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Compromis Kagoul Per Fix


Compromis Kagoul Per Fix

Our Shirtbird. collection consists of essentials made according to our principles of fair production and sustainable quality, produced in factories with the highest standards. Our goal is to createultimate shirts that don't compromise on your comfort and style or our planet. If you opt for more durable clothing and higher quality, you don't have to compromise on aesthetics that are both stylish and timeless. All clothing is made to last, both in fashion and quality.

Thank you so much for clarification and quick reply! This makes sense to me now. I appreciate your advice is lightweight without compromising safety and protection. I made the mistake once not bringing my warm jacket. I would have never noticed the 1/2 pound in my pack, but sure noticed not having the jacket! Same goes for rain gear I think. Love the picture of you wearing the garbage bag really helps bring home your point! I had Marmot 50% coupon for a warranty issue and ordered Essence pants.

The long-line Cascada Jacket does not compromise on protection. Features such as storm flaps on zips for extra security and a fully adjustable hood combine with Nikwax Analogy fabric to give all weather comfort.

Nikwax Analogy is so durable you could puncture a Páramo waterproof with pins, remove them, and still stay dry in the rain! Unlike coated or membrane-based garments, our directional clothing can be easily repaired, without compromising future performance.

Every decision we make is focused on performance first and foremost. We carefully consider every piece of hardware, material, feature and coating to ensure that our products perform at the highest level, without compromise.

As I've mentioned, the great advantage of Reflect360 fabric is that you can wear this jacket during daylight without looking like a high-vis road warrior. That said, with this 'Performance' version you can't hide the fact that you're a cyclist. It's cut perfectly for road riding or fast commuting, with a nice balance of form fitting, stretch and a deep drop tail. The fitted waist is very effective for keeping it in place and it's very comfortable without being too roomy. Essentially, you can wear it when you want to get somewhere fast without feeling like you're making too much of compromise in the safety-to-speed stakes.

The Dually is actively making a compromise by using a high-denier, continuous filament insulation. This type of insulation is stiffer, less soft, and less compressible than the other major type of synthetic insulation (staple). So the jacket has poor drape, is stiff, does not have that "like a cloud" softness that people expect.

On my return to fashion I wanted to show people that great design does not have to be a compromise for the environment. I began researching extensively into how I could make a tangible difference to the planet through design when I learnt about The Circular Economy.

Paper light and super small when packed into its separate pouch, this trail running jacket from all-mountain adventure brand Arc'teryx will serve you just as well for sudden downpours in the city as it will in grim weather out on the trail. With a Gore-Tex waterproofing and breathability, you won't have to compromise on comfort for a lighter weight, either. Double win. 1e1e36bf2d


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