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VIPStand Watch France W V Italy W - Video 6 Live Sports Stream


Watch France W V Italy W - Video 6 Live Sports Stream

Remember now, this was a time when streaming, let alone live streaming, was still in its infancy. Yes, YouTube had been around for about 5 years and we as a society were growing more and more accustomed to watching videos online but the technology was by no means "there" yet. In fact, I distinctly remember comedian Dimitri Martin making fun of the idea of streaming during one of his segments on The Daily Show. I cannot seem to find his exact quote but in a sarcastic tone he said something to the effect of, "Yes, Jon (Stewart) isn't it great that we can now watch you online a day late and blurry." He then made a buffering joke, to the amusement of the in-studio crowd.

The thing is, Martin was not wrong. In 2009 there was live streaming but the quality was suspect and it really was not readily available. For years while living abroad, in order to get my live sports fix, the best that I could hope for was radio simulcasts. When football season came around I remember listening online to Philadelphia Eagles games while watching a Gamecast (basically a graphic of a football on top of an NFL Field telling me where the ball was on said field and which team had possession) on On a very rare occasion the only reliable way to watch games from the US and Canada was the North American Sports Network (the precursor to ESPN America). If I got extremely lucky then NASN would show a game that I was invested in but that was really just based on the luck of the draw. 59ce067264


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