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Mehmetçik Kut'ül Amare EPISODE 13 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode number 13 of Mehmetcik Kutulamare with Urdu Subtitles. Get in. We should've battered Mehmet a little bit more. Be careful about who you admit your foolishness to   Wilson m sorry Anyway   it doesn't matter anymore It's impossible to explain it to the soldiers Well then what can I do? I'm not interested in what you can do right now. You may leave Wilson Even so I still want you to do something I wish there was a way I could see my child My lord   grant me such a way. Afterwards   you can never show me daylight again   if you'd like Rules soldier Everybody gets one ladle A month later   the best dried white beans... three months later this mush will look like steak to you Allah forbid   Uskuplu Let's live and learn brother. Ah! Brother Brother Brother are you okay Back off back off back off! Ah my stomach What happened brother I hope nothing's wrong What s happening brother? What happened Inform the doctor about this Ah! My stomach Doctor! Doctor! Come on Get back get back move aside Move Mo. . Move Move! Stand up get up You too get up Aa! Move What's happening What happened to him? We got out of the chow line then this happened all of a sudden Whatever happened happened   we need a doctor. Yes he must immediately see the doctor. Without lieutenant Robert we can’t do anything about it Are you just going to let him die? Then let him come! Are we going to wait for him to come when he feels like it? He s going to die here What kind of people are you? Let it be! Let him suffer and die! Our brother needs to see a doctor. The lieutenant isn't here right now. Lift him up! And you   seperate Heathens Hang in there   brother I don t understand   Azult Somehow I just can't understand   Mr. Cox I've heard what he did to you my friend m sorry. But you already know we re at war. And until the war ends   everything is permissible Here you go Now it's your turn to solve Mr. Cox's riddles Why would he want something like this? If I knew   the wounds on my back would hurt less And? How's work going in Kut? Bad The Turks are very alert I usually go outside in the dark in order to not be disclosed I got disclosed For this reason you should wait till it gets dark when you go back. Take your tea You can t find such a ood one around here  It s ood  Where'd you find a tea like this one? You shouldn't go anywhere before it gets dark   Wilson I'm going to meet with our man from the inside Inform everyone This is the halva made for our martyrs and veterans May Allah accept Thank you You're lost in your thoughts again.


Zeynep My mind is on the captives May Allah help the remaining ones   my daughter. That's what it's like to be a soldier. You leave your wife   child and go to martyrdom Aren't there ones that have returned   granny? It's not like they all became a martyr? I've never seen one returning the same way as he first left Sadık my friend   how are you? I hope you have a good reason for calling me at a moment s notice They sent their regards to you from Basra Little time left for your dreams to come true However before that you will have an important misson. Listen to me   what I want from you is very simple I've gathered quite some information. Each day   the guards are being switched twice One before the morning azan(dawn). . the other one before the evening azan(Sunset). Are there any watchman around? Here here and here There are observation towers. There are snipers and messengers Each have two ho ses By a possible raid one is geared up to go to Basra and the other one is geared up to go to the other towers We will attack them just as they start loading With the power of destruction of the loaded cars this refinery won't be able to withstand The dates of the shipping are in this file However they keep changing it We will have to watch closely They found a way using secret codes The code must be deciphered I ll inform commander Suleyman about this Thanks a lot Mr.Omer. It s our duty commander. What's the state of the tribes? The victory of Rota has made our friends rejoice and our enemies worry. The ones who were indecisive have shown their true colors The victory belongs to Allah In  Shaa  'ALLAH (By  the  Will  of  "ALLAH ) In Shaa  "ALLAH"(By the Will  of  'ALLAH ) Musab! Mr. Omer What are you doing here? Uhm   I came for something. For what? Do you have a problem   son? What are you squirming about? No Mr. Omer   thanks to HIM   I don't have a problem I needed some subsistence that's why I came Then say so You don't have to come all the way to the headquarter when you need money   Musab Come to me Thank you Mr Omer. Allah Allah What s up with that kid? Keep up the good work soldier Thank you What are you doing here? Uhm   I have to speak with commander Shafique His room is over there I know   I know. However. . he' bu y right now. He told me to come later. And while I was waiting for him I saw you that's why I thought we could chat a litle bit And is the lady captive causing any trouble?


