Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 57 (30) GiveMe5

This is Episode 30 (57) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 57 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.They are coming, Togay.Where is Algu?The truth is like a sharp dagger.A dagger leaves one trace, a promise leaves a thousand.Forgive me, Togay.I failed.Are our enemies smarter than you?Ha?Tell me.Tell me.If I believed that.....I wouldn't trust you.Alps searched him, my Bey.We thought he had no place to hide it.He must’ve hidden it somewhere even the devil can t think of, my ...

Kurulus Osman Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles EPISODE 57 (30) GiveMe5

This is Episode 30 (57) of Season 2 Kurulus Osman and EPISODE 57 of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitiles by GiveMe5.They are coming, Togay.Where is Algu?The truth is like a sharp dagger.A dagger leaves one trace, a promise leaves a thousand.Forgive me, Togay.I failed.Are our enemies smarter than you?Ha?Tell me.Tell me.If I believed that.....I wouldn't trust you.Alps searched him, my Bey.We thought he had no place to hide it.He must’ve hidden it somewhere even the devil can t think of, my Bey.Neither Mongols nor Greeks will be able to sneak in a needle into my tent.You know that right?-Yes my Bey.-Yes my Bey.My Alps.You are smarter, braver and more faithful than Mongol and Greek soldiers.Do not disappoint me.EyvAllah my Bey.EyvAllah my Bey.Understood?-Yes my Bey.-Yes my Bey.Go.If we had given them the gold, he wouldn't have tried to kill me.But he was prepared for that possibility.He will attack us after that incident.Our enemies will get stronger as we get stronger.After every victory, these lands will attract more Greeks and Mongols.We won t stop until we break that circle.We won't stop.Cengiz Khan, who was created by the power of Tengri!Cengiz Khan, who was created by the power of Tengri!May the damnation of dark souls be on me if I don't keep my promise!You'll die Osman!You'll die!You'll die!What is your order, Osman Bey?Brother...Take precautions around the tribe and Sogut.Inform Umur Bey and Turkmen Beys.They should increase their precautions.We can't know where Togay will attack from.We have to be on alert.Now......now there is no point of return.Don’t think that I forgave you just because I gave up on sending you to Enguru!You went to the Kayi tribe without informing me and involved Osman Bey in this.Now tell me.Why did you do this?Why did you want to see Osman Bey?What was your intention?I can't know you...Why did your attitude against Osman Bey change?I thought I had a duty of loyalty.I thought saying goodbye was the right thing.Is that all?Nothing else?Isn’t the duty of loyalty enough, my Bey?Don’t......ever break your promise.Especially if it's about your father.And don't you ever think that you owe something to someone as long as you have your father with you.I never thought of paying my debts to you, father.Because I can t.We are Osman Bey’s three hawks.If he tells us to cut the aorta of the world, we will. -We will.We will keep fighting until we turn our tribe into a state.We will.Osman Bey is my Bey, Bamsi Bey is my father, and you are my brothers.I will live for this da’wah until I break my swords and give my last breath.I swear!I swear!I swear!I swear!I swear!Alps!What are you taking an oath for?Did you forget about Aygul Hatun?KONYA ■ SLL^’UKLU SAKXY I■■■ueiusoOsman beat my messenger like a stray dog and took him out of his tent Now I am asking you, Sultan Mesud.

