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Assalamo alaykum

First of all, I am very happy to see Artugal's season-1 in an Urdu dubbing through your website. May Allah blesse you and make very famous you for this noble work through this series. I got a better understanding of the spread of the Islam as well as the implementation of its traditions through Artugal's season. All six seasons is now available on your website with Urdu subtitles but the fun of understanding the whole event in Urdu dubbing is not seen with the Urdu subtitles as well as the difficulty in reading the Urdu subtitles with the scene also. You are requested to try to make all the seasons of Artugal's and also all seasons of Usman available in Urdu dubbing if possible so that we can get a more detailed and true understanding about Islam. May Allah help you to do this good deed. Amen

if any kind of pay for viewing for Artugal's all season and Usman all season in Urdu dubbing I am ready for this.


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