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Buy An Audible Credit


You can often get really good deals this way, too. If a book is on sale, the audiobook will likely decrease in price. The Whispersync add-on version of the audiobook is usually less expensive than your monthly audible credit.

My father is legally blind and loves audible. He listens to 10-12 books a month that are paid for. They are in his library. He listens on the app and would like to listen to some again. I know how to access them but I am wondering if there is a way I can download those previously purchased books onto the app He cannot see to access them each time from the library. I download several books each week and he can chess those with help. I will be traveling and he needs a simpler way to listen. Thanks for any help.

I have been an audible member for 5 years now. I drive a truck for a living so I get very little down time to sit down and read a book. What better way to get my fantasies downloaded than to listen to them I absolutely love audible!!

You can redeem your Audible reward coupon when purchasing an audiobook at Note that you cannot redeem an Audible reward coupon when using the Audible app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android.

In this article, you will get to know 27 Amazing tips & tricks on how to get audible credits at affordable rates. And let me assure you that all the methods mentioned in this article are 100% legal.

Audible has a Great Listen Guarantee policy. Which means if for any reason you are not happy with the audible book you purchased, you can simply return it and exchange it with a different book.

Hi George, you get one credit for any premium title. But also both audiobooks and audible offer one additional free/complimentary book from their curated/exclusive/VIP selection. A free book from a limited list. 59ce067264

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