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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 24 Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This is Episode No 24 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. Tears in my daughter's eyes and sadness in her heart?o&ct» CsI am making a joke, my Bey.I didn't want to disturb you......but I will go to the quarters, to Ustadh Biruni.I will go and see the preparations.You told me to let you know.Are you going to come with me?Yes, yes I am.You must've been talking about an important issue.I interrupted you. I'm sorry.Astagfurullah my Bey. No problem.I will prepare the horses.We have to tell him the truth, Akca.I want that more than anything.But not yet.Why?Why aren't we telling him the truth?I am waiting for the conquest.I will tell him when Vaspurakan belongs to us.I took an oath.If he finds out was Kekavmenos who killed my mother and took me......he will lose his mind.

He would never let me go to Vaspurakan......and see Kekavmenos.There is no need for you to go there anymore.You will pay the price of your oath.But we can not pay the price of......hiding such an important thing from my Atabey.You are right.It is really hard for me to hide it.But we can t do anything.....before everything is completed......and our sanjak is planted there.My presence there.....and Kekavmenos' trust towards me will be in use.Let my sufferings of years be useful.I want a share in this victory.Let me do that please.I can not prepare a wedding ceremony.....before my Atabey finds out, Akca.It wouldn't be appropriate.I can not hide the truth when his own daughter is becoming my wife......while looking into his eyes.We can not.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

That wouldn’t suit us.Let’s say that we will have to wait a bit longer.We will hold our wedding after the conquest.That will be more appropriate.A.V' *My Sultan*My Sultan*My Sultani My Sultan*Are you alright?I am, Hace. I am.Go and check around!See if there is anyone else1 -Yes.-My Sultan*We have to go to the palace right now.Doctors must...I am not badly injured, Hace.Even if it is a must be treated right away, my Sultan.May Allah forbid, the dagger might’ve been poisonous.I can’t believe it.Only the devil could think of it.My Alparslan Bey*Even if I didn't want to......I heard what you and Akca were talking about.Who is Akca's father?How did she find out that he was alive?. Al pa g Lit..Alpagut told her.

You received news when you were just about to......hold a wedding.Yes.These savages are disgusting.Kaiser, who sentDukas and Diyojen the other day.....let Arkadius become a trouble.There must be a meaning for all that.Alpagut.The quarters of the Seljuq near us.....the Armenian village we lost......Alparslan wandering around......all of the dirt that was exposed.....think about the discomfort that will occur in the Constantine......after hearing about these incidents.Damn it, but Kaiser has enough......excuses to get what he wants.Dukas, Diyojen and that Arkadius.All three of them came to spread dirt around but......Kaiser will fail.

Dukas died.Diyojen will marry Eudokia and come back to the Constantine.Only those Liparits.....will be left behind.I hopeTugrul will......go to hell.Sultan TugruPWhat are you talking about?Let's call it a little surprise......that I planned for them to......delay the battle of Vaspurakan, Alpagut.Mechanical science lifting heavy loads.With our Ustadhs......we are primarily trying to increase......the range and strength of the catapults we currently have, Alparslan Bey.What kind of a carrier is this, Hadhrat Biruni?This is the fireball carrier.It s a huge catapult.What else do we know about it?This fireball carrier......throws fireballs.But those fireballs......have never been thrown by an other catapult before.

In terms of the rangeand will be a unique one.These catapults can send 3 scales of loads......from a thousand turkish yards.3 scales?According to my measurements......if we place it on the east......400 arschins away from the castle......the destruction it will cause......will be great.Can you make more of that catapult?Sure, my Alparslan Bey.Alparslan Bey.What caused the injury on your neck’ We ve seen it too. We told him....but our Bey didn’t care.I guess it looks bigger.My Bey... you said that there were mice and......eaten dead bodies in the dungeon.May Allah forbid....what if it’s the plague7 Even if there was plague in that dungeon......the mice did not bite me, and I didn't touch the dead bodies.

How could that happen7Would it cause an injury like that right away’ Unfortunately, there is a chance.You do not always catch plague from the mice and dead bodies.You might catch it from the fleas on them.And it is not possible to notice it.I have to examine the tent to be sure.I know that......this sickness is contagious and deadly.I can’t go to the tribe and risk others lives.Alparslan Bey, where are you going?Don't worry about me, take care of the preparations.I trust in Allah.Damn it.Where is DiyojerPThat Tugrul must die.Still no news?I am sure Diyojen will be here with good news soon, Rati.Sir... I can go to Merv and learn everything from Maria now.Finally.e4Jesus Christ.Am I having a dream?Is that General Dukas?

How did that happen?My father will get mad.k,<'You seem like you saw a ghost.Aren t you going to welcome LordYou are dead!.* I* .!v4*You are dead! You are dead!Don’t you dare try taking Dukas from our hands!Don’t!What is happening here7I am ordering by the power vested in me by Kaiser. Stop1 General Dukas.I thought you were dead.Everyone thought so.Honorable Arkadius.But I see......those who tried to murder me are not good at killing.I've heard that they also failed to kill Sultan Tugrul.You have to give me an explanation immediately.Where is Captain Diyojen?Here!Honorable Arkadius.Here.

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muhammad usama
muhammad usama
May 22, 2022

sir please par dala karain na, yeh sahi kam nahi kar raha, PLEASE!


Talha Anwar
Talha Anwar
May 11, 2022

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