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Quake Pak Files Download !FULL!

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Pretty safe, there aren't that many bads. A couple 0's and XOR's, nothing I haven't seen before and it's a long time since I did any serious virus scanning, so I'm confident the pak0.pak I have is safe.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to whether that's dangerous or not, I kind of don't want to screw up my copy of Quake. If it were my game, I'd just change the filenames of any backups to some other name, run the game, delete the new backups, rename the new backups to their original name, and then restore the backups into the Quake folder. I'd probably do it in a /scripts/unpacksome file, but hey it works for the shareware version. My copy of Quake is probably 33 years old, I don't know what version of Windows it's on, but I doubt the original pak0.pak I got off the original CD is more than 18 years old. I'm not gonna touch the file, because screw that, I have tons of pak0.paks around.

I checked my CD for viruses, there are no glaring red spots, so safe. I just want to make sure I'm not doing it the worst's way. Is there anything I can be doing that I should be doing Maybe not having the defragmented installer and cleaning it or something. I have the installer on the CD encrypted, it's not very practical to defrag it, and it supports the command line interface for resetting it in case something goes wrong. But this being a 1980 game, I doubt I'll be screwing it up as badly as I could screw up a modern game. d2c66b5586


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