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Wes Montgomery - Full House - 1962 (1992)


At this stage in his career, Griffin was known as the "fastest tenor in the west" for the ease with which he could execute fast note runs with excellent articulation. After three albums for Blue Note, Griffin, who did not get along with the label's house engineer Rudy Van Gelder, recorded for Riverside Records. From 1960 to 1962 he and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis led their own quintet, recording several albums together.

Griffin's first album for the Super Jazz imprint of Riverside was recorded three years after he left Blue Note. Griffin, like Gigi Gryce on this and all his subsequent Riverside albums, scored with Sonny Rollins on alto sax, and drummer Buddy Rich gives a first performance of his own 'Hot House' song.

With the recession of the 60's, all of the independent record companies folded or were bought out, and so Wes, who also did some studio work, was now working for Columbia Records, so produced his third release for the label. It is a shame that the label changed his name to Wes Hopkins but without that tag, the record would not stand out today.

The album opens with the horns of Roy Hamilton and Willie Smith on the urbanely romantic "Peg O' My Heart," which is very hard to imagine the Walshes playing in a jazz context. Downbeat cool, a little like a better version of Count Basie with some Bossa Nova touches, and with a tinge of cools. The rest of the album, besides "Do Blues," takes you no place in particular, except for the racy "Come on In" and the jaunty "La Rose Rouge." d2c66b5586


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