ویڈیو کافی دیر میں لوڈ ہوگی۔ براہِ مہربانی صبر کے ساتھ انتظار کریں ۔

Don't you know what that means?Osman raised a red flag.....and Togay will ruin Kayi tribe.Do I have to remind you who let you invade that throne?Of course, Osman Bey made a big mistake.While I am surrounded by my enemies and other Beylics......I can’t stand a riot at the border of the west.I have to punish Osman Bey myself.How are you going to do that, Sultan Mesut?Are you going to send your Seljuq army on him?An army for a tribe Bey will be too much.....it'll cost a lost.I'm sure, you won't like Geyhatus taxes to be spent on this.Then?I will invite Osman to Konya.Do you think he won't understand your intention?He won't, if I invite him here properly.What are you thinking of?I will invite Osman Bey here with eye-brightening gifts.Then what?It’s my duty to punish him as the Sultan.I prepared a feast for you.Pheasant will be the crown of your feast.Just as you like, it was cooked in bay leaf and sweetened with red plum.Come.Let s talk about what I am going to do to Osman on the way.I received news from my spy Dimos in Kayi tribe.Osman fired that messenger.And Togay vented his anger on him.■■ueiusoAm I surprised?No.Not at all.Nikola!We had an agreement with Togay.He said that he was going to take the refugees from Osman, and I was going to pay tax to him.-So?-He was going to attack my castle if I didn't pay taxes.What is going to happen now?I can’t trust Togay now. -But...You can trust me, Jason.Togay won't attack you.Because we will attack Togay.How?Togay is even more stronger with the new soldiers.You know that as well, Nikola.Togays anger is focused on Osman.We will let them cut each other, Jason.Then we will sit......and watch with pleasure, Jason.We will hit the last strike to the one who stands the last.We will.Ruhlar izin versin...May the souls allow the...Kara yemin......dark promise to be...BdiuHun....broken.a*Soldiers are ready.We are ready to fight, Dark Shaman Togay!We are ready to fight, Dark Shaman Togay!Kara ormanlar...For the sake of dark forests...For the sake of dark forests...Kara ruhlar. ....of dark souls...Ve kara yeminler adma....and dark promises......and dark promises...May the breath of death be with us.May my dark oath be watered with Osman's blood.Togay! Togay! Togay!Kan. kan kanBlood.. Blood.. Blood..Night will go back to the womb which it belongs to.With the power of darkness, Kayi Tribe will be burned down.I want Osman alive.He is my dark oath.Our bloody raid will wait, Camua.To die, Osman will wait for forty beautiful Kayi virgins....to be sacrificed.Why don’t we burn down the Kayi Tribe?Governor made an agreement with Sultan, the whipping boy of Geyhatu.He's the one who will punish Osman.You took a dark oath for the holy kin of Genghis Khan.The fury of the souls will be....silenced by me today.Now go and bring the taxes of Lords with your blood-thirsty nokers.Burn all the villages if you have to.Yarhisar Lord Jason. What about him?Leave him to me.You go now.As-Selamun aleykum, My Sheikh.Aleykum As-Selam, Osman Bey.-May your work be easy.-Thank you.-It will be ready soon, Osman Bey.-Keep laboring, my Sheikh.Still water gets muddy, Osman Bey.Satan preys on those who don't labor.

