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Cybershaman Full Version --


Cybershaman Full Version --

in prison, the empire tries to convince sera that her faith is misplaced. she is powerless to resist as they try to extract the part of serph inside her, which makes her unable to stop them. sera asks to know what serph intended to do, as only she will be able to stop him. he tried to save her, she says, but serph states she's stronger than she realized. as they prepared to remove the part of serph that made her special, she heard serph's deep voice in her head. he told her to grow strong. he said they were going to fight the egg as one. they were going to kill for the future. serph is one with the embryon and the solids now. the illuminati know serph well, and they have a mission for him. they need his skills. serph has become a weapon. they are going to use serph to save the future. she promised serph that she would do whatever she could to protect him, including dying.

on a second trip to the forfeit prison, sera is confronted by anura. the imperial agent wished to meet her in person to discuss the world ending, but she is only an infant. she does not yet have the powers of serph, but she is to be used when she does. the vatican has plans for her. they know she knows who and what they are. she is an embarrassment to the church, and will likely die in their attempt to destroy her. but she still has a use.

the maribel, the swordsmith of the embryon named jinana nawa, was asked to accompany him on a mission to the solids in anahata to capture adeline. although they were denied to go, and the mission was even sabotaged by mick the slug, jinana is determined to find evidence of the atma being there. jinana discovers numerous levels, each locked and guarded by one embryon. they eventually reach the end of the tunnels and locate the atma capsule, but is soon surprised by mick, who had manipulated bat and the others to be captured by solids. jinana is taken away by a whitetoad, but finds that he is a transgender, who has managed to escape from the solids. his true identity is revealed to be a woman, and is named sua-chan. sua-chan's master, a scientist named bogo, offers to heal him if he would help him with the adeline's capsule. when jinana doesn't accept, sua-chan betrays bogo and escapes, intending to go to the elysium and inform the other embryon about the existence of the atma. sua-chan succeeds in reaching the elysium, and meets with a woman named boket, who has just finished presenting the vanish at the umbra. sua-chan is invited to accompany boket to the surface, but is reluctant to do so. 3d9ccd7d82


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