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Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 01 Part 2

This is part 2 of Episode number one of Kurulus Season 1 with Urdu Subtitles. InshaAllah it is good. It is good inshaAllah. Isn't it Osman? We are here Aybars. We arrived. Go to the healer! Call him! Stay with me Aybars. We arrived brother. Aybars... Aybars! rother, we arrived. Aybars! My valiant... Give me your pardon in this world and Qiamah. I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammed Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam is HIS servant and messenger. Aybars! Aybars! Osman Bey! You couldn't protect your brother! How could you let him die?’ How could you? How could you? Enough! Enough! Enough! ueiuso Tell me. How did that happen? Ne were ambushed. I fought with my brother, Bamsi I couldn’t keep my promise to you. I couldn't protect Aybars. Forgive me... Forgive me... Wolves take the sheep that is out of the flock. We couldn't teach you, Osman. My son Aybars died for the order, he said the shahada for his brother. I have no doubt that his brother did his best for him. My Osman. Don't worry my Osman. Don't worry. Stand tall. Keep your head up.


You haven't done anything to be ashamed of. urpin, my daughter. He couldn't come together with his mortal beloved one but.. He came together with his immortal beloved One. My daughter.. ur^in... You will come together on the other side. I'm Bamsi Beyrek! Kayi tribe's Alpba§i... Everyone saw, we were preparing his wedding tent. But my Aybars has already flown to the sky. He went to drink the shahada sherbet. I was waiting for my son's wedding... but I was destined to see him being a martyr. I don't want sad poet's to wail! I don't want anyone to cry! I don't want women to pull their hair off! Now it's time to make Toy! Now it's time to make wedding! Now it's a glorious day! Thanks to my Rab... I am a martyr's father... I am a martyr's father... Bamsi is a martyr's father. Bamsi is a martyr's father. amsi is a martyr's father. We have a wedding brothers! My son came together with his Rab! We have a wedding brothers! My son came together with his Rab! Ma’am. Tell me that Osman died, Mekala. He was saved from the moss he fell. I don't know how. Damn it. I hope it doesn't lead to any misfortunes. But his closest Alp, Bamsi's son Aybars, everyone is crying around his body in Kayi’s tents, ma’am. We killed him. I hope Osman took the message. And he keeps his nose away from us. I was waiting for you for days. Thank God, you arrived. It was tiring, but being chosen for a holy duty took our tireness away. How is our Efendi? Is he healthy? He is. He is curious about the castle. As you know, he cares about the Kuluca Hisar. May God protect him. We heard that something happened. You were right about your foresight. An assasination was planned against Tekfur Yorgopolos. I never saw you were wrong. He was targeted, because he was close to Turks. The darkness we are after is about to cover all the castle. Breath of the devil in this castle occurred because of them. We don't have much time.

We have to fulfill our Efendi's order and find the treasure. If we can't succeed, everything will be messed up. They sent the code, right? I am glad. You never disappointed us with the duties you were given. It might be written with some secrets taken from the Bible. It means different codes. If we can find clues, I can solve them. Location must be hidden in them. You solved similar secrets which were written with the ancient alphabets. Then we can confront our Efendi as happy people who fulfilled their duties. I prayed for you in the church, Yorgopolos. I'm sure that we'll catch the responsible ones with God's help and Kalanos' talent. But... are you sure that traitors were inside the castle? We were betrayed Sofia. And traitors are inside. If you are right, Yorgopolos, it is horrific. Don't come back with empty hands Kalanos. . Find a trace. Or else, they'll try again soon. Yes. My lovely husband. I watch the sky every night. I am reading the traces which stars and planets left. There is one thing I am sure of. No one will be able to destroy the order you built while you are alive. Your way is not the right way Osman! You left the castle without informing someone! What happened, ha? Aybars died! He died because of you! Don't you understand? Why did you turn against me?