Labor purifies the souThose working for the bread remember who gifted the bread.For those who know how to see,..everything will remind of doomsday.We need to labor, Osman Bey.Ahi community means labor.Your peace with Mongols lasted for a short time.Heathens who couldn't get the taxes attempted to kill you.Our life lies in the hands of our Allah.Without His permission, nobody can take our life.You're right, Osman Bey. But..We need labor for the heathens.Our labor is increasing as our fire of battle is growing.Our Alps are waiting for the mission all around the homeland, my Sheikh.-Selamun aleykum, my Sheikh.-Aleykum Selam.Aleykum Selam.My Bey.Aslanbey, the Emir of Sultan Mesud....is coming to our tribe from Konya.It seems the grudge of the messenger reached Konya.Goktug.As Emir will be in our tribe tonight, prepare a great feast.As you order, my Bey.What do you think, my Sheikh?Why do you think Sultan has sent his Emir?Because of the tax matter or the messenger issue?It can be either of them, Osman Bey.But Sultan Mesud obeys Mongols.He’s tied hand and foot.Of course, he is.Otherwise, how would heathen Mongols come to these lands and ask for taxes from us?We have the hope, Osman Bey.Whoever has the labor he has the hope.You're right, my Sheikh.Now I should go to my tribe and talk to my Beys.Then we ll all together hear what Emir says.If you'll excuse me.Osman Bey, son of Ertugrul Ghazi.The victory you gained against heathen Greeks drew our Sultan s attention.So it will be appropriate to reward the Ghazi who made this victory possible.Now with our Sultan’s approval and congratulation, wear this robe.Seljuks gave lands to my grandfather Suleyman Shah and my father Ertugrul Ghazi.And they opened a path for us to root in these frontier lands.So we are grateful to them. We see their future as our future...and their cause as our cause.And we will make more effort to deserve our Sultan s gift.And we will make more effort to deserve our Sultan’s gift.And we will make more effort to deserve our Sultan s gift.Long live Osman Bey.May your battle sword be always sharp.-Aameen.-Aameen.Bismil la hirRahmanir Rahim.Enjoy your meaOsman Bey, I see that you keep the tradition of our ancestors.If we break the morals,..we will lose our light then.If we lose our light,..we can’t see ahead of us.InshaAllah, our Sultan himself will see how loyal you are to our traditions.Osman Bey, our Sultan invites you to the palace of Konya.Our Sultan....showed kindness.It's not possible to turn it down.Yet..The threat of Togay who Geyhatu sent on us is still around.He attempted to murdere me in my tribe.And now he's with the murderer he sent instead of the taxes he expected.And we are waiting for him to attack.Don't worry, Osman Bey. Our Sultan knows the situation.And with Mongols, he's made an agreement that they won’t attack you.It seems our Sultan thinks it's appropriate that Osman Bey responded to the attack made on him.Gunduz Bey, you know the situation.The problem isn't the messenger, but Osman Bey refusing to pay taxes.This matter has to be solved as soon as possible.Since our Sultan wants to protect Kayi's reputation about the tax matter, Since he gives us a guarantee that....no attack will be made on Kayi,Then..Then we will gladly accept this invitation.Osman Bey.Don't worry about here.The safety of your life is guaranteed by our Sultan Well..By the time you come back safely,..our hands will be on our swords....and we'll wait for the news to come from you.What I heard about Kayi tribe turned out to be true.Now I’ve seen it for myself.Bismil la hirRahmanir Rahim.Enjoy your meaFor this sanjak which is the heirloom of my ancestors, For this sanjak which has the blood of many of our martyrs and Ghazis on ..I fought hard.For this sanjak not to fall,..I fought bravely against the most cruel and violent heathens.But..I got no rewards and supports.I've come so far by fighting hard all alone.From now on, I'll also be alone.The robe has come for Osman Bey.The invitation has been made to Osman Bey.My Bey.Sultan s sending you a robe or inviting you means taking Mongols as the enemy.It means allying with their biggest enemy.You think they would dare to do this?Haven’t you heard who brought the news?Emir didn't mention the battles Osman Bey and Togay had.They rewarded him for the victory he gained against heathen Greeks.Maybe you’re right, Malhun.But Osman Bey s impact and power on