Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 56

DIRILIS Season 3 Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 56

This is Episode number 56 of Dirilis Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles. Saeditin Köpek has missed the opportunity of saving the Sultan as he has fallen the cure of that poison. After this firstly he was in Rush but after that he has an evil smile on his face. Ertugrul is in jail inside the Han and the soldiers of him are pushed outside from the Han. Saeditin Köpek iş waiting for the death of Sultan. He is very pleased from his heart because Sultan's doctor are failed to save him. Mr.Arif and other soldiers are going outside from Han. They are very worried about the situation, then they saw Ibn ul Arabi who was invited by Sultan and Ertugrul for the council meeting. When they saw him they become very happy and tell him all the story which was happened here. Ibn ul Arabi Ask them to goto Sultan but the soldiers again stop them that no-one can get enter into the Han with strict orders of Amir Saeditin. They are ready to fight there but the right hand of Sultan comes out who knows well Ibn ul Arabi. He listen to everyone and then let ibn ul Arabi go inside. When we Köpek see ibn ul Arabi he becomes more angry and tell right man of Sultan Aziz to get him out from Han. Aziz tells him thay if the people of palace learn about it that in this dire situation you have turned back ibn ul Arabi, they will burry you and us alive.

Saeditin Köpek allow them to cure Sultan. Ibn ul Arabi gets in and Asks the physicians that what they have done till now. Then they ask for some herbs and start the treatment. After that ibn ul Arabi asks to leave them all from there. Firstly Köpek resist but then Aziz tells him that we have to listen and obey to Ibn ul Arabi. Kopek comes out and leave Ibn ul Arabi there. When Zuljaan and Noor gul reach at tribe woth Arif they tell this bad news to Mother Hayma. Mother Hayma play a major role here from the women of Kayi. She tell to everybody to stand and tell all Turkemn Beys to come with them and they will al go togeter to the Han.

Mother Hayma and Aslihan reaches there at Han with all Turkmen beys but again they are notwelcopmed by the solderis of Kopek. The Right man of Sultan again listen the noiseand comes out and asks what is going on? Mother Hayma tells him that thy ewant to meet with Amir Saedtin Kopek. Aziz tells them that there are strict orders of Ameer Saedtin Kopek that no one can enter to the Han. Alsihan tells him that then tell to Kopek tat only over dead bodies will go from here. Aziz tells this to Ameer so he obliged to call them inside.\

When they all go inside together they are also calling that Ertugrul Bey we have come.We are all with you then they reached to Ameer Saedtin Kpoek. Mother Hayma tells him that everytime you came here we fell into some disaster and this time you also dont disappoint us. Kopek wanmt to throw back all of them from there but suddenly what happens you can watch on screens.


I am also uploading this Episode on Facebook so be with us and thank you very much for your much support. This Episode is longer than one hour so i have to split it into two parts the password for the first part is TurkmenBeys and because you are all knows that we have gotton a bid donation of 15K from our brother ImranUllah so the password for the second part is ImranUllah. Thank you. Watch and Enjoy!

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