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[S8E1] Sacred Ground

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Pit gives chase with the Power of Flight and catches up to the Heartless slayer as he falls, sandaled feet planted firmly into Sora's back. The impact sends Sora rocketing even higher up, vanishing beyond the cloud cover and once again does Pit keep up the momentum, tackling into Sora with the Upperdash Arm and plowing through several pillars in the ensuing charge. As Sora continues to soar from the impact, an overhead hook slams him firmly into the floating ruins of the temples that populate Skyworld. Sora's crash landing gives Pit the opportunity to unveil the EZ Cannon, unleashing balls of energy at a frantic pace. Sora, to his credit, is quick to react, running up a remaining and evading every round. He leaps off, touching solid ground, and continues pushing past the barrage of shots, batting them away as he closes the distance between himself and Pit. An upper swing tosses Sora into the air, letting him follow up with a series of Fira blasts. As Pit dodges the fireballs, he also takes the time to unleash a charged shot from the EZ Cannon, launching Sora skyward as it explodes the bridge. Now caught in the air, the islander is caught by the cannon's aiming system, locked on and susceptible to a further charged shot, filling the sky in a blinding flash of light.

Luckily for Sora, his teleportation skill serve him well, depositing him safely away from the blast site. Pit's initial surprise wears off as Sora goes on the attack, unleashing a Ragnarok upon the angel. As Palutena's champion evades the shots, he dashes towards Sora, who meets the approach with a lunge of his own. Longsword and short swords collide in a midair struggle, ending in Sora touching down upon the ruins. The Keyblade wielder dodges another set of arrows before zipping past Pit at blinding speeds, leaving clean strikes with the Kingdom Key. A final overhead strike sends Pit careening towards the ground, though he flips past the way of a finishing stab. The match shifts back into Pit's favor as the Upperdash Arm sends Sora slamming into another pillar, prone to a series of arrows, all headed towards him. 59ce067264


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