile, I have'to look out for him" and left My Bey. we delivered Adelfa Tribe folks think we are in a bad condition Letithem think that, So that we may play our game comfortably Go to the tribe and use the rivalry between us like a sword Let them think that we still hate each other Let them think that, So that they will play into our hands And I will visit Alisar Bey.

As you order, my Bey father This Episode is Sponsored By ramadhangiving com/read-foundation This Episode is 'Sponsored By ramadhangiving com/read-foundation Margarit rohu kok saldi Soul of Margant has a root. Soul of Margarit has a root. Sonsuza kadar Soul of Margarit has a root Sonsuza kadar Sonsuza kadar Until eternity. Until eternity. Sonsuza kadar Until eternity. Sonsuza kadar Sonsuza kadar Until eternity. Until eternity What happened brother? Master Yannis. They killed Master Yanms May god protect us! Who did this to you my brother? Turks! Hurry up! Let’s take him to Master Tilsus. The truth and only the truth, I tell you. Unless human flesh is eaten and its blood is drunk it has no life. The one who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has an eternal life And I will stand up to him on my last day. Because my flesh is the true meal and my blood is the true drink Master Hristo, where is Master Deres We were attacked on the road, Master Tilsus. Who did this? Turks! How many were they?