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Like the IBM 1301 and soon to be released the IBM 3153, the 350 is a 5.25 inch (132 mm) diameter unit, has a head loading mechanism based on pneumatic pressure instead of a lever by gravity, and has a thinner magazine for easier access. Its mechanism also rotates the head during a read cycle. Because there is a gap between the rest of the disk and the mechanism, it is also known as a separate platter unit or ASP. There is a thick belt driven within the single rotary encoder, which minimises head-disk friction, resulting in less positional error. Additionally, the 350 used an endstop to avoid colliding the head with the buffer gate and following platters were polished so that the mechanism and platters would not touch the head.

The 350 provides a single drive port for data transfer and an optional drive port for power (9 or 24 volts AC at 50 or 60 Hertz). A removable back door located off to one side of the drive port leads to a rubber coated circuit board, the controller, which is powered by the port when the power door is opened. Ethernet can be used in place of the drive port; the developer kit also included an Ethernet simplifier adapter. The controller is located at the bottom of the housing and is wired to the drives through ribbon cables, a considerable distance. The controller can be accessed through the open door once the drives are installed. The form factor of the controller led to end-user confusion and complaints that handling the 350 was difficult. A mechanical lock keeps the power door closed until the power is unplugged. The 355 was the same except that it used a 9 volt DC source. The later 175 disk drive from IBM uses the same mechanism.

There are two drives on a 350. The first is magnetic and has a capacity of 147,900 (175) 64-bit words per drive or 103,601,920 (188) bits. The 354 writes from the first track of the first drive to the last track of the second drive. This takes about 4.5 seconds and is called a write-copy-update cycle. After completing the first part of the cycle the first track continues to be written, this time to the next track on the first drive. d2c66b5586


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