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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 10 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode number 10 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles.  To say "Hi to the enemy. Let our battle(Gaza) be Sacred War Dance and Music. It comforts my soul Jasim What do you owe this happiness Mr.Cox? To the victory my friend to the victory. Our Army set out on the road from Basra. And coming to Baghdad with confident steps. The success will come sooner than we expected. Jasim be happy! Be happy my friend! You will be free in your own land and found your own State. Go! Look anyone comes or not They are too many. We will wait for ambush here. We have to attack at night. Get down What if they go? We will follow quietly. We will strike at such a time they can't do anything. You said right. Lets play with these bastards such game that... they will be ashamed Move! Hang on Saeed hang on I know Habbab well If he wants to do something he would not carry Saeed up with him until now. Look around Okay. You go there.  There too Some of you go to the hills. They will sleep here. Habbab settling his men around. Wait us enemy wait. We come to narrow the world to you Oh Thanks to Him for His blessings. You came like Hızır my brother. (An immortal person believed to come in time of need). After we saved the Saeed Süleyman Bey will bury you alive And he will get angry to Jameel Commander because of you Then I will not go infront of them Mevlüt brother. So I will open my own front against the enemy. What kind of word is that? Know your place When we saved Saeed we will deliver you to Commander Askeri from our own hands. Lets save my Brother. I will go to Suleyman Bey with my own will Ah Saeed ah Saeed I never expected that kind of heroism from you They are total person all armed.  against Many times less people overcome against many people. Three Zeynep you won't be in this battle What hell is that now? You have an important duty to take care of. What is this important task that will leave me behind? You will make some absurd noises upon my call Habbab's man will be distracted. Brother Niyazi you have the most important job here. What is that? Be like crazy and make the enemy crazy. Look he tells my ability to me Bravery. Rest of them up to us Mevlüt Brother.


We will attack the enemy on two sides Welcome. Pleasure to be here. Welcome Omer Bey. Here you go my sheikh bless our food May Our Lord give your table the blessing of Abrahim Hebron Amin We hope all hungries in the world can feed themselves In Shaa ALLAH' (By the Will of ALLAH ") Thats our only wish But if we go after Suleyman Asken that will be an empty wish There is no empty prayer or wish Mr. Omar. Someone will always hear. (Refers to Allah) Come here my lion come. Stop Come What are you doing? Come here Hey' C me come Come you traitor. ok ok You drop my snake Take my snake take my snake Give me my snake hey Go away Who are you? Go away Go! You make me crazy The great merchant Jasim Bey. İ ve heard you offer hospitality. Can you accept an uninvited guest? ehmet. Saeed My Brother. Come here Stop there Put down your weapons. Mehmet leave me and go Take your brothers and go Saving your life by holding a woman do you think it's bravery you coward? Don't do anything crazy. Surrender Mehmet. Let the girl go You can't take her without killing me As long as this is the case I will put the bullet in your veins and take it out of your heart. I won't hesitate I will kill her Put the gun down! Oh the only one Allah You saved my life. Mehmet Saeed Saeed Saeed! Brother my brother are you fine? I knew that you will save me. Come on in Commander. you're honored to me as my guest. This is your house too. If this is my house what are these traitors doing in here? I was telling the Sheikh Hiisrev and Mr. Omer. how much the survival of our State is important But the reality can not be seen through eyes You may be thinking that you are an enemy and that you think your friend's enemy What do you want to say Commander? Do you see Şeıykh Hiisrev? Jasim thinks he can hide the truth Is he Cox who sold your soul to him who gave you such ideas? Know your place Commander You call me traitor in my house?


Look at me. Tell me where Cox is taking shelter? If I find him you II die did you understand? I don't know his whereabouts. You don't know his whereabouts is that so? Maybe somewhere here who knows? Maybe you hide him somewhere. Cox! Are you here? Die! Commander. At the roof! He is at the roof! Out Quickly! Quickly Ahmet you cut his exit way come on! Miss Efsa My brtoher! What happened to him son? Help him Help him! Brother. Slowly lay down Put him to the bed Slowly. Brother. Will you save him right? Help him to live Zeynep bring me hot water. Let me look Tell me he'll live please tell me OK be relax son Be relax Let me do my job. Oh my God His wound got pus. Do something please. Mehmet Let her do her job. Calm down How C П I My brother is dying here Mevllit Brother. How can I calm down? Mehmet Your frustration will not benefit Saeed. MevILit Sergeant ıs right Go outside and have some fresh air. I am not going anywhere Ok Zeynep there's an ointment on that table. Get me that Now is not the time to talk too much Come on sweetheart hurry up Hang on my brother Hang on The real war starts now. This way. Go . go You behind You this way. Stop Continue Stop the fire Put down your weapon Cox Put your weapon down! OK. I surrender. Raise your hands. I surrender. Come towards me OK. You caught me You caught me Suleyman We've been waiting for this meet up a long time. It finally happens. Oh God what a great time. Just like Jesus meets his Apostles You talk too much Cox. Shafı u ! Yes Commander! Take hım Soldier. Bomb! Run Get away qiuog Ah Good bye Suleyman Run you devil run Hang on Saeed For our Father Hüsrev for me. He can't survive this night. The pus gets in the blood My brother is strong there should be a cure. There is a cure Mehmet I'll make a cure for your brother from a snake venom. Either that gets him up • • • О Г" ♦ • • Or? Or he will die Are you ready for this? Or Saeed will die won t he?


