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Boyfriend Likes Rough Sex

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Like aggressive sex Awesome. Talk to your guy about it. When you're asking him to pull your hair, act rough with you, or push into rough sex, he may be nervous about what constitutes as OK and what is going too far. You need to have the conversation beforehand so you're both comfortable and getting what you want.

John, 24, from Los Angeles says he gets hot when girls get grabby. "I like it when they pull my hair!" he admits. Tugging on a fistful of curls makes guys feel like you're really into it. No need to pretend, but if the feeling strikes, go ahead: Run your fingers through his hair and give it a pull.

"Most dudes want to have anal," admits Alex, 21, from Chicago. "And if they don't ask for it it's because they haven't had it yet. They probably want to try it." So if you're interested too, but your boyfriend hasn't made mention of that end of the spectrum, feel free to bring it up. He'll probably thank you.

You'd think that penis-size worries would end once a guy starts to use his regularly, but it's not always so, says Dan, 20, from Kansas City, Mo. "The only things a guy likes to have stroked as much as his penis is his ego," he says. "Tell him he's so good' or that what he is doing is amazing' or the best you've ever had.' And, regardless of whether or not your guy's penis is huge or tiny, please make sure he knows you think it is, like, the biggest you've ever seen."

If you haven't realized it by now, here's a news flash: Guys can be a little sensitive and insecure about sex. "When your boyfriend or husband hints at sex, and you don't give him at least some indication that you want it and like it too, you crush him," says Chris, 20 from Memphis, Tenn. "Guys want to know that they turn you on." So if you're not in the mood, make it clear that it's not personal.

Q: My best friend recently told me that he started seeing a girl who likes rough sex. Each time they have sex, she seems to have gotten a little wilder. She keeps making more and more intense requests. Now she wants him to tie her up.

But anyone participating in rough sex should be willing to do some research on the specific acts they want to do, and hammer down the details before hopping into the bedroom. Your friend can read some of my past articles for guidance:

If the two of them end up getting serious about each other, they could even attend one of the workshops popping up across the country aimed at people who want to learn how to have rough sex safely (like these at Armory Studios in San Francisco).

Either way, he likes how you smell, and it is exciting and arousing him. Scent is actually a big part of sexual attraction because it delivers pheromones, and this can drive a man wild. [Read: What are pheromones The scent of sex and the part they play in love]

Why would any guy subject themselves to endless questions about this girl Who is she Do you like her What does she do They have to really like you to endure question time. This is one of the obvious signs he wants you bad. [Read: 30 guaranteed signs he likes you already]

I have never had a problem getting a guy off with my mouth. Infact I like to think I pretty good at it. The thing is, my bf now likes it rough. I am talking teeth slidding down the shaft, I have sucked him so hard I cracked a filling, and that he says is just getting into the ballpark, no pun intended. I told him I wasn't sure I could do any better and he is happy with what I am doing, but seriously we all know getting him to explode is the only real sign of approaval. SO please help!

It may be herpes genitals infection, which is triggered by the Herpes simplex virus. The virus can be latent in the body for years and can recur. Certain triggers can cause the herpes virus to travel back through the nerve to the surface of the skin, otherwise known as a recurrence. Recurrences can and do happen, even for people who have normal immune systems. Triggers are physical and emotional stress, infection, tissue damage, changes in the immune system and fatigue. It can be treated with oral antiviral medicines. I recommend you contact a dermatologist or an STD clinic for testing with PCR, further treatment and information.

Based on the information and images submitted, this is possibly SCABIES. Not a sex rash but Scabies are inflammatory lesions caused by a mite that digs burrows in the skin. This parasite is transmitted through direct physical contact with another person with scabies. The lesions cause itching which can be severe. This itch is more common during the evening/night. Lesions like this do not always itch however. Before treating the lesions, it is of utmost importance to confirm the assessment with a dermatologist in person. In addition, these lesions could be FOLLICULITIS (infection of the hair follicle) or an STD. You should see a dermatologist as soon as possible for evaluation, testing and treatment.

