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Iron Maiden Children Of The Damned Torrent 'LINK'

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Iron Maiden Children Of The Damned Torrent 'LINK'

"I was anxious to read the stories up to the last page. That is the only way I can enjoy a book still, to know that there is something more to come. But I did not reread them more than a page or two in one day, except in that wonderful moonlight night, on the sands of the beach, I plunged into one of them and was so fascinated, that I was afraid of being caught; for it really was no longer a book. I chuckled to myself as I thought that I would soon know how it all ended, and on I went, following the characters in my excited imagination till I came to the last chapter. As I would not reread it, I wandered about the now deserted terrace, and sat down at the basin. The moon shone brilliantly, and the white, gently undulating, sandy shore was bathed in a light that was like the soft glow of the moon, except that the waves of the beautiful sea which shone so brightly, seemed to carry me back to my childhood. I read the story till I felt thirsty; one of the terrors of my childhood came back to me, and I felt as if I was going to fall asleep over the basin, I left the place so quickly that I could scarcely help myself. As I was returning home I thought to myself `Now I know what happens at the end.' It was seven o'clock in the morning. Part of the day was still to come, and I was so full of excitement that I no longer felt sleepy. I felt as if I would like to rest, and I often wonder what happened to me.

"I was thinking of next day. I met Mr. Kraft, the resident director, on the terrace; my mother was with him. I took her arm and we went down into the gardens. He asked me if I had enjoyed myself. I said `Yes' so plainly that it seemed to him as if he had asked me if I had had a good night's rest. I do not know what made me say `Yes, I had a beautiful night!' for I did not know that I was making a mistake. He looked at me with a surprised look, but before he could say anything my mother touched his arm, pointing to the circular door in the French gardens, where there were always concerts. d2c66b5586


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