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Naked Gay Sex Slaves


Naked Gay Sex Slaves

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When my friend Shaina found out she had terminal cancer she had a girlfriend tie her naked in the back yard and about 20 guys had fucked her when she asked to be let up. She stood naked smiling and said you guys got anymore Bobby asked if she would fuck his dogs too and she enthusiastically agreed

Blast of trumpets: The Man is carried in naked by two Negro Bearers who drop him on the platform with bestial, sneering brutality . . . The Man wriggles . . . His flesh turns to viscid, transparent jelly that drifts away in green mist, unveiling a monster black centipede. Waves of unknown stench fill the room, searing the lungs, grabbing the stomach . . .

A Newsweek magazine cover bestowed that distinction on Obama this week with a picture of the president and a rainbow halo. If you view that as a naked attempt to grab your attention, capitalize on the moment and have you pick up a newsmagazine, you might be right.

This weekend we are celebrating Juneteenth, and that day has always been important in the Black community. It was June 19, 1865, when General Order Number 3 was signed by Union Army General Gordon Granger that freed slaves in Texas. History tells us that our people were free that day, but it would take over 100 years for America to begin granting civil rights to Black Americans. 59ce067264


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