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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 33 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles
Watch Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

This is Episode No 33 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Even I didn't know about Flora's who could have found out about it? who could have found out about- it?*- *The man I just told you about that looked like a beggar.Do you know someone like that among the Turks?Unfortunately‘l don't, sir.Tekfur, sir!Sir, your daughter...What about her? Who's this man?Arslan Yusuf Beyhas your daughter.What?Don't worry, sir. She is alive. My Bey is waiting for you.Let me go.My father will give you all the gold if you let me go.It's not about gold,'s about blood.We're leaving, Yinal Bey, get ready.-Where to?-You'll see when we get there. Hurry up.Don't you know that Alparslan is after me?

You still haven't told me where we're going, Tekfur.Father!Hush.I took your reputation away......and I'll take your life now, Yinal. Walk!Stop!Father! Father!Stay where you are!If you take any other steps, I'll kill her!Flora!What's going on here, Tekfur?If you take another step, my archers around will take your life......and I will take your daughter's.Are you out of your mind, Arslarn Yusuf?Let my daughter goWhat do you think you're doing?Now, you're going to kill my enemy, Ibrahim Yinal......or I'll kill your daughter in front of you.No!No!You dog, what are you talking about?Tekfur heard what I said.Now, he's going to do as I say.Go on!

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے اسکرال ڈاؤن کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں ۔

What are you waiting for, Tekfur?What are you waiting for, Tekfur?Are you waiting for your daughter's death?Unfortunately, our alliance didn't last long, Yinal Bey.I'm sorry......but my daughter's life is worth than yours.I bear witness that there is no other god but Allah......and I bear witness thatMohammad is His servant and HisTekfur!Don't!For your own good, Tekfur!Are you still threatening me in this situation!?Do you think we will let you live after you kill a Seljuk Melik?You cannot threaten me in my own lands!

I am not threatening you Tekfur, I am telling you what's going to happen!What are you doing Alpagut?Are you going to give up on our biggest leverage against Seljuk, sir?Your soldier is telling the truth, Tekfur. If I will lose will lose too.Alpagut!-Let go of my sister, you bastard! -Don't move!I will cut her throat!Alexander!Calm down.Don't do it Arslan Yusuf!If you don't let go of my sister, I am going to make you regret it, Arslan Yusuf!If you want your sister to live......shout at your father, not at me!...shout at your father, not at me!He should finish what he started!Yinal Bey is Alparslan's uncle.

He doesn't want him to die, don't you see?He would not let your daughter to be killed either.What are you waiting forTekfur?What are you waiting for Tekfur?Is this the time to talk?Take your hands off of me, Alpagut!Soldiers!We have no other leverage but Ibrahim Yinal, sir!Think carefully!Let go!You are making a mistake, Tekfur.You are making a mistake.Arslan Yusuf will let go of your daughter in a moment, Tekfur.I told it to your son, too.No matter what happens, Yinal Bey is a Seljuk Melik.Let's say he is sentenced to that. It's not you that...Let's say he is sentenced to that. It's not you that......would carry it out, it's us!Now, put that dagger down!

You too!Are you deaf, Arslan Yusuf?Don't you hear me?I am not going to drop my dagger before I take the life of Yinal Bey who......attempted to kill my daughter, then escaped to take shelter in the lands of......infidels without any shame!...infidels without any shame!Arslan Yusuf!Tekfur!I swear by the sky and the soil!Anyone that tries to kill a Seljuk Melik......will be drowned in their own blood!/ASP'JP AKAMI was Gomihg to see you.What did the doctors say?

Akinay Hatun gave her a medicine.She will get better, inshAllah.Alparslan Bey told Akinay Hatun that if it is necessary......he would bring better doctors from Baghdad and Hamedan.Is my fatheriin his room, Zeren?First, I need to kidnap Tekfu Grigor's daughter, Burkay.No.I haven't seen Arslan Yusuf Bey today.Come Guice, let's go.Father?He is not here.Where is he?Come (sulce, Jet's check t-h’e'sqdare.Burkay?Where is my father?I came to check if he returned, Seferiye Hatun.Returned from where?Where did he go?