From information and images, it is possibly SKIN TAG (ACROCHORDON), a benign outgrowth of the skin which can appear anywhere on the body (e.g. neck, armpits, trunk or the genital area). In the case of vaginal skin tags, the most likely time for these to appear is often after pregnancy but also due to to hormonal changes. They can sometimes become irritated due to friction. Treatment is not necessary but can be done by a dermatologist through cauterization (burning), cryosurgery (freezing) or excision (minor surgery). If it grows, changes or you continue with discomfort.

ok so my bf loves rough sex and i mean i cant blame him. he definetly knows how to use what god gave him but sometimes he hits me and i think its kinda weird but i like it at the same time. does that make me sick to want to be hurt sometimes i even have rape fantasies about him and i suggested it to him once and he said that we cud try it and i honestlt cant wait for it. i love the sex we have. is that normal

I wish I could be in your place.I love rough sex and my boyfriend does not.Its normal it doesnt make you sick or whatever.Rough sex turns many people on.Dont worry.If you feel comfortable with it then everything is ok

Well my ex boyfriend that is now in prison, he was really great in bed but he was very rough during sex and I thought it was normal in a kinky way but truthfully I was scared to have sex with him cause he got very mad at me a lot but I guess I get turned on by shit like that. so to your answer, yes it's normal.

Sex is supposed to feel good, but a few wrong moves beneath the sheets could leave you in pain. Anything from a rug burn to a penile fracture is possible if you get too rough or move too fast. Take it slow and know your limits to avoid these common sex injuries and other hazards.

The friction of rubbing against a rough surface -- say a rug or the floor -- can leave scrapes and burns on your back, buttocks, and legs. Friction burns can be very painful. Fortunately, most aren't serious, and they'll heal on their own in a few days. To avoid one of these, put a blanket down as a buffer if you plan to get busy on the carpet or the floor.

Center for Young Women's Health: "I keep getting urinary tract infections after I have sex with my boyfriend. I've tried drinking a lot of liquids but that doesn't help. Is there anything I can do to stop the pain"

Sex ought to be an enjoyable, fun, life giving aspect in intimate partner relationships. If difficulties continue after talking things through, and trying different ways to introduce more sexual intimacy into your relationship, do seek help from a qualified counsellor or sex therapist. Ideally you are looking to talk with a professional person who has understanding, knowledge and experience in addressing histories of sexual trauma in ways that support enhancement of sexual intimacy.

You demonstrate remarkable insight into how your experiences have affected you so profoundly, which leads me to believe that deep down you know that those thoughts you are having are just that: thoughts; not facts. Self- and other-judgements that have come about as a result of your recent experiences. With guidance it *is* possible to move through and not be so affected by these.

Hi:I have been together with my wife for over 20 years. Love-making was fine for the first few years; however, we did struggle a bit with differences in libido (mine was higher). Gradually, I noticed that she would distance herself in subtle ways after making love. With time, it was more noticeable for me and about 8 years ago I pointed it out to her. She denied it at first but came to realize it herself and sought therapy. It was during one of the sessions with me as a participant that it came out that she was molested by her step-father with her mother in the room. When I asked why she did not inform me of this when we first met, she said she was confused about the whole thing and did not think it was important to do so. We have struggled with our intimacy ever since. She will try to make love often but 99% of it will be with very little passion. She wold much rather hold and be held. This is fine at times but I go through periods when I am quite resentful and confused. I take marriage quite seriously so I find it crazy to leave a person that you love very much. The more connected I am with her, the more I crave some passion and not just hugging and intercourse. This has gone on for so long (lots of baggage) that I wonder if it is possible to work through this. My wife says that she has made much progress in dealing with her past; however, it has not translated to any positive changes in our intimacy. As we go through these cycles of feeling OK and not, I feel I am wearing down and no longer am doing this with the hope of finding a resolution. Instead, I find myself doing whatever she wants with regards to intimacy and placing my needs on the back-burner. I know this is not the way it should be but I have run out of ideas. Thanks.

You mentioned you were looking for further reading. We have a page listing some useful books for men overcoming sexual abuse. Please take care while reading, and look after yourself through this process. 153554b96e


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