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Bomberman Land 3 Ps2 Iso Game File

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The "official" method of accessing these stages is to plug in a Hudson Super Joycard controller, turn on the turbo-fire feature, and hold X for several seconds. These stages can be enabled by hex editing the game's SRAM file and putting any non-zero value at hex address $1EA. The gold cartridge automatically writes FF to this address when writing its first save, thus enabling the stages by default. However, using the codes listed below is a highly recommended alternative.

Embark on a fun-filled, theme park adventure as you discover a huge land to explore, a gigantic multiplayer pack, and a host of addicting mini-games. Also included is the original BOMBERMAN Battle game. Battle up to 4 friends via Ad-Hoc wireless play to find out who is king "Bomberman". 153554b96e


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