What trouble could she cause her hands are tied Is there a guard inside you'll never know what she could do Wait! What are you doing? Aah just Move Move over here   move! I was just looking at what she was doing was curious There's nothing to look at don t get me in trouble Alright. Well then   I should go Keep your spirits high I ll do whatever it takes to save you Sure I m in high spirits To hell with all of you What is it   what do you want? Is talking to myself also forbidden? Do whatever you want. Did you take care of it Yes   I gave her the note And she's in a good condition   everything's fine Good Now   lef s talk about your primary misson General Barret   he refuses the trade However if the Turks offer it he'd be convinced We have Mehmet They have Victoria What can I do You will convince the Turks to trade Mehmet for Victoria No   I can't do something like that There's now way it can work just because I say it Besides if I offer something like that I'd draw attention d be discovered   don t you get it? That means that you are at risk to be discovered either way   huh? I'm sure you'll find a way. Either you will convince the Turks for the trade Or I II convince everyone that you are a traitor. You're okay   right brother All? I’d say it's because of the mush they gave us without even eating it And nothing happened to anyone No   it s not because of that It's just that Anyway forget it buddy   I'm good You are okay now   aren t you I m fine I m fine but I need to go somewhere. Where do you need to go   brother? You see Drink some water brother   it will do you good Where'd you find carbonate? I came across someone from Artvin I got it from him Thanks Thanks for the water my Laz friend May it do you good As Salam  U  Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You) Can you give me    pieces of bread? Aleykümselam. Yeah of course. Th nk you My pleasure This one is ready too daughter. Praise be to Allah   it s going really well Kettles full of halva weren t enough Husrev baba s hands must be magical Maa Shaa "ALLAH" (Praise Be to "ALLAH") anyone who eats it wants to eat more. I'm not the one who works wonders. Fortunately our citizens o a don't just sit around and do nothing They give support to each call for help they receive As Salam  U  Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You) Husrev baba Wa AleykLimSalam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too)   Musab Wa AleykümSalam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too) What's the matter at this kind of hour? Halva is bein dist ibuted that's why I came to ask if you need any help Thanks   we are taking care of it I wish I wish our soldiers that are being held captive could be here as well They must be in a bad condition .


They must be in need of some dried halva right now. Musab you wouldn't know about the soldiers of the Osmancik battalion If needed   they would eat a snake and still wouldn't starv That's right AH of them are trained Besides what could we possibly do about it? Actually there's something we can do However. . it's up to the commander to decide What are you talking about? Trade Husrev baba   trade We have a lot of British captives in our possession. Especially one amongst them.. if we give her we could save a        soldiers Who? Who is that valuable? A British spy. That woman spy. Victoria Okay but doesn't the commander already know what you know. hence the reason he's been waiting all this time You are all daydreaming Come on go back to work come on Do you need help with anything? No Do you need anything   Husrev baba No Musab thanks Since you came here all the way don't leave without eating our halva. It's really good   Husrev baba May our martyrs rest in peace Ämeen son Enjoy your meal Well then   goodbye And. what do you say   Husrev baba? To what Didn't you listen to Musab? The woman captive in the commanders possession must be very valuable If he dindt know she was that valuable he would’ve killed her already. If he waits   he must know something The time has come. Maybe that woman is still alive for this reason We could use her to rescue Mehmet. AU of the captives there are like Mehmet to me All of them are my sons I don't favor merely because he's my son It's not just for Mehmet after all Think about it Husrev baba of how many soldiers we could rescue How many soldiers in return for a British spy? If you could just talk to the commander. He'll listen to you Why couldn’t we come up with something like this well done Musab What a great idea of him Everything happens for a reason We should firstly finish our work Afterwards we will think about it Alright   father. You know the right thing to do It's not possible Let's get back to work Saeed Come in Mr. Cox I hope I didn't come at a wrong time I was preparing a German passport for myself You came at the most critical time But you already have a The German are renewing th ır passports You are not up to  date Anyway. I hope you have some useful news. Yes sır Musab gave the note to Miss Victoria Wow! Way to go Musab He surpassed himself Have you told him to mention the trade? Yes s r He must be working on it Good Musab deserves to have a British passport It s time to give our Arab brother the most valuable passport Let s see what the commander will say about this You can leave Yes sir. • • •  Not bad at all You just got old Commander Miss Elizabeth Welcome. 

