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As A Prelude To Fear(2022)

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I enjoyed this movie a lot, the performances were mostly good and well executed with interesting set builds. Francis Magee was good as usual, I've been a fan of Francis Magee from both East Enders and Game of Thrones and he gives a very convincing Yorkshire UK accent from a broad Irishman with some passionate moments. Lara Lemon also gives a very good performance as Eve the girl beaten down by this terrible traumatic event who has to find the strength to endure while all others around her have given in to their plight. Roger Cooper is also very good as the psychotic cello playing teacher who the police know has Eve but can't prove it. The film has about three really good twists in it which I wasn't expecting, so it didn't end like the average Hollywood film. I can't be sure, but I think the film has a deeper meaning than you might first imagine. Beneath the surface I think it's a film about facing the challenge of being alone in a world where everything is being taken from you, one that looks like there is no way out and trying to find a way through it... mmmmm A bit like life at the moment. I have seen one other film from the director Steph Du Melo called CAM and I see the copyright date on that film is 2013 so that had a certain prophetic angle to it, with an underlining current in the narrative of the gullibility of people. As a prelude to Fear also highlights the amount of people that go missing in a year, which I never realised, So although I can't be sure I would expect there to be more to this story than meets the eye.I watch a lot of independent movies and to be honest most are unwatchable, so this was a breath of fresh air to me. I notice that Steph Du Melo not only directed it but wrote the score, edited it and wrote the screenplay, so that must have been a challenge to make. If you're looking for an action packed Marvel movie this may not be for you, but if a thought provoking thriller underlying the state of the British police with some great multi twists in the end then this could be. 59ce067264

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