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TOCA 2 Touring Cars Download PC


TOCA 2 Touring Cars Download PC

The game received "favorable" reviews on both platforms according to video game review aggregator GameRankings.[4][5] Official UK PlayStation Magazine said the PlayStation version was an improvement on the original game, with many tracks, but that "the new cars felt tacked on".[2] Rick Sanchez of NextGen said of the same console version, "Hands down, TOCA 2 [is] one of the best touring-car sims available, and one of the best new driving games for PlayStation."[16]

The golden age of motor sports has returned. Experience one of the world's most exciting racing series in GT Legends, including the legendary touring cars of the 60's and 70's. Collect more then 90 original FiA GTC-TC team vehicles and demonstrate your driving skill on real European racetracks. Original Tracks: Over 25 variations of real tracks like Imola, Monza, Donington and Mondello Park. 5 Difficulty Levels: Ranging from the easy beginner mode to the ultra realistic simulation mode. Career Mode: Win numerous cups and buy your dream car in this challenging mode. Pure Realism: Experience an unequalled level of realism in cooperation with FiA GTC-TC teams, incl. pit stops and car setups. Real Sounds: Sophisticated recording techniques guarantee an authentic acoustic profile for each vehicle. Incredible Graphics: Leading edge graphics technology enabling spectacular special effects and dynamic day and night cycles. Multiplayer Mode: Impress your friends with rare unlockable cars and challenge up to 15 opponents online. [Atari] 59ce067264


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