Kurulus Osman EPISODE 27 with Urdu (Complete Uploaded)

This is Episode Number 27 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. f the one, who can't breath, dies For the love of the journey ,/which is in the destiny Allah is the Greatest! What kind of demons are you? They have nine lives, just like you Osman Bey. My Allah I seek refuge in you From the evil of the enemy y Bey Oh Allah! What are you still waiting for?' Catch him! Inform the soldiers immediately! Tell them to surround the forest ...


This is Episode Number 27 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtites. If the one, who can't breath, dies For the love of the journey ,/which is in the destiny Allah is the Greatest! What kind of demons are you? They have nine lives, just like you Osman Bey. My Allah I seek refuge in you From the evil of the enemy y Bey Oh Allah! What are you still waiting for?' Catch him! Inform the soldiers immediately! Tell them to surround the forest And they should take the corpses of Balgay and Cerkutay to Geyhatu They should tell him that, Princess Sofia dealt with Osman Boran, let's spread out As you command my Bey, I will catch up to you Come on Will you be my daughter Aygul7 They held a ceremony Stupid Aygul! They sacrificed a goat and a camel! And they ruined the fresh bride! They ruined her! They ruined a fresh bride!

Release me! Untie me! Untie me! Untie1 Untie! Please, Aygul. Stop! Untie! Untie! Stop* Untie1 Untie* Untie! Untie! Untie! Untie! Stop, please! Untie me! Untie! Stop, please1 Untie me! Untie! My Aygul, stop! Untie me1 Please! Untie me! Untie me! Untie me! Untie! Untie! Aygul! AyguMAygiilfAygul! Come Eat something. Aygul! I won't! Aygul! Aygul! Then, you will rest They're tying me They’re tying me. They should tie her, not me! Aygul honey I brought you soup Please Please, eat something I won t! My Aygul! Lets play a game You be my baby and I’ll feed you Come on Come on. Come on Come on. My baby I Let's eat, my beautiful baby Come on, my beautiful baby Mashallah Come on, my beautiful daughter Come on Mashallah to my baby O mashallah Mashallah O, Mashallah www OsmanOnline co uk More patience I'm coming my Bey I am I'm coming Goktug Goktug Goktug Goktug Boran Come, brother Come Where is Osman Bey? Where did they take him? Goktug Lie down, brother Lie Come on' Bamsi Bey! Boran, Goktug Are you alright7 Where is my Osman?

Sofia is going after him, my Bey. They are too many of them. I cannot lose another son Goktug, hang on, son Bamsi Bey, I can hang on, but what about my brother 7 He is fine, right ? Let's see how thick your skin is! This way! Be quick' Come Come with your soldiers who are living dead (zombies) I'm going to teach you where you will go! You, go this way, cut him off Son Allah knows the best Your brother is in the Tribe, he is at the healing tent Inshallah, he will be fine. What have I done to my brother ? If anything happens to my brother I cannot live, Bamsi Bey What are you doing ? What are you doing How are you going to answer for this in the presence of Allah ? ItlS’how'haram for me to-liver Bamsi Bey Son, if you kill yourself, what will happen to your brother's will ? I dontt have gold^or any land. My inheritance for you is my loyalty to Osman Bey Be an alp for Osman Bey Now my blood and flesh is under yyour«c6mmand, Osman Bey. Order me, and I will throw that dog Balgay's head at your feet And if you want, you can even take my head Decision is yours, I would sacrifice myself for you What will .happen to your promise to your#brother, or Osman Bey ? Will those evil ones get away with what they have done ?

Now, you either keep your promise and get up Or you will do whatever you want, disobeying Allah's words Thank Allah, she attacked me Inshallah this will be the last one You shouldn’t be sad or troubled. I'm in your heart When you're troubled, I am troubled That’s why Don't be sad Please don't be sad Please. In this life, my faith was goad with you But I couldn't appreciate your value, Hazal. If you had been here, with me, everything would be different You'd help and aid me. I wouldn't be this shattered It means that it's better that we're together now, Bey The past is behind It's over We re one and together now I'm with you with all my love, all my prayers and everything I have; Bey We'll get over everything together We'll handle it together We'll handle it together, my Hazal. We'll handle it together May Allah not separate us uaeuuv Now you don't have anywhere to hide Osman Bey They killed my father in Constantinople because of you.

