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After Goku defeats the Saiyans, Bulma volunteers to travel to Piccolo's home planet Namek and use the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore Yamcha and the others back to life. In need of a spaceship, Mr. Popo reveals one to Bulma, which had been the ship Kami had used to travel to Earth when he was a boy. She repairs the ship with the help of her father and flies off to Namek with Krillin and Son Gohan.[20] After Goku defeats the tyrant Frieza, Yamcha and the others who were killed are revived by Porunga, the dragon of the Namekian Dragon Balls. Vegeta returns to Earth, staying with Bulma and her family.

Bulma has been portrayed by Jeannie Hsieh in the unofficial live-action Dragon Ball movie Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. She was also featured in the 1990 unofficial Korean adaptation where she was played by Lee Ju Hee. Bulma appeared in the live-action film Dragonball Evolution, portrayed by Emmy Rossum.[43] Rossum described her portrayal of Bulma in Dragonball Evolution as "pretty bad-ass, but still quirky and fun, and kind of ridiculous in the way she is in the anime."[43]

Reviewing the live-action Dragonball Evolution for IGN, Christopher Monfette said that Emmy Rossum's performance of Bulma is "something of a departure from the anime's vision" of the character, but "brings a lot of kick-ass chick charisma to the role."[51]

Heather (vo): This is actually the sequel to the show Dragon Ball, in which our hero Goku tried to collect powerful Dragon Balls in order to summon a dragon to grant him and his friends wishes.

Tamara (vo): ...he accidentally creates the three super girls, as you do, one night in the lab. Blossom is the leader, Bubbles is the soft, kind one, and Buttercup is our tough ball of angst. To their credit, they stick to these personality tropes way better and more consistently than some girl gangs. (An image of Donna, Tanya and Rosie in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is shown) Mamma Mia, anyone

Walter (vo): Dragon Ball was, I guess, in Toonami's order, the prequel to their hit show, Dragon Ball Z. It followed a boy with the tail named Goku and his new friend Bulma on their quest to collect the seven mystical Dragon Balls. When all seven are brought together, the eternal dragon Shenron appears, granting his summoner one wish.

Aiyanna: And then he's trying to keep them away and out of the hands of the evil people. They're called the Dark Hand, they're evil, they're working for this demon, his name is Shendu; he's the worst and he's also trapped in a dragon statue, because his regular form is a dragon, and he wants to get back to his regular form. Jackie Chan has to fight all these bad guys. There's Easter eggs of his entire career throughout the show. It's incredible. After each episode, there's these children that run in and get to ask Jackie Chan questions, and then he answers them. It's amazing. And then...

Ultimate DBZ game: Pretty much all characters (not absolutely every single minor one, but more than BT3). This would include: the less important characters in movies such as first form Hirudegarn, Paragus, Android 14/15and a few henchmen such as Bojack's, Bardock's, or Cooler's etc., and possibly the OVA ones like Hachiyack, Abo, and Kado. I'd also like Dragonball and GT characters, (General Rilldo, Shadow Dragons, Major Megallitron, Red Ribbon Army people) For what-if characters, they should be interesting and not over-the-top (I'm sorry, but Super Saiyan 3 Broly is just too strong for a what-if character). So this could be like Super Saiyan Bardock, Base Form Gogeta, a few fusions like Veku, Tiencha, etc. Also, the characters should be proper sized, especially in proportion with the stage. So giant characters would be much bigger (though maybe not quite as big as Ultimate Tenkaichi), and normal characters would be much smaller, because I don't know about RB, but in the BT series if you fought in a city, you'd be two stories high and be taking up the whole road. It was weirdly unrealistic. The story mode sh


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