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Gas Turbine By V Ganesan Pdf !!EXCLUSIVE!! Download

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Gas Turbine By V Ganesan Pdf !!EXCLUSIVE!! Download

abstract. a concept for a hybrid gas turbine-steam turbine is presented, which uses a simple steam turbine as a starter. the steam turbine is connected via a pipe to the turbine exhaust of a gas turbine. the steam generated by this starter is used to drive a compressor on the gas turbine. the main idea is to use a simple steam turbine, such as the standard industrial-grade one. this has the advantages that such turbines are easy to find and are inexpensive. the conventional starter is a gas turbine combined-cycle, which has a complicated air-gas-steam circuit. the problem with this is that it needs a large amount of steam to drive a compressor. the approach described here can be used to replace a gas-steam circuit with a steam circuit and thereby save the cost and complexity of the starter. this paper describes the concept, its feasibility, the basic design of the system, and the expected technical and economical results.

abstract. the goal of this thesis is to investigate the influence of the parameters gas velocity, pressure, temperature and pipe length on the pressure drop in a pipe, and hence the efficiency of a gas turbine-driven compressor. the work is a part of the thesis project of a student at the delft university of technology. the particular interest is in the applicability of non-dimensional parameters, which are defined in the thesis. by the application of these non-dimensional parameters, the influence of the aforementioned parameters on the pressure drop can be investigated without the need of three-dimensional modeling. by so doing the work can be reduced from a full-blown finite element model to a simple linear relation between the non-dimensional parameters. the pressure drop in a pipe is modeled by means of the continuity and the navier-stokes equations. the results of this thesis can be used to investigate the application of the gas turbine-driven compressor. moreover, the results can be used for example in the development of an optimal control model of the compressor of a gas turbine. 3d9ccd7d82


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