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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 32 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

This is Episode No 32 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Avar and Atsiz are questioning the guests that came from Bukhara Artuk is dealing with the safety of the castle.\Ne have to check the wedding gifts that arrived My Alparslan Bey, the captive woke up ,Who wanted to kill me’Don t make me punish you and tell me.I did not come here to kill you...but Seferiye Hatun.Sefenye HaturPWhich dastard gave you this order?Speak .SpeakYinal Bey did1Yinal Bey told me to do so*You are lying1 Tell me’Who put this blame on me7 Speak1 Speak’ -Brother!Who made this plan7 Who put this blame on me’ Tell me1 -BrotheI did not do it, brother..Don't you believe me?Don't you believe me?

Why would this dastard give your name right before dying, Ibrahim7 Inform Alparslan Bey’He woke up’Breathe.Oh noBring some water for him' He II drown1 We need him alive, he can not die1 Who wanted you to kill Alparslan?Speak'Speak*I was not going to kill Alparslan I was going to kill Seferiye Hatun.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے سکرول ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

Who asked you to make this treacherous move7 SpeakHusrev Usta from Bukhara. He gave me the order and the gold You tried to kill my daughter I deserve killing you right now.But if you do as I say,I will spare your life and save you You will tell them that Yinall Bey gave you this order.Alright? Alright7We will learn whose puppet he is now Cagri Bey is right.Why did this traitor who tried to ...kill my daughter give your name if you were not involved?

He is silent because he is guilty. You see.You were not strong enough to kill me.So you tried to kill my daughte You careless man’ If you are still s because we obey the laws of the Sultan...not because we are not strong enough!Are you going to let him get away with this just because he is a Melik?Why are you silent7 -Enough' Ymal Bey'Go out.Out!

This dastard said those things to bring fitna'Don t you sec7I am Yusuf Yinal's son Ibrahim Ymal* Even if it’s my enemy’s daughter....I would never try killing her because she is a Melik's Hatun Soldier'Yinal Bey will stay in his room until the truth is exposed Apparently that s what you want, brother.Who can hold the Seljuq s Governor of his room without the Conqueror of Horasan's consent?I am not going to ask for your help, brother You II regret this my nephew.I’ll go myselfHow can your son do this, Cagri Bey?You are blaming Yinal Bey with the words of Karakhanids .. who were our enemies until yesterday and a stranger man.My Bey What happened?

That man who tried to kill Alparslan Bey.They asked us if we knew him, my Bey Don t worryMy daughter Seferiye was not the hunter, she was the prey They tried to kill her, not Alparslan.Come with me. There is one problem that we have to deal with Burkay Don t go back to Bukhara Stay here for some time I will ask for Alparslan Bey s consent when I come you will keep serving me here.

Come with me.What should I domy Allah7-I need to get out of here and acquit myself -I want to see my sister -GuiceNot now-I want to sec her’-You can't’ Don't you get it7 Guice, wait. You II see her.Now let's go back to your room.Let go of me' Sister1Open the door' Open it1 -Sister'Sister!Guice, don t cry. If you do this, your sister will get more upset.Open the door1 Guice’ Open it* Alparslan Bey's strict orders' We can t open the door I m innocent1 Your Alparslan Bey doesn't know what he is doing Guice.

You go to your room I'll come see you I promise.No* I won t leave without seeing you Sister’ Let her come in! She's sick!Don t you see that7I won t escape, anyway*I won t escape, anyway1-Sister .Are you so heartless7 Open the door.Open the door now’Guice.Are you there7Open the door now' I don t care about Alparslan Bey s orders'Now you can spend plenty of time with your sister, Guice.Guice ..0Can you believe what happened?

Who could have even known Ymal Bey would go so far7 Didn't he think what he did would be the rope around his neck?Maybe it was really Sefenye who did it, mother.How come?You say she hired a man to get herself killed Gevher?That's impossible.What kind of situation is this, my Allah7 What kind of situation is this7 Which dastard gave this order with which purpose?

Speak.SpeakYmal BeyI received the order from Yinal Bey As I said Oke Hatun You should leave before someone comes. Or.How could you have done it Oke Hatun7 What you did put us in deep trouble.I told you many times, Yinal Bey. It wasn t me.Don’t you trust me at alPAlright. I stopped youI just wanted to let it go and wanted him dead Like everyone else, I thought Like everyone else, I thought ...Alparslan was the target.

-I never thought that man came to kill Sefenye And I never thought ...that man would say "Yinal Bey made me do it".If who did this is revealed...If that happens ..It will happen Don t worry-I will find and expose him*NoDon t do another thing on your own Don't put..your life and mine in danger.

If I had a thousand lives, I would sacrifice all of them..for one life of yours Yinal Bey.Don t worryI have a plan. I will save you from this trouble If you still doubt, II be sure that I didn t do it but if I tell you, you'll try to stop me Oke.Damn it*Open the door*Open the door, Alps That man will kill Alparslan He will kill AlparslanAlps’ Open the door’- Brother'Open the doorYinal Bey is innocent.He did not do it.They turned you against your brother You have been listening to them all this time You didn t say that you don t belong here.You stopped being a Malik and became their Alp.And now you will be their groom, is that right?

Don't leave me again, sister.Everything will be all right, Guice My sister is innocentDo you blame her just because I did not see the note7 Is it because of me7 I know that your sister is innocent See, sister7 Alparslan Bey knows the truth Don t cry. You should not cry.Don't forget this, Guice. The truth and the ones that hide the truth will be revealed Lies are always exposed.The truth is...always revealed at the end Like the tale TheTortoise and the Hare7My sister told it to me.

Lazy and liar hare tries to trick the tortoise But the tortoise races and finishes the race first She can tell it to you, tooYou will tell me sometime, if you want Guice, come onI wasn’t the one they tried to kill. It was you Me7 Who would want to kill me7 Why arc you rushing Oke Hatun7 Don t stop me, Erbaskan Bey I need to leave the castle.

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