Is this what the old woman says? Mehmet are you aware what are you doing Will we let Saeed to this woman s hands? Mev üt Çavuş shut up! Efsa Gran ma Yes Is there no other solution? If there was would I wait till now? You should decide quickly. Every passing moment will make Saeed suffer even more and takes away the possibility. My dear Saeed I am forced to make an important choice. You have to help me to make this choice. Do you understand? You will never have the right to lose this war. Do whatever it takes to save my Brother. What is that crazy boy saying? Do you hear what you just said? How would you live if anything happens to Saeed Mevlüt Sergeant do not interfere with my work. You pray that brother of yours. I would have showed you your place but anyw y. Saeed You re the son of Hüsrev Pehlivan Don't forget this. With Allah's help you'll be with us again. Wilson take this bullet out. Stop I am not regret for the torture ve done to you. I want you to know it. Do t now' There is no needle and thread We won't stitch There is no time war started We have to go to the Headquarters Wrap this Prepare the horses. s ready This Cox Jackal who awaits death in the Arabian deserts He got away this time. But he felt the cold breath of death He saw how much powerful we are Cox won t move easily The hands of Teşkilat ı MahsusafTurkish CIA) ... will be on the enemy s neck. What will happen now Commander? We compromised Don't worry I have another strategy. I have new assignments for you Your new task is to go Kutulamare. You will be a baker in there. And you will be our eyes and ears. If the enemy occupy there you will set up rebellions. Understood. So these hands will cook breads and serve the State Of course always. Those hands will throw knife when needed... fire guns to the enemy and will cook breads too. Until the State cleared from the enemy. In Shaa ' ALLAH (By the Will of "ALLAH ) we will see those days In Shaa 'ALLAH (By the Will of ALLAH") In Shaa ALLAH (By the Will of ALLAH”) Besides I'll have good news for you in KutulAmare The best news you can deliver to us is the enemy's defeat in the Basra(Persian) Gulf But what about the Osmancık Battalion? Will you gonna stay in Baghdad? Commander there is a telegraph from the War Minister Enver Pasha Here is the telegraph I was waiting for. We will go to the campaign we will go to the battlezone .


This is an order from Enver Pasha. The enemy will be eliminated before coming to Baghdad Then give us your blessings my Commander. If there is martyrdom in this assignment. I give my blessings to you Hüsrev Pehlivan. Come on be qu ck Fill the horse carts. Get done before the Commander comes. Come on quickly. Slowly ah What is this? Did you lose your mind? If I did will you let me go? Believe me you don't wanna get out of there. Look you have a good cell and hot meals. What more do you want? Get out! Leave me alone! We have a lot of job to do with you Give this woman clean clothes. And let her take a shower. She doesn't come to in front of the students in this state Yes Commander. Yes Commander. Wh t are you saying? What stundent? You will teach English to the soldiers. Isn't this your job? Hang on do whatever they says. Almost there you will be out soon. Do you have any objection? No. ood Then get ready. Take her. Ahmet. Ha Is there any news from Mevlüt Çavuş(sergeant) I was thinking about them too Brother. What are they doing I can't imagine I warned Mev ut Çavuş. I said "There is no joke with the desert. I said "Saeed won't survive." They have must come back with us He didn t listen us You are the one who does not listen Mr. Seargeant. Do you hear what are you saying? Talk a little and hear a lot! There is a Sergeant in front of you Şhamıl beware what you are saying. We know how to listen our superiors. But the Sergeant should act like a Sergeant first Şhamıl What are you saying to me? I didn't get it well. Let me hear that from close. Attention What s happening in here? What's going on While we know the importance of every minute for. the unity strength and wellbeing of the country... but you're messing with eachother here Isn't it? This is an order from Commander. Every wards will be evacuated immediately. All supplies and ammunition will be placed in horse carts. We re heading to Kutulamare Is that clear? Yes Commander. Are we clear? Clear Commander. Come on be quick. Come on quickly. So the time has come Brother Şhamıl.


Why don't you say any word? Brother Şhamıl don't speak if he doesn't have to didn’t you know? He is right ha! He smiles Be careful Don't harm the maps. Mehmet We waited all night. Saeed has not healed yet Mevlüt says correctly. Saeed's condition isn't well at all You push our patience. What kind of man you're you don't listen anybody. Listen to me carefully. Now let us take Saeed and go from here. Saeed will be fine Mehmet. Look at me. Oh Hello Look at me now What kind of man a you're? Ok Saeed is your Brother. But he is a soldier of Osmancık Battalion too. So he is a soldier It ıs upto us to take care of him I made my decision. Do not tire your breath to no avail Now that s enough man Why are you so stubborn? Niyazi tie him up. What are you doing Mevlüt Çavuş You will not be able to pay for this. If anything happens to my brother I won't let both of you live did you get it? Stop. What are you doing? Let me go Shut up You don't have to be stubborn Let me go I told you didn’t I? This is an assignment Order cuts iron. You know it. too. Niyazi Let me go HÖ Mevliit Sergeant Yes Commander. What's happening in here? What's this for? Mehmet the son of Hiisrev. He is trying to stop us to get the soldier of Osmancık Battalion Saeed to the hospital. Put this gun down from him As you say Commander. Mehmet Mehmet Saeed wo e up Saeed My Brother Saeed My Brother. Mehmet My dear brother. Get well soon my Saeed Commander Jameel

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