Turkmen tribes are growing day by day.I will show them....what a battle and defeating heathens means.The time for attack is approaching.Your reputation is spreading. Your name is mentioned as far as Konya, Osman Bey.Are we getting rid of dark clouds?We will.Of course, my Bala.We will have good days soon.InshaAllah.It seems there is something bothering your mind, my Bala.Don't you know, my Osman?Don't you know my problem with no solution?Whenever you mention good days, I remember it.If we re not going to have a child, ..how will we have good days?This is the only question I don't have an answer for.This is the only enemy that I'm unable to fight against.It's not that hard, my Osman.You will get a hatun who is worthy of you.And you will have an heir.-But L.-I don't see the issue in my heart as my enemy.Every Bey has an issue.But the issue in your heart..That makes me helpless.I’m totally helpless thinking that you will be unhappy, my Bala.What a nice heart you have.May Allah give you whatever your heart wants.X J- * . • IJ'-*. /'k-Bala.Aameen.Aameen InshaAllah, my Bala.Aameen.Brother!Tribe is entrust to you.Even if he’s a Seljuk Emir, we can’t trust Mongols.Don't worry, Osman Bey. We'll protect the tribe.Have a safe travel.EyvAllah, brother.Osman Bey, Osman Bey.. Konya is disordered just like these frontier lands.Be careful. Be careful.May Allah be your Helper.EyvAllah, Bam si Bey. EyvAllah.You should go now.Take care of yourself.Osman Bey will notice your absence. Just go.Boran, go.You look more beautiful as you get angry, Gonca.Go.Come on!I heard Osman kicked your messenger out of his tribe and damaged your reputation.I would be lying if I said I’m sorry.Because I warned you, Togay. But you ignored me.When it is time, I will leave no body with a head on it, Nikola.You are on your own now.When the time comes, I will sit in my corner and watch your victory with pleasure.Osman will be punished by the Seljuk Sultan, not by me.When did the Seljuk Sultan started dealing with the frontier beys?I don't know about your politics.Yarhisar Lord will pay his taxes.Otherwise, I will get this done with my nokers.Or the stones of Yarhisar Fortress will be a tombstone for Jason.You are showing your teeth that you couldn't show Osman?Do not tempt me NikolaYou and I had an agreement.You remember?Jason can’t pay his taxes before he takes the refugees who stuck with Osman.There is no agreement, Nikola.I will collect the taxes from Yarhisar Lord myself.Since you are so impatient, I will talk to Jason.This is the last chance for Jason.When I put his poor head on a spear on the Yarhisar walls, ..you will lose your reputation in the eyes of Lords.Do you understand, Nikola?Open the gate!I understand well, Togay.Very well.Will we do whatever those barbarians want?I have to remind that they made an agreement with you but drew back in the battlefield.If he’s going to visit Jason on his feet, it means his feet won’t have to carry his ugly head.Togay underestimated me and will pay a heavy price for this.If he's not attacking Osman, we ll blow our strike on Togay then.-Our soldiers can t fight against nokers.-Helen.We ll make an alliance with Togay's enemy.-Who?-Who...Umur Bey!The enemy or my enemy is my friend.The enemy of my enemy is my friend.Are you still here, Helen?Send news to Umur Bey and say that I want to host him in my fortress.With great pleasure.■^3XDimes, where are you going so hastily?Are you sure Dimos is working for Yarhisar Lord?He always worked for him.Even his dirty work. I'm pretty sure.I’m afraid that he'll betray Osman Bey who shared his bread with us, Cerkutay.Let’s see how valuable your life is.Let's see what you will say when we separate your flesh from your bones.He feels like he's in his stable when he enters the battlefield.He fights in the battle with his rider.With his courage and determination he is quite a steed.With his courage and determination he is quite a steed.With his beauty, he is so graceful.With his speed and strength, he is fierce.He has more of everything that a horse should have.He has more of everything that a horse should have.He is for breeding?The mare he copulated with will give birth in a month.Nikola, his foal will be my present to you.Osman kicked out the messenger who Togay sent for the taxes.We thought Sultan Mesud would punish him, but he sent him many gifts.I don't know how they do politics in Konya, but my head is turning due to their turnings.I don't know how they do politics in Konya, but my head is turning due to their turnings.It’s sure that Osman is rising in the eyes of Sultan.What do you mean, Nikola?