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Ogalinau Izajcevb

Black Heaven.7z


Black Heaven.7z

The IEM shells are made of plastic, black in color, but with no sharp edges, fairly comfortable. They isolate well from the outside noise, with about 20 dB of passive noise isolation, there is no driver flex, and in my ears they feel better than even some pretty pricey IEMs from other price ranges.

If Disable External Frame Buffer is checked, during the practice level for Micro-Row the screen will turn completely black randomly. To get around this, enable the external frame buffer or skip the practice level. Fixed with Hybrid XFB in 5.0-5874.

This disconnect between the somewhat artificial puzzle-game CTF "Forensics" and the way that forensics is actually done in the field might be why this category does not receive as much attention as the vulnerability-exploitation style challenges. It may also lack the "black hat attacker" appeal that draws many players to participate in CTFs. Regardless, many players enjoy the variety and novelty in CTF forensics challenges. It can also be a more beginner friendly category, in which the playing field is evened out by the fact that there are no $5,000 professional tools like IDA Pro Ultimate Edition with Hex-Rays Decompiler that would give a huge advantage to some players but not others, as is the case with executable analysis challenges.

The records are housed in a black and white gatefold 7" sleeve with an 11-page booklet secured to the inside of the right panel. The last two pages contain lyrics and such for the Rot in Hell and Integrity tunes, while the remaining nine consist of a cryptic, essentially text-free "comic book" of Dwid's trademark illustrations and obscured, textured graphics. The second 7" is billed as "a caustic narrative of the book read aloud by Dwid Hellion", but it's really so much more than that. Its three tracks/11-and-a-half minutes strike me as a combination of Roses Never Fade and early Psywarfare with some additional twists. First up is an alternate recording of "Waiting for the Sun to Burn Out My Eyes", which adds whispered vocals and faint wisps of distortion to the acoustic version that appeared on the "Thee Destroy+ORR" CD. "Process of Prayer" then follows with lightly distorted spoken passages mixed right in against ominous, faintly melodic low-end drones. The flip side contains the 7+ minute "Where Does the Fire Come From", consisting of half-whispered/half-spoken vocals amidst lurching dark ambient swells and crunches of distortion, not to mention barely audible acoustic guitar and assorted other abstract textures. Excellent. 59ce067264


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