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There's a moment in 'Batman Returns' where I thought I was watching a really, really bad movie. It's the scene where Danny DeVito's Penguin is terrorizing the Gotham City streets with his octopus-capped sidekick. The scene is so bad, it could have been written by the parody group 'Monty Python.' If you've seen 'Batman Returns,' you know just what I'm talking about -- a giant dummy with a white face and a 5-foot rubber octopus head that gobbles up people.

What works about 'Batman Returns' for me is that Burton finally embraces the freakdom of the character. Let's face it -- some rich dude who dresses up in black rubber and attempts to fight crime is likely as fractured as the villains he chases. In 'Batman Returns,' Burton delves deep into the psyche of Bruce Wayne/Batman, and finds two perfect foils for him to play off of. Though her casting would prove just as controversial as Keaton's, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman is vibrant and alive, a complex characterization of one thoroughly strange woman. Though there may be too much of Danny DeVito's Penguin in the movie, his disturbed childhood is the perfect representation of Batman's own id. All of these Freudian complications -- 'Batman Returns' is surprisingly, sexually charged -- play out in delightfully twisted ways. 827ec27edc


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