Pleasure to be here Have a seat I actually wanted to speak with   Mr. Suleyman The commander is in recovery in Baghdad Thanks to HIM we could convince him at last L t me h Ip you I was at the British prisoners camp. I've met your soldiers. They are in a good state They are not complaining about their conditions As good as you can be while being held captive In order to report the news.. I have to make a comparison Are you wondering about the conditions of the British captives? Yes Mr Suleyman told me that e would let me see the captives after I came back. We don't keep the captives here Due to the lack of space in order from diseases to spread we sent them to Baghdad However   if you'd like I can allow you to speak with a captive that has been here for a long time After you As a matter of fact you know her Unfortunately you even had to share the same place for a while Victoria From the department of political affairs on the invaded territories РУ Let’s say a spy. Yeah After you Soldier open the door. Yes sır Compared to before she looks pretty good What is it what do you want? I don't have any bad intentions I wanted to see you again Good you have Now stop bothering me You seem pretty much unbothered to me Isn’t that right   Miss Elizabeth? Yes You have far more opportunities compared to the ones at the British prisoners camp Captivity is captivity There s no such thing as good or bad I can assure you that there is I've promised Mr. Suleyman that I would report a news regarding the comparisons That s why I'm here Take a look at all of this Your heating stove You have books a comfortable bed Let's not forget that you have three meals a day. She also has the right to shower once a week however she doesn't want to make use of it It's not like I'm going to strip in front of your soldiers. I can tell you one thing Victoria you are in a way better state than the Turkish soldiers are You've already taken your side Our friends won't give you credit for the news you will publish Allow me to take a picture Of course After you Are you okay   brother Alı? The messa e brother. d The doctor will come to the ill one that will recover. What if he doesn't? What did the commander mean by that brother? Mehmet... I don't understand   broth r I said hit me   boy No brother   what are you talking about? Son I'm tellin ou to hit me    J No brother   I can t hit you Mehmet hit me Hit me boy hit me! You are brothers don't do it What s happening? Don t brother don t Brothers   stop don't do it. Brother come on stop Don't do it brothers   don't do it Stop   What s happening Stop it brothers Hold them Don't do it You are making a fool out of us in front of those infidels   Mehmet.   Seperate Come on you are brothers it's not something you can do Mehmet! Mehmet Brothers it's a shame Hey! Seperate What the hell are you doing? ey! Seperate Even an enemy wouldn t do something like this Com on seperate them Everyone go to your spot Disperse! Disperse come on Everyone go to your spot Look at yourselves I told you to disperse   disperse now!


Brother look what you guys have done Have you gone mad? Take them away! Come move! Take them to the commander Puff Come in I presumed you would have a fight during the interview. You did not mislead me. Thank you As long as you don't break the peace of the camp you can kill each other. Two barbarians would be saved from this world However if you destroy the order at this camp then I’ll destroy you Bernard? Yes sır My room is already a pigsty on t p of that I don t want it to get dirty with Turkish blood Yes sır. Sir. would you want me to take them to the doctor? Lieutenant   this isn't a hotel Unfortunately we don't have healthcare for barbarians that had a fight With the subject matter being captivity d say I m an experienced captive as you can see Actually   the fact that you can make jokes like that even when you are being held captive says something about the circumstances in here You can rest assured that making jokes at the prisoners camp in Basra is not forbidden None of the Ottoman captives being held in this prisoners camp thought that the captivity would be less harder than the defeat In the end this is a prisoners camp We are in the middle of war. No one think he's staying at a hotel Bernard Bring him to me Not him the other one Wait here What s happening? Don t speak That thing you did during the interview was a smart move   Uskup u Even if you are a captive experience keeps saving lives Where were you held captive? İn Kurna So you were under colonel Suphi's command? Yes I’m afraid that the colonel is our guest at a offshore island in Britain at the moment Are you hungry? You are right. That was an absurd question wasn't it? The last question you could ask a captive Want some biscuits? Come on take it. Feel free please Take it m not hungry Like I said   you are a clever man and you are trying to stay alive And I respect this right of yours Because of your smart move you pulled during the interview I'll let you go to the doctor. You can go to the doctor with your friend. By the way   if you want to eat some good food... or if you have something to tell me feel free to do so Bernard will help you out. Yes sır. We are going to the doctor Whoa’ Look who came and brightened up my small tent My friend Neccar My daughter Fatma   she's coming from Beyrut I would ve want to shoot a gazelle for her but .. It didn't happen I h Your fondness for you daughter is something rare around here I don't want her to feel lonely after her mom What’s more   I also don't want to be lonely anymore   Mr. Cox The king of hunters Neccar. Hunting beautiful women in Beyrut and the gazelle s in the desert   huh? Since you British came here. . the gazelle's abandoned the desert Mr.Cox We have to be content with rabbits And tell me my dear friend what's the purpose of you coming to my small tent? Don t be that modest brother.  моа I'm in front of a noble British.

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