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When To Buy Diamonds


Tip: Brilliant-cut diamonds show clarity characteristics less than step cut diamonds do, because the pattern of the facet arrangement obscures inclusions better. If you want to buy a step cut diamond (such as an emerald cut), you may have to go higher in color and clarity than with a brilliant-cut diamond.

As your personal diamond-buying guide, an educated jeweler will not only explain the 4Cs of Diamond Quality, but will also be able to demonstrate the differences between apparently similar stones. They will encourage you to compare a number of diamonds that fall within your budget. The GIA Retailer Lookup is a handy tool that allows you to locate local retailers that have GIA-trained staff or carry GIA-graded diamonds. Simply enter in your address or zip code to find these retailers in your area.

Online shopping allows buyers to browse vast quantities of diamonds from the convenience of home. Many websites let shoppers search according to 4Cs parameters. This way, shoppers can compare the prices of diamonds that have similar characteristics.

The GIA Applied Jewelry Professional credential is a professional development program designed specifically for sales associates. It provides them with the crucial product knowledge needed to explain how to buy diamonds to their customers.

There are certain times of the year when the prices of diamonds and engagement rings are the lowest. You can enjoy massive discounts during special events when you want to buy the piece of jewelry you would like to give as a gift to your loved one.

Take note of the occasions and the best time of year when special promotions are given on diamonds and engagement rings. When you spot these occasions, you can get the best deal for the diamond or engagement ring that you desire.

The best vendors for diamonds and engagement rings like Shira Diamonds may or may not offer discounts or sales, but you can find better prices and options for settings during specific times of the year. Remember that the lowest price will not always guarantee you the best quality diamond or engagement ring.

It might be your first instinct to visit the jewelry store at the nearest mall when you start shopping for an engagement ring, but avoiding big retailers like Kay Jewelers, Zales and Jared could save you thousands of dollars on a diamond.

Blue Nile offers a selection of ready-to-ship rings beginning at $1,190. You can also design your own ring online with settings beginning at $240, natural diamonds beginning as low as $220 and lab-grown diamonds from $520.

While there are certain times of year when you can save on tangential purchases such as settings and upgrades, the actual diamond, which is the most expensive part, rarely goes on a discount that makes it worth delaying your purchase.

We all love discounts and low seasons to buy our stuff, and like anything else on this world, engagement rings, diamonds, and jewelry in general are known to have some slow seasons where prices drop to a good extent.

Over the past few years, it became very common for most merchants (diamonds as well as other industries) to extend Black Friday sales and merge them with Cyber Monday (which is the first Monday after Thanksgiving, usually comes around Nov. 25th to Dec. 2nd), since there are only 2 days between them.

With Christmas being only a few weeks away and the new year is coming on shortly, November is for sure a great time to finalize the payment on diamonds as you might not be able to get better deals any other time of the year.

1. Variety of Options: Buying online will give you much more variety in collection, so for example, James Allen & Blue Nile combined have more than 1 million diamonds (at the time of writing this) to pick from, what local store will give you even 0.1% of that number

3) Whiteflash: Home Of A CUT ABOVE Super Ideal Diamonds, they stand out from the crowd by offering premium diamonds cuts, tailored to those who love the details, at great prices too.

Diamond buying


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