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Before Your Eyes

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Benjamin "Benny" Brynn floats on a dark sea, before being picked up by a boat helmed by the Ferryman. Benny is unable to speak or gesture, though the Ferryman is able to perceive his blinking, which becomes his primary mode of communication. The Ferryman explains that he senses something unique in Benny, and is bringing him to the Gatekeeper for judgement. If deemed worthy, Benny will be allowed to enter the Gatekeeper's paradise and the Ferryman will be rewarded; if not, Benny will be turned into one of the seagulls that frequently crowds the boat. To facilitate this, the Ferryman asks him to recount his memories so that he may be able to spin a tale for the Gatekeeper. However, he explains that Benny will be unable to stay within the memories, as they will flash forward as soon as he blinks.

Eventually, Elle manages to set up an audition for Benny which would allow him to enter a prestigious music school, and Benny is given a year to practice several pieces for his audition. As Elle intensifies their practice sessions, Richard voices his concerns about Benny, leading to several arguments about his future. On the night before the audition, Chloe invites Benny to camp with her on the beach, and he can either accept or reject her to focus on his audition. The next day, Benny plays the piece he had been practicing, but is rejected by the school regardless of his performance. Soon after, he is taken to a doctor due to an unspecified illness.

As they reach the Gatekeeper's sanctuary, the Ferryman decides against a grandiose tale like he originally intended, and instead opts for a simple summary of Benny's life by repeating Elle's response to Benny's life story: although he lived only a short and ordinary life, he nonetheless lived a good one by giving hope to his friends and family. Pleased by this display of heart and sincerity, the Gatekeeper allows Benny to pass through, as the Ferryman asks him to close his eyes one last time.

The idea for the game was originally conceived of in 2014 in an intro to game development class at the University of Southern California, when a student assistant, Will Hellwarth, talked about his experience modifying a game to read and respond to the player's eyes using the built-in camera.[5] Two students attending the lesson would then team up with Hellwarth to develop a project surrounding this idea. After two months of development, the team released the project Close Your,[5] which they would present at IndieCade.[3] The game went on to win the Developer's Choice award at the show.[3] The game was later exhibited at the Independent Games Festival at GDC in 2015, where it won the award for Best Student Game.[6]

The gameplay received praise from critics for how it complemented the story, though some were critical of its simplicity. Andrew King of GameSpot described the blinking mechanic as "refreshingly natural", noting that you wouldn't want to play the game in any other way.[2] Marcus Stewart of Game Informer stated that the blinking "lends to the game's dreamlike quality" and compared it to looking through a View-Master.[16] Ben Kuchera of Polygon noted the experience of losing track of his eyes as "bittersweet", and commended the game's use of the player's eyes as a "clever way to add meaning to an action that amounts to a mouse click".[19] Lawrence Le of Gaming Trend was left feeling unengaged by the gameplay, finding the blinking mechanic to be lacking.[22]

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The story begins after your death, aboard the ship of a mythical Ferryman tasked with shepherding souls to the afterlife. In order to help you pass on, he must first learn the story of your life. And so, he sends you back to relive your most important moments.

An earlier version of the game, titled Close Your, received the Game Developers Choice award at Indiecade and the Student Award at the Independent Game Awards (IGF), before receiving funding through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Before Your Eyes is a first-person storytelling game for Steam that is developed by GoodbyeWorld Games and published by Skybound Games. The game tells a beautiful and memorable story about the life of a young man, with the player seeing the world through their eyes, via their webcam.

It's difficult to go in-depth when talking about the story of Before Your Eyes, as it's a relatively short game and its twists are a major part of the experience. In broad terms, the player controls the soul of Benjamin Brynn, who has passed away and is being taken to meet his maker. Benjamin is riding on a ferry to the afterlife, accompanied only by a coyote spirit that acts as the Ferryman. The Ferryman asks Benjamin questions about his life, wanting to learn the truth about him before stating his case to the Creator. Benjamin is sent back in time to his childhood, viewing snapshots of his life leading up to his demise.

Before Your Eyes is seen entirely from Benjamin's viewpoint. The player controls his head movements with the mouse, while they select things by blinking. The game uses the player's webcam to read their facial movements, registering how the eyes move. The player can select items using the mouse and blinking. Whenever a metronome appears, time will jump forward whenever the player blinks. There are no point-and-click puzzles in Before Your Eyes, but the game does some amazing things with its unique premise and the way in which the player reacts with the world.

Before Your Eyes is a difficult game to discuss, as so much of its appeal comes from reveals that would spoil the story. The game offers a truly unique experience that utilizes the medium of the video game perfectly to enhance its story. The technical flaws are frustrating, but they're likely impossible to avoid in a game like this, and people who can overlook the control issues will find a phenomenal story about life and death as seen through the eyes of another.

@NEStalgia Well apart from the risk of getting the headset wet, I think it's exactly the sort of game that can suit VR, and it's good to see that there's something different like this out there in the PSVR2 library. The immersion of VR can only enhance a story experience if done right as it's easy to lose yourself in virtual worlds (GT7 & RE Village are beckoning to me now!) I do appreciate it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea though.

@thefourfoldroot1 sometimes you have to stop equating dollar amount to time played. I get the logic but it hurts gaming. But if you choose to wait for a sale, it's your money and that's a fair play. I'll just say I'm glad a took a chance on journey when it first released during the ps3 era. One of the greatest games of all time. Barely 2 hours. I think it was like 14 bucks.

@Gooseman42 "Well apart from the risk of getting the headset wet" That's kind of a big asterisk, isn't it. Water, salt, electronics...let alone the impulse to rub eyes....all things that you probably don't want to mix with a headset!

Our gamemaster was helpful and friendly and was able to explain the setting and story clearly. After the usual rules about how to interact with the room, we were given instructions for how to use the unique Spectre Detector props and a few other elements inside. The devices ended up being intuitive once we started using them, but the sheer amount of information thrown at us before we even stepped foot in the room felt a little overwhelming. 59ce067264

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