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DIRILIS Season 3 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 46



This is Episode number 46 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Guyali confessed in the last scene of previous Episdoe. Aliyar comes to Aslihan and asks if she talk or not then Aslihan tells him that she confessed and she tells her father about Zuljaan is going to Konya. Aliyar tells her that they has to kill them before and it was their big mistake to leave them alive. 

Visulis is going to Nikea with Helena. Hwn they are on the gate of Castle. That oldman comes to Helena and looking at her. helena remeber that she help him when Visulis was beating him in the market. Helena goes to him and ask him that if he want to say something to him. Old man tells her about Dumrul that he is hided in the safe point in the castle. Helena tells him to save Dumrul from them and also tells Ertugrul about her that she is going to Nikea with Visulis. Erugrul bey has to help her otherwise she will kill himself. Oldman comes back to Dumrul and inform him that she talk to Helena and he will get him out on his cart..

Ertugrul is planning about to storming the castle. Their plan is to get into the castle disguise as the army coming from Nikea. Mr. Arif tells Ertugrul that they has to complete the task which has undone by Roshaan and Zuljaan. They must have to sent the message to Sultan as soon as possiblk. Mr. Arif asks Ertugrul to send him for this honor duty. Ertugrul let him allow to do it if his heart is now set on this.

In the next meeting Mr. Aliyar is also there to plan the attack on the castle. Ertugrul is discussing the raid on castle with his soldiers. He tells them that they will stop the troops coming from Nikea on the way and kill them. After that they will enter in the castle as troops. Mr Arif tells him that when they recognise that this is not troop coming from Nikea the other soldiers will also come to attack. Mr. Aliyar tells Ertugrul that he will stop the soldiers who will come to attack them behind. They are talking and planning about this attack, Dumrul enter to the tent and seeing him Ertugrul becomes very happy. He ask him about his brother Zuljaan. Dumrul tells him about Zuljaan that he is in Dungeon but what is his condition he dont know about it. He also tells him the message of Helena. He tells him that Helena is going to Nikea and want help. Babar becomes restless after listening this message. Ertugrul tells him that Visulis cannot take her to Nikea because when he will see the bodies of his troops he will not go to Nikea. For safety reason he will leave Helena there and gallop his horse to castle. When he leave Helena there you will save helena from the hand of his soldiers.

Ural and Colpan are behind in the castle. Visuilis tells Ural that you are here in the caslte and you will ask Zuljaan about the trator in the castle. When Visulis get away from the caslte, Colpan and Visulis are in the castle and planning about to kill Visulis and Ertugrul both. Ural also meets with the Beys of his tribe. They tells him to help him to surround and trap Aliyar. Ural tells them a plan that two of Beys go to Han as the guest of Ertugrul and Aliyar. They will busy Ertugrul and Aliyar there and while they are busy there Ural will go to his tribe and hold his tribe. When Ertugrul and Aliyar comes back to traoibhe he has his people behind him.


In the End, plan has become true. Ertugrul has killed all the troops on the way. Visuilis see them on the way and he run away back to castle. Baber is there to save Helena. This is an early Episode to release so be patient and watch Dirilis. The password for this Episdoe is RevengeRoshaan. Watch and Enjoy!

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