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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 31 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode No 31 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Do you want to erase everything that's left from Kekavmenos, Tekfur?So you know him.Stay safe, sone, have a safe journey.Be careful.Don't worry, father.May Allah protect you.I want to talk to Alparslan Bey.I have things to tell him.Tell us, we will bring your message to him.No my Bey, I can only say it to him.You don't know the face of Alparslan Bey......but don't you know the face of Cagri Bey either?Forgive me Cagri Bey, I did not know.I am the one you are looking for. Go on and speak.May your life be long, and your fate filled with luck, my Melik.Who sent this?Excuse me my Bey, I need to go.Stop!What's written in it?Mother Akinay, you are not coming.Why is that?What's written in that letter?They are going to hang my Alpagut?What kind of test is this!?

Mother Akinay, we said that it would be hard for Grigor to trust him, right?It looks like he will test him with death.And now we know why Tekfur invited us.Stay here.We need to be cold blooded for Alpagut to live.We will see what's going on when we are there.No!Stay heref f’ *"■:i v - DHe was one of the best men of Kekavmenos.He used to make him do the hardest tasks.He sent save General Dukas......when he was our prisoner.I took Dukas from him......but I couldn'tcatch him that night.$• ° >Wasn't he there when Vaspurakan was taken?If he was......he wouldn't be here now, Tekfur.We looked for him everywhere after the conquest.We looked for him everywhere after the conquest.He was to be executed.But....either he wasn-t tfrene “at.'the conqwestxQr- Or he managed ti get away once again.Is that right?Right.I see you have a rope around his neck.He must be worthless to you too.Ikvou could sell him to me as a slave or a captive.No. You misunderstood me Alparslan Bey.Everyone who's devoted to Rome and Jesus worthy in my eyes.Take him to a doctor.Give him clothes to wear.Give him clothes to wear.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

Go on.Did you think about what I said?If I give you away......they won't let you live.In return for your will do......what I say.I was going to kill myself after I killed her.Do you have a falling out with her?I do.But not just with her.All the Seljuks are my enemy.My brother......died whilefighting the SeljuksSeferiye Hatun has helped me after I suffered so much.I can't allow her to marry into the Seljuks.Understand me, Oke Hatun.To stop this marriage:.....and to give her time, I did this.But...But- -But now I regret it so much Oke Hatun.It was a moment of rage.I left a note.

It was a moment of rage.I left a note. .So that they knew Seferiye Hatun isn't involved in this.Your loyalty is strong enough to die for her.Is that right?Now...Just like you.....I don't want this marriage to happen....I don't want this marriage to happen.Your brain's small.But your bravery is big.And you're loyal. But...And you're loyal.'re only as safe and as the person you're loyal to.You must know that.If they find out......they won't let you live.However......if you do as I say......I'll help you live....I'll help you live.Destroy what you wrote......before anyone sees.Seferiye Hatun shouldn't know about this either.

Seferiye Hatun shouldn't know about this either.-Seferiye, I...-You!What do you think you're doing, Zeren?How?How dare you?Oh Allah...Gevher!-Gevher!-Don't worry, Seferiye. I didn't kill her.I couldn't do it.How could you even consider it, Zeren?Don't you think I'd have stood up for you?I didn't want it for myself, Seferiye......I wanted it for you. -For me?Were you going to take an innocent life for me?Do you think I could have lived with that?

Are you out of your mind, Zeren?I'd have punished you for the terrible thing you've done, but......but...No one saw you as you went there, right?How are you?Are you feeling better now?I am, mother.I must have the cold, I guess.You were worried for no reason.I'll be fine shortly.Please.....enjoy.Aren't you going to eat?Just make your point, Tekfur.Why have you invited us here?Why have you; invited us iTere?Fine.Fine.Latest incidents..My son......Alexander......left both you and a difficult situation.This invitation is an apology for what.happened......and a beginning for good relationships I hope that we'll form.I'm sure Yinal Bey understands my5point.

Those who have spent their lives dealing with wars and state matters......must know how valuable good relationships are.Isn't that true?That is true, Tekfur Grigor.Gains are not always provided......through the use of blades.If it is possible......friendships are valuable.However......I do not know......if this is......such a time.This is the time; Yinal Bey.I hope will take my hand that I extend with friendly intentions.The hand that you're claiming to extend......acts contrary to it's owners words......and sets up plans.You can't find anyone around this table......that would be willing to be your friend.You'were enemies with Karakhanids, too.But you became friends later.

In fact, you are going to be relatives.Why wouldn't you do that with me?Would you give your daughter in marriage to a Turkish family, Tekfur?Never.And our answer to your hand of friendship is also never.As you know, there won't be a marriage, daughter.There will only a celebratory dinner.It's not appropriate to present traditional offerings, while there is no marriage.But we still want to follow our traditions. These are yours.Consider we've presented the offerings for the marriage.I feel bad.By your leave.As the wedding is coming closer, she panics.I guess that's why she gets stressful.

Excuse her, please.You say there will be only a celebratory dinner and no traditional offerings but......I still want a great wedding prepared......suited a Melik of Seljuk and a Sultan of Karakhanid.This is my right as the father of the bride.It has been said repeatedly.Let me say it one more time.Alparslan gives no consent to marry.Then, don'it reject my wi'sh, Cagri Bey.Let's invite people from Bukhara, the palace, the community.....and the people close to Seferiye to the wedding.In this way, my daughter's heart can be softened a bit more.Gevher.If you don't feel well, take some rest.I'm fine, mother.

I'm better.Even if I was sick, there would be more reasons than pure sickness.What do you hope that the enmity harming the both sides......will take you, Alparslan Bey?Wherever it takes, Tekfur....then, all the lands of Anatolia.All the shores of the sea circling Anatolia will meet with the marks of my horses.So, you think you have an infinite lifetime.My lifetime is finite, of course.But the state of the Turks will be everlasting......until the end of time.So, you are this sure about it.

We are sure but we are astonished could even have suspicion.Aren't you the ones who call our great ancestor, Atilla......who made the Pope took a kneel and Beg before the gates of Rome......and Pulvirized you in the Balkans, as the whip of God?Don't you think the ones, who took Vaspurakan from your hands......and who will free Ani and its innocent people from your cruel rule.....have the same cause of that great Khan?Our past is known as my Atabey-said.And you can interpret what our future is going to be like from these.I did not come here to eat, but to listen to you. And I listened.

The meeting is over.*3»EI„eas.e,jlonJt hurry,.I am not done yet.Please.One last thing.One last thing.Please come with me Alparslan Bey.Everything is over!After this marriage, I will not be a hatun of Seljuk, but a prisoner of it for my whole life!SeferiyePlease try to be calm.How can I be calm Zeren? How?I miss my home, Bukhara......and Guice a lot!I promised her that I would return.I won't be able to keep my promise.

How can Gevher be this unju How can she dare to act like this?My Allah, what kind of a hell is this?How am I going to get rid of this place? How?Seferiye.You saved my life.And I owe you a life.But while your life is fading away before my eyes, I've become helpless.Seljuk took the lives of my mother and father.You almost died today because of them.This marriage is worse than death, though.

You will be like a prisoner for all your life.My father is mad.He will speed up the marriage.I have no other choice, Zeren.I wish an incident occurred that would stop this marriage.We could get some more time.Maybe we will find a solution then.A battle......or......a funeral, for example.He did his best, and cleaned his name again.It's better this way.But for Tekfur Grigor to whip his own son...He is a smart man.Very smart.He does not tolerate anything that would hinder his trade.That's why he did not defend his son.What did you talk?

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