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DIRILIS Season 3 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 47

This is EPISODE number 47 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Ertugrul and his soldiers succefully entered in the castle disguised as the troops coming from Nikea. Fighting is started in the courtyard. After dealing with some infidels Ertugrul call Dumrul while fighting to take him towards the dungeon because Dumrul has already discovered the way to Dungeon with the help of some drunken soldiers of Visuilis. Ertugrul also call Noorgul and AbdulRehman along with him to go inside. When Ertugrul would going towards Dungeon he tells Aliyar bey that courtyard is all yours. Aliyar is fighting very bravely and Ertugrul is going to get his brother from the Dungeon. Dumrul is at Front and everybody is following him. When they reached near to the dungeon they face resistance from the soldiers. One soldier get into the Dungeon of Zuljaan to kill him as Visuilis has ordered to kill Zuljaan immediately if Ertugrul would come to the castle. A soldier get into but Zuljaan brilliantly fail him and kill him with tied hands with chains. At the meantime Ertugrul and his soldiers also reached yhere. Ertugrul asks his brother if he is wounded? Zuljaan is feeling very shame. He can't look to his brother's face. He ask Ertugrul that why they come to save him. You should leave me die in this dungeon. Ertugrul is very angry with Zuljaan so he said him that this is not the time for moaning. When they reached to tribe then he will deal with him. Aliyar is fighting a tremendous battle outside and he covered the Ertugrul brilliantly.


Ural and Çolpan are inside the castle. When they listen about the noise they are thinking that the soldiers of castle are afraid and if is it like that then that is not good for us. Çolpan iş thinking that maybe they are practicing but Ural don't believe in her and go outside to ask a soldier who is hurry in a Rush. That soldier inform Ural that Ertugrul has raid the castle. Ural is wonder that how can he attack in the daylight on a Castle. The soldiers tells him the truth that how they disguised as their soldiers coming from Nikea. Ural is trying to stop them to get Zuljaan from the Dungeon. He run away on that side but when he reached there, Ertugrul and his soldiers were gone. He send the soldiers of Visuilis to follow them. Ural knows that they must go to the drainage tunnel. He run away with soldiers there and send a soldier inside the tunnel but soldier come back and tell him that they have sealed the tunnel with rocks. Ural becomes very angry and he moans that he will erase the linage of Ertugrul, his mother, wife and his son.

When Visuilis comes back to the castle, he see his soldiers and commanders are scattered everywhere in the courtyard. Seeing this he becomes wild and unconscious. He ask a wounded soldier that how this happened. He cant tell him he, he is just moaning that he is dying and he is dead in the arms of Visulis, then Visulis comes wildly and shout Commander, Commander. Commander comes and tells him that they come disguised as their soldiers. Visulis become more angry that what kind of castle is this. They welcome their enemy in the castle with honor. The cannot recognise their own soldiers. He slayed the soldier who inform him about all situation. Ural also comes there and tells him that he ran away to Dungeon to catch them but he failed.


Baber has reached to Tribe after successfully saving Helena. He get Helena to Mother Hayma, Mother Hayma welcome her with pleasure in her tribe. Helena also say her condolance for Roshaan to Mother Hayma. Helena tells Mother Haymsa that now she will live here in the Tribe and noone is left for her axcept them. Ertugrul is entering as victorious into the tribe. Everybody is saying Long Live Ertugrul Bey. Mother Hayma is come back to life after seeing his both sons. She is ver happy and proud that she has a son like Ertugrul. She thanks Ertugrul very much. After that Ertugrul has a speech to the people of Tribe after this victory and he thanks to all of his people. Zuljaan says sorry to Gul Bano but Gulbano says that if i forgive you then will my Roshaan will be back my Lord.



Mother Hayma is curing the wounds of Zuljaan in the Tent. Zuljaan tells his mother that he deserve all if thus. He did a mistake so he got a slap from the heaven. He realize that he didn't listen to his brother and sister in Law. Aliyar is coming to get Acar from the prisoner tent. He realise him that he is a traitor. Acar is still refusing the Aliyar tell shim that his daughter confess it all. This Episode is a long one. Duration of the Episode is around about One Hour and twenty three minutes so we have to split the Episode in two parts. First part has been uploaded but we shall tell you the password for both when the other part will also be uploaded. This is all for now. Rest of Episode watch on the Screen. Password for the first part of EPISODE 47 is VisuilisWild and the password for the second EPISODE will be HelenaBamsi. Watch and Enjoy. Thank you!

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