-Togay.-What about that ignoble dog?That barbarian, that arrogant shaman is our common enemy.He has come here this far after you. It means he'll take care of you soon.Remember. He came here to punish you for what you did in Anatolia.And he caused troubles for all of us.Every day I pray for that ignoble dog to come across me.It means your prayer has been accepted.On the one hand, Osman who is rising. On the other hand, Togay whose hands Sultan tied.Togay’s death won’t only glorify you....but also make Osman fall.But if a bey who has good horses, riders and Alps like you, ..then we can get rid of Togay.Yet I don’t know if you can support me....without Osman Bey s permission.Osman Bey and I weren't born together.Come to the point. How?I will give you a secret. You know I trust you.And? I'm all ears. Say it.We re sick that Togay is disturbing my Lords.But with a bey like you and good Alps, I can finish Togay.But with a bey like you and good Alps, I can finish Togay.Now I know your idea.If you trust me completely, I want to know your plan too.My plan is.. Togay will visit Yarhisar Lord Jason to collect taxes.If your brave Alps and my soldiers trap him in an unexpected moment, My prayers will be accepted then.And you will have a greater reputation among the Turkish tribes.And Osman will be able to only sit in your shadow then, Umur Bey.When did you say Togay would visit Lord Jason?We can have a long talk about this in the dinner, Umur Bey.Stand still!Melik...-It was you who got Melik killed, huh?-Yes! Yes!Give me a good explanation for me not to drown you in this water.That's all I know.That is all you know, huh?I can’t hear? What?I can’t hear!Nikola will ally with Lord Jason and attack Togay.What do you want me to do to you if you are lying?With God as my witness, I’m telling the truth.We will see... We will see...We'll see if it is true or not. Alps!Take him to the prison tent. Come on.Come on.Come on.Come, boy.Did you hear that, Bamsi Bey? Old friends are enemies now.It’s good that they fight against each other. It will be good for us.This must be another game of Nikola. He can’t fight against Togay.I won t kill him, Bamsi Bey.We ll take care of him when Osman Bey is back.We re having times when we don’t know who the enemy or who the friend is.What are we going to do with the refugees?How will we know which ones are betraying?Son, they are all our guests.We won t discriminate between them.They are most welcome here. But we ll keep our eyes on them.We never run out of troubles.Well, son.. A high mountain is to have much snow.As Osman Bey grows higher, he will have more troubles.But as long as he has a brother like you, that snow will be crushed under his boots.EyvAllah, Ba nisi Bey, EyvAllah.K()NY\ ■' SELCUlvLU SAKAYiIn the morning, I will take you to go before Sultan.Rest with your Alps now.You've come from a long way.Tell me.What do you think about Sultan?Sultan Mesud was a ray of hope for people who had no peace for a long time.What about now?Is Sultan hanging on the lips of Mongol governors?Osman Bey, you know that the taxes have increased since Mongol armies arrived here.People live in poverty.Our Sultan is trying to keep the state standing.He hopes for securing unity when the Mongols leave one day.He also has to deal with disobedient beys.Now you rest.We've come a long way, Boran.My Bey said we should rest. Close your eyes now.I can’t sleep, brother.What is in your mind?I’m looking at this splendid palace where Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat lived once.And thinking about the great Seljuks.-Now...-Now what?Now there is the shadow of Mongol governors and their raging nokers on the walls of the splendid palace.I’m afraid that this palace may swallow Osman Bey.I'm not at ease.I feel like this comfortable mattress will swallow me like a marsh.Come on then, brother. What are waiting for?Let’s go.Our Bey is staying in this room.So we will wait for our Bey here.Are you at ease now, Boran?Now I'm at ease, my brother.We will hit that ignoble Togay....who immediately attacked and shed our blood even before we finished settling in our tribe.My Bey, is it right to do this without Osman Bey’s knowledge?It’s politics to ally with Nikola to attack Togay, Malhun.Besides, I don't need Osman Bey s permission to attack my biggest enemy.Alps.It seems you didn't sleep at all.Goktug and I sacrificed our sleeps after seeing what tax-collector Mongol did.It seems you sacrificed your sleep too, my Bey.There are lots of Mongols here, my Bey. We got worried that they might attack you.Our Sultan is waiting for you, Osman Bey.Alright.Alps.