You went over me when we were with Tekfur. I didn't say anything. But how can I keep silent to his, Osman? They are going hard on Osman, mother. He wouldn't want it to happen. What will happen? What would your father Ertugrul Bey do? Tell your uncle. It is my issue to solve, uncle. Aybars' revenge will be taken. It is my duty to take my brother's revenge. When it comes to my brother... If Suleyman §ah's son Ertugrul was here, he wouldn't blame me for my brother’s death... he would go after killers and turn Bitinia into hell forthem! Are you going to drag your Alps to revenge now? How many people are you going to upset after Aybars, Osman? If you make one another mistake... Your punishment will be tough. I accept. If I bow my head down to your threats may it be cut off. Osman! Osman! I'm telling you! Talk to him! I don't want any other trouble! Mother... talk to my father, mother. They shouldn't go this hard on Osman. I know Osman, he won't stop until his pain passes. Daughter... you heard with your own ears. He doesn't listen to his brother and uncle. May Allah protect us. with a goodly salutation. (Qur’an 33:56)Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon you, O Prophet of Allah. Allah! Allah! Allah! Ya Rasulullah! Peace be upon you, 0 Messenger of Allah, Peace be upon you, O Prophet of Allah. Hafsa... It has been 3655 days since you passed away. That day... my Hafsa... we both died. ut they buried only you. Hafsa... My rose faced, flower... My dear left.. It's the destiny of these lands. Sheep are sacrificed in Toys, and valiants are sacrificed in fights. Our Aybars is now a martyr.

For us to call these lands our "homeland" To call these lands our homeland" It's time to take revenge brothers! May it be an oath on our horses, that breathe sparkles out. May it be an oath! May it be an oath on those who see pain as sweet! May it be an oath! If I can't take the revenge of my brother Aybars.. may I be cut with my own dark steel.. may my name be wiped off from the stones... May it be an oath! Kuluca Hisar Castle spreads the evil around. We will look for the ones there, who shed my Aybars' blood. We will get in the castle to learn who they take orders from, and their intention. Is there someone you trust in the castle, my Bey? We have no one to trust, except one person. And he is Tekfur. Because the killer targeted him. Why will you get in secretly, my Bey? I have to talk to Tekfur alone. No one must know. Even his closest ones might be his enemies. What do you order? Listen to me well now, brothers. Praise him, sun, and moon, and all stars. You dressed him with deep water, and water was standing on the mountains. What does that mean? In the first part, it says that he hangs the world onto nonentity. Moon and sun.. Sparkling stars... We will look for a sky in the castle. Spreads the north onto emptiness.." Is there any secret room at the north of the castle? Sofia's room... I saw 7 planets in her room, which were made by some talented people. A place, where stars and planets are present. Holy entrustments are here.

We are close to our secret. Sofia. What's wrong, Sofia? Talk to me. I beg you, talk to me. I can do anything you want. I am suffering, Kalanos. And I can't take it anymore. The longing burns me. I want to be with you Kalanos. I want that too. ut Tekfur... Tekfur Yorgopolos... How can we do that to him? If God didn't want us to come together, would he give the love into our hearts? Kalanos... You are my biggest test in this world. I suffer with your longing every day and night. I die every time I see you with Tekfur. ut what can we do, What can we do? Allow me Kalanos. I’ll meet stars tonight, I'll inform you tomorrow night. I'll wait for you. Ya Rabbi... grant me with taking the revenge of my brother Aybars and our other martyrs. Don't worry. Don't shed tears.. Keep your head up. amsi is a father of a martyr. What are you thinking of? Nothing... Smile a bit. We are too close. You are right. We are too close. We’ll have finished our duty tomorrow. Is that why you are sad? Smile a bit. Or else... are you thinking of him? Who? The Turk you saved. I wonder who he was. What was he doing there I don't know who he was. But it's obvious that he has a place in your mind. I regret that I told you now. We have to rest. We have a heavy burden on our shoulders for tomorrow. Come on. Claims White hair.. If I have white hair... It must be fallen from the angel's wings, who carried my son.. From their wings... amsi Bey. Martyr's smell is the smell of heaven. It's time for us to bury our brother and spread his smell around Kayi tribe. Come on. Come on, valiants. Let's go. Ya Haqq!

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