Come Guice.Look, I know you ever since you were a child.Averting your eyes, playing with your fingers, these are not good signs.You are hiding something from me.You are hiding something from me.Burkay.Tell me where my father went, now!To kidnap Tekfur's daughter.What?Why would he do that?Yina'I Bey;...-Tekfur has him.In return for his life...Don't you see you put yourself in well as the rest of us by kidnapping Tekfur's daughter?Put down that dagger!Alparslan can't save your daughte I have the dagger.Now...Either do as I say...You bastard!Don't you hear me?Kill him father! Don't stop That's enough talkingNo no! -Father!Father!

-Okay fine.You win.I bear witness that there is no other god but Allah..bear witness thatMohammad is- -Tekfur...His servant and messenger.No one will win today.And no one will lose.Calm down.You can't think straight out of anger and fear...You can't think straight out of anger and fear......because your daughter's in danger now.First, calm down.Your anger will only bring you trouble.Now wait.And listen to me.So be it.Tell me what you wish.But leave your sword behind.You're wasting your time Alparslan Bey.Someone's going to die now.Either Yinal Bey or her.Wait. Don't come any closer.Then you'll die as well.

If Yinal Bey think they will let you live?And no matter what happens......this Hatun is innocent and she knows nothing about this issue.If you let your anger get the best of you......a second judgment by the Sultan won't save you.Now......does your life matter more......or Yinal Bey's?Make your decision.What is he saying?Grigor's impatient.Hurry up.If he doesn't kill you......then I will.I won't say that again.Put down the dagger.My daughteFather!It's okay.It's alright.Are y©u okay?Did that bastard hurt you?Did that bastard hurt you?These ones are also old, Batur Bey.Suleyman Bey!-Any traces? -None, my Bey.

There's no trace of them.Arslan Yusuf......must have made it to Ani with the Tekfur's daughter.Our efforts here are vain.Let's catch up to Alparslan Bey, Suleyman Bey.Let's go.Wait, Oke Hatun.I know how you feel and where you're going need to be patient.Alparslan will not let the heathens decide Yinal Bey's fate.We don't need anyone's help, thank Allah.Move out of my wayThe dog who did this will pay, sister.The dog who did this will pay, sister.Don't you worry.Alexander......I thought I wasn't going to see you again.Take your sister to Ani, Alexander.They're getting more and more crowded.

Let's go, Flora.Alparslan.*•-« ....You've got what you wanted, Tekfur. Your daughter is alive.Now give us what we want.f’I »Ibrahim a fugitive Melik, who committed treason against his State.Now, you're going to give him to us, to the State of Seljuk.I married an enemy just to save my father's life......and look at him now!It's just suicide!Your father seems to, have made up his mind ata’cTut ending Yinal Bey, Seferiye.Your father seems to have made up his mind about ending Yinal Bey, Seferiye.He has a point, too.What are you talking about, Zeren?How can you approve of this madness?

Both Yinal and his wife Oke are dangerous.®on't you see that.....they're against both you and Arslan Yusuf Bey, Seferiye?Their existence here is a threat to your well-being.InshAllah Arslan Yusuf Bey's efforts will not be in vain.If we're going to fight against them......we need to do it the right way....we need to do it the right way.ifcg> t-he laws and the order Why did I get married just to obey the laws and the order......if my father doesn't do anything the right way?I'll say it again. I hold no one by force.I'll say it again. I hold no one by force.

Even though I had to put mu dagger on hjs neek because of what happened, Yinal Bey is my guest.He is free to go, if he wishes.This is his choice.You might not trust me because of the unwanted situation that the conditions led us, but don't forget......if you stay with me, it means you'll be free.Moreover, there is no question that I'll be stand beside you, while you'll be marching upon the throne.Does taking cover under an infidel's shadow suit to a Melik of Seljuk?What are you still waiting for, Yinal Bey?

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Unknown member
Jul 12, 2023

Give me 5 plzz episode upload kr dein Alp arslan ki aik b episode nhi chl rhi 😐


May 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.



Zayn Shah
Zayn Shah
Nov 01, 2022

Dear Team. There's something wrong in part 2 due to which the video isn't playing. Kindly fix it. Thank you.


Imran Nazir
Imran Nazir
Oct 26, 2022

seljuk season 2 me 1 part 2.5 gb ki aas pass hoti thi uski quality bhut achi hoti thi but ab 950 mb ki aas pass hoti hai pls best quality me upload kare......

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