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A Xxx Sex Life

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A Xxx Sex Life

Yes! Porn habit is very dangerous than other addiction. It takes away person's respect, dignity and self-respect. This is the reason why it's really a serious addiction. Because, they start to choose according to their selves what to watch rather than God. They lose their focus totally.

Am I Amity from Mumbai. My girlfriend and I have been married for 2 years. She is very affected due to the porn addiction in my life. She told me that she wants to divorce me and seek for a better man. I takes so much care of her but she still views porn. I am can get addicted on online chat rooms also.

How much porn is too much How to avoid masturbating on porn I'm a 27 year-old man. I wish the best future for all of us, myself included. I am afraid of losing my job. I feel compelled to watch porn from the very first time I turned on my computer. In 2006 I started watching videos on adult news sites. It was at first about once a week, now once a day. I binge-watch for a few hours, usually in the late afternoon, and then I'll feel guilt and shame for later.

Hi, I'm another woman who 'needs' help. I'm a mother of two teenagers, and have struggled with porn for over a year. No matter what I do or commit to, it's always there. It's getting worse and I can't seem to stop looking at it. I'm at my wits end!

I think that porn is a terrible thing and many people have the feeling of guilt if they do it. I do not know what answer would help you. I guess the best thing would be to pray. Things in life that are not good usually are best controlled by prayer. d2c66b5586


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