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Anne De Mare - read online full pdf
Anne De Mare - read online full pdf

Chemical Peel Buy Online

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Chemical Peel Buy Online

Chemical peels are great for use as: Anti aging treatments, Acne treatments, Scar treatments, and to re-freshen the skin periodically. Glycolic has a small molecule and can penetrate into the skin very easily. Excellent results can be obtained by using glycolic peels weekly or bi-weekly. Expect mild flaking (peeling) to begin on day 3.

Glycolic is one of the most common alpha hydroxy acids. Its popularity stems from its extra small molecular makeup. The tiny molecules can penetrate easily into the skin giving most people a great sloughing action after they perform a peel.

Glycolic acid is a great "general" type of acid. It is water soluble, and works nicely on most skin types. Glycolic Peels are the "Official Lunch Time Peels". The first readily available acid in day spas that started the chemical peel revolution!

These are professional grade, "Cool-Action" (30% and 50%) Glycolic peels. The 70% does not have cooling due to dilution requirements. If you are searching for these general types of skin improvements, then glycolic is the acid choice for you. Glycolic is great for:

To make this peel more comfortable, we added in a bit of menthol to minimize the 'burning effect' that many people feel while performing peels. This ingenious action allows for a more comfortable peel. You will find it in several of our peel formulas.

With glycolic acid there is only a light amount, to no visible peeling. Glycolic is considered a Superficial peel. It can penetrate through the Stratum Corneum, the Stratum Granulsome and into the Stratum Basale layer at higher strengths. Peeling should be completed within 3-7 days. There is not truly any "down time" related with this acid. You may consider a bit of dryness "social downtime".

The absence of flaking does not mean that it isn't working though. Flakes are not necessary for changes to occur within the skin. This is the perfect peel for someone that wants refreshed, new and glowing skin, but doesn't want to deal with the dryness and flakes a stronger peel will have.

Continual use is recommended for best results. You can apply this peel one time every week or every second week until a series is completed. Then as needed, or monthly. Alpha hydroxy acids are considered OK to use during pregnancy and during breastfeeding (lactation).

Arlene H., Verified Buyer 01/14/15I am in my mid 40's & have been using this product for at least 4 years now. The look & feel of my skin is amazing. Each time I use the at-home peel I feel as if I am getting the results of an expensive microdermabrasion treatment! Be advised that for first time users I would start with minimal time & work yourself up. I have dry skin & use the emu oil afterwards with great results. This home chemical peel is good for softening fine lines & age spots but will not completely rid of them. You may wish to speak with a consultant about a stronger peel if those are your desired results. This is definitely a good place to start. I use this to maintain healthy skin and couldn't be happier. *Results vary depending on individual needs and product usage. Please see us for personal recommendations.

Elizabeth P., Verified Buyer 06/11/14VERY PLEASED I ordered my first glycolic facial peel from your site about 3-4 weeks ago and am thrilled with my results so far! I am 29 years old and suffer from hormonal acne (especially after having two babies in 19 mos and breastfeeding) as well as freckling and sun damage. After 3 one layer 30% peels at the reccomended times and a fourth with two layers per the included instructions my skin is very clear, smooth and the sun damage, freckles, acne scars and uneven tone are definitely improved. I had very little sensitivity and noticed light peeling that was easily addressed with the emu oil and moisturizer with sunscreen. I am going to move up to the bi phasic peel to try and get at some stubborn blackheads on my chin and nose and will keep ordering from this company! *Results vary d


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