-Bring the presents.-Don't bother.Let's go then.Osman Bey wants to see our Sultan.You will give your swords first.You will give your swords first.You will kneel, and then go inside, my Bey.Don’t speak before our Sultan allows you.Don't look into the eyes of our Sultan, it's a rule.Our Sultan is at the other side of the door.The door!Kayi Bey, Ertugrul Gazi's son, Osman Bey.You came here with gifts, Osman Bey.We didn’t want to come here with empty hands, since you sent us a khilat.There are the gifts of Turk Beys on my lands in these chests.What is this?It s the gift of Sultan Alaaddin who used to sit on that throne many years ago to my father.Why are you giving me our Sultan's valuable gift?The value of that gift can not be measured with the jewels on it.It can only be measured with the greatness of this state that was built by Sultan Alaaddin.I wanted you to keep it.Keep it, so you will always remember the greatness of your state.Governor Yargucu.So the self ordained Osman, who is called Gokboru by Togay is you.It won’t end up good since Governor Yargucu got in the room without asking for allowance, Boran.Be ready.Brother... If we can t kill ten men, may the honour of being an Alp be taken from us.Yes, brother.Governor Yargucu, you honored us with your presence.I have things to ask Osman Bey.You promised Togay that you would make peace but then killed my messenger.Do you know what it will cost, Osman Bey?I want to know everything about this, Osman Bey.That snake who was in disguise of a messenger attempted to kill me with a dagger.You are lying!My Sultan, in my opinion.....Togay was defeated by his anger and killed that messenger who was sent back from our tribe.Togay is not that far away, go and ask him.I protected my tent s honour and my life as a Bey.I should’ve killed him but I spared his life.It's not my issue now.Did my messenger attempt to kill you because he heard that he won't be getting the gold?My Sultan, as you know, we don't kill messengers.What about the tax?Do you want me to come and shed your blood and then take it, Osman Bey?...you rebel and don't pay your tax, killing you and taking your goods will be my duty, know that, Osman Bey.Don't you make an opposite decision.I don't want to shed the blood of a noble Bey who is from my family.I told what needed to be told to Osman Bey. Do you want to say something, Governor Yargucu?*Maybe the right thing is to kill the Gokboru here, before he attempts to kill my soldiers with his teeth.Crushing the head of Gokboru when it’s still small, or not..Geyhatus decision is known, Governor Yargucu.First the gold of tax, then the order.We can't give up on gold and order.You saved your life with gold, Osman Bey.Thank your Sultan.Pay your taxes to Togay as soon as possible.YargucuI won't pay my tax to Togay......but to my Sultan.I have the responsibility, Governor Yargucu.I don't care about who pays my tax, I just care about it s time.But if I can't receive the payment......then you will pay for that, Sultan Mesut.Is there anything else you would like to say, Osman Bey?.............. •- >.I gave the dagger of Sultan Alaaddin......to wrong hands.If you allow me, my Sultan.Osman Bey--Everything is said, my Sultan.If our hearts can't tell something, let it bleed inside.The rest depends on Allah.My Bey.Let's go to the tribe.Let's go to the tribe.Do I have permission my Bey?-Come in.My Bey, it's from Nikola.What does Nikola say, my Bey?He says that he will get taxes from Yarhisar.Nikola is reporting us the route.He is telling us to shoot it on the way.What are we going to do, my Bey?-What do you mean, Bahadir?Go and inform my valiant Alps. Now our swords will be out for revenge.Yes, my Bey.My Bey., are you sure? Nikola might be playing a game.Don’t worry. We will take our precautions.It was obvious that these dastards were going to do such a thing, my Bey.Destur!Alps... Put your swords down.It s such a coincidence, Osman Bey.

ویڈیو لوڈ ہونے میں کافی وقت لگائے گی ، براہِ مہربانی صبر کے ساتھ انتظار کریں ۔