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DIRILIS Season 3 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 35



This is EPISODE number 35 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. In this episode, Aslıhan has been lost somewhere in the valley. Nobody knows that where is Aslihan after the death of Batuhan. Ertugrul comes back to the tribe and tells his mother and Halime about the situation in Cavdar tribe. Ertugrul gets Aliyar into Kayi Tribe because he is clearly wounded so Mr. Arif is the best doctor there in the vicinity.  Saeditin is very worried about Aslıhan. He is talking some emotional talk with Ertugrul about his love for Aslıhan. The Ural is back to the Tribe and celebrating his victory that Aliyar is near to death so he is now new bey of Cavdar Tribe. For this, he also calls Açar Bey and consults with him. Kotluca is very worried about Aliyar.


Ertugrul tells him to don't worry and get back to his Tribe. Kotluca refused because he doesn't want to leave his Bey behind. Ertugrul tells him that you are head if soldiers so you have to go back to Tribe. Because the Ural can do anything there. He instructs Kotluca to set his eyes on the Ural. The coming back of Ural in the Tribe is not a good sign. Visuilis calls Saeditin Köpek to his castle after knowing the place of Aslıhan. He wants to negotiate with him. Visuilis knows that Saeditin Köpek live Aslıhan very much so he has a chance to make him as he wants. When Köpek reaches to castle, He was very angry. He asks visuilis that where is Aslihan. Visuilis tells him that I call you here for negotiation, not for flight. Köpek asks him what you want in exchange. Visuilis tells him the name of Hanli Market.

Köpek warns him that he knows that his actual intentions are to grab the Saljuk Empire.  Visuilis instructs his man to take care of Aslıhan in the cave that she shouldn't die with hunger and thirst. He also tells soldiers to stand a little bit far from the cave. When Roshan and soldiers are finding the traces they have found the horse if Aslihan. They also fight there with the soldiers of Visuilis and kill all of them. Roshan comes back to Ertugrul to inform the updates. Kotluca is in his tribe and when he sees Açar bey coming out from Ural's tent he warns him that Aliyar is still the Bey of Cavdar Tribe. While their talk Çolpan comes and asks Kotluca that what he wants now and what is his problem. He tells that he has no problem, he is just talking in a lighter mood with Açar bey.


Password for this Episode is AliyarWounded1.  This is Enough, for now, Rest of Episode you can watch on the screen. Watch this Episode and Enjoy!

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