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Where To Buy Nora Beer

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Where To Buy Nora Beer

This very original beer has a golden deep color (or, more technically speaking, amber with copper hues) and a slight hazy appearance, while the head is fine and persistent. It release a kaleidoscope of scents that blend into one, pleasant bouquet of fruity, resinous and woody notes, with a subtle touch of incense: a surprise each time the glass is brought to the nose.

One Night With Nora is a delightful blonde ale brewed by Paperback Brewing. Its golden color and light body make it perfect for those moments when you want to grab a beer and relax after work or on the weekends!

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This truly original beer shows its deep gold color - or, more technically, amber with coppery reflections - and slightly hazy and its fine head. A kaleidoscope of aromas that blend in a single pleasant bouquet of fruity, resinous and woody notes - as well as a note of incense - surprises every time the glass is brought close to the nose.

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