I made an oath to my father before he died. I'll fulfill his will today. You're a good child, Sofia May father's last wish was to bury you alive in the lands you took from us This good child will fulfill her duty. You lost, Sofia I've ruined your and your father’s plans Neither Subutay nor Balgay could stand against us. o Geyhatu won't be able to either You won't be able to take these lands my father conquered We never lose, Osman Our alliance with Geyhatu is more powerful thanks to you. Mf I'll find a new order with the Priests. I'll take the throne I deserve You're now dead Catch him! Ya Hakk! (Name of Allah The Truth) I wish we could find my Aygul's remedy My daughter is chained How can I endure this? I have a solution in my mind But I don't know if you'll accept or not Tell me, Hatun What is it? Tell! If there's a remedy, I' go and get it from Baghdad. Our Aygul's remedy is not that far away. It's really close. What is it Hatun? What do you have in your mind? My Dundar, my Bey Let's take our Aygul to Kastamonu Close to our tribe around Seydihan. There are famous doctors People come to find healing there from all around Its air and water is something else. This place isn't like that This is a burnt down, raided tribe Wars, raids, martyrs Who do we have other than Bala?

And how can she help everyone by herself? I don't have any hope that our daughter will get any better here Our Aygul needs a breathe of fresh air, Bey Is she going to find that here, in this tribe? She will be very well taken care of there She will be protected and guarded She will be looked after Of course, if you have any other solutions it’s your call You are right Hatun. We have enough trouble as it is The girl will be ruined here among all this trouble, you are right It will be a pity for such a beautiful girl A pity Okay, let's send her quickly I felt good just listening to you talk about that place. This will be good for my Aygul too It will Inshallah My Osman! Oh, my Osman, are you alright?! What do you mean Aygul attacked you mother? She has gone insane, son She has lost her mind. Whatever, I will send her near my brother, to healers. Forget about her tell me what m brother said H'Tsaid that Geyhatu is coming like a flood and he will bum like a fire He doesn’t want trouble in Kayi tribe and Sogut This is a sensitive time mother. We know that too!

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What does he recommend? What is his order? Tell me that! He will be the water to Geyhatu’s fire. He will talk to him and make a deal with him, So that he wonl break the Turks at the border He will do everything that is necessary However He wants us to prevent Osman's madness Osman has fallen into Sofia's trap He is probably dead News of his death will come before evening. Good, because my uncle has his eyes on this Tribe. He doesn't want to shed the blood of muslims because of a crazy young man. He wants to know everything, he wants no mistake Tell Hazal to prepare Dundar" he said This is now our era Sofia! Protect the Princess! Come on.imy brave one Come on Don't let them escape! To the horses, quickly! QuicRlyt Quickly! My Aygul, my beautiful daughter It took me a long time for me to realize the things I have done to you When I see you like this, every breathe I take hurts me. I can't take it But, I found a remedy There are doctors near Kastamonu with a good reputation, my daugter You will go there, and get healed, and come back as my Aygul again, inshallah. These lands are hard to live in, my daughter Breathing is one thing, but even your life hangs by a thread What do you say, daughter ?

Do you want to go ? That's the best decision I will stay patient here and you will come back to your tribe after being cured... with Allah's help. In the name of Allah. You called for me Hazal Hatun ? Are you hungry, brave one 7 Astagfurullah, I'm not worthy of eating with you But I'm calling you my son, sit down I’m not talking to’4hintair You wanted to be an alp, I sent you for training. You want to be an assistant and I made you one to Dundar I have been your mother, son Now I expect you to act like a son. Ask anything, Hazal Hatun I don't want to keep it long, as you know. You know about what Aygul did to me I heard about it. it made me sad Thank you. And you know about what happens to those who try to take my life Aygul will leave the tribe and you will go with her You will do what's necessary on the way and leave her dead body for the vultures. If Dundar Bey hears about it. he would kill my whole lineage. And, the girl is not sane, Hazal Hatun That's what I'm saying She is insane. What if she falls down from somewhere ?

May Allah prevent it. What if she jumps from a clifiP Who can ask you anything about it ? If he hears that you killed Aygul, Dundar will kill you If you cannot kill Aygul, I will make you beg me to kill you I called you my brave one, so act like one Don't act like a rabbit. As your order, Hazal Hatun Muhammed PBUH said, Whoever helps ease someone in dificulty, Allah will make iteasy for him in this world and in the hereafter. (Muslim 2699) DONATION LINK ON THE WEBPAGE They are gone We will keep searching. Osman is a master hunter It's almost impossible for us to find him in the woods Osman is heavily wounded, we won't get this chance again. If we give up now, we won't find him again Fromihere on isfthe land of the Kayi, I’m afraid we might get ambushed I have never been this close to killing him. You are right, ma'am, you are right But the state of the soldiers is obvious Don't be stubborn, let's go to the castle This is the beginning for you Osman I'll make this frontier a trouble for you Pack up! We're returning to the fortress. ^Come on O Osman ueuiso O O, my brave one Son, your wound needs to be stigmatized But we can't light up fire We We need to get back to the tribe fast Goktug Son, he’s worried about his'brother It's obviousithat his fault trouble him What are you doing my Osman?