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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 34 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles
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This is Episode No 34 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5.Where are the Byzantines?Watch your backs.This is no good.This is no good.Where did the infidels go?Why isn't there anyone?TrapIt's a trap!’Trap!It's a trap, get out quickly Run!SOGrigor!I realized today that taking Vaspurakan......gave you too much courage, Alparslan.We don't take our courage from our weapons, or the castles we have conquered......but from our faith in the Haqq!But you should be realizing right now cannot take what is mine!If not today, I will take it tomorrow, Tekfur.

The goal of conquest is not a whim, it would never die.You are lucky that you are inside.Look! There are others that are not as lucky as you.Now......throw your weapons outside immediately, and surrender!I think it's not necessary for me to tell what's going to happen on the contrary!You, and the armies behind you......cannot do anything other that what's written in our destiny Do your best!You will surrender eventually, Alparslan You are losing time by thinking!Your alps will die for nothing.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

When we get out......we will kill the demon among us that told you about this!Please tell me.Why should I trust you?What you're telling me......could be Alparslan's trap.Tekfur.I would never trust Melik Alparslan.He made my husband suffer.Makes sense.i .Qkay.How do you know Alparslan would attack Surmari?A merchant named as your spy.But that merchantsdoesn't work for you.He works for Alparslan.Your son trusted him and told Alparslan to go.Captain Alexander thought he was setting a trap.

But you will be the ones getting trapped by Alparslan.Alparslan will take Surmari.And his next target......will be Ani.Soldier!Your friends' loyalty makes me emotional Alparslan.There's o'nly one reason why the} all'betray you.You are not loved.And you know what's worse?You aren't accepted as a leader.ooNow make your choice.Will you surrender?Or will you watch them die?You can't threaten me.....with my soldiers who will die with a word of mine.Ymal Bey.

You are the ruler of th.e lands between Tabriz and Gence.If Alparslan takes Surmari he'll be more powerful.Why did you become a part of his plan?Same reason why I conquered Nicabur.......the city of Rey, Oke.Yinal Bey.-_ I want'you to rule the state...I want you to rule the conquered the capital of.That's why......I told the Tekfur everything.What? What did you tell him?What do you know?What do you know Oke?Tell me what you know.Tell me!Razen.Yes my Bey?Get clown.I heard Alparslan talking to the merchant from Surmari.

You talked about the Hunerli village attack by Alexander.This important plan should be kept a secret.How did you hear it?Why did Alexander......choose that village to attack?Now tell me the truth.< a yThey have my family, my Bey.Captain Alexander forced me to lie.What about Yinal Bey?He sent word to you.He convinced Captain Alexander to attack the headquarters.Now......Alparslan can't take Surmari, What have you done Oke?What have you done?I did what I did for you Yinal Bey.Don't worry Yinal Bey.Tekfur still thinks you're on his side.

He doesn't know that you and Alparslan planned it together.I'll keep it that way.Both Alparslan and Suleyhman......won't be able to stand in your way anymore.They won't make it till the morning.How could you break the plans that we carefully created?How dare you put two Seljuk Meliks at risk, Oke?How dare you think you're smarter than anyone else.....and take actions as you wish?You've messed everything up You've messed everything up!.<■£ " !'rrYou've trapped Alparslan.His only option is to surrender.

We will see if you're right or not, Alpagut.IWho is the dog that told on us? Even the Alps didn't know about our plan!It means that wehave a rat among us.Once the eagle is free, he shall kill the rat with the help of Allah.This is the time to think about how to break free of this cage.How can we leave while they hold 3 Alps hostage against our lives.Not against our lives, against our freedom Erbaskan.Grigor wants us alive.That way, he can get anything he wants from the Seljuks.

Even if we let go of our blades.....I don't know if they're going to spare the Alps.My Bey's right.We're all that Grigor needs.Us being captured is the last thing the Seljuk needs.Allah's will shall take place.Rtf: * , AI don't like the taste.Is it okay if I don't eat it?You need to eat it.Most things that cure us usually taste bitter, dear Guice.However, we need to get used to them for their results.You're right!When my sister left me in Bukhara and came here......I cried a lot, I didn't want her to leave.Then, when the Seljuk Alps......came to bring me here, I was terrified.

But the results turned out to be good.Why were you terrified?Because.....everyone in Bukhara......talks about how cruel of a Melik Alparslan Bey was.Don't think about that.You'll understand when you're older.However, know that.....Alparslan Bey is nothing like they say he is.I've known him since he was a baby.You'll see for yourseYou'll see how glorious......and merciful Alparslan Bey is.I already have.Akinay Hatun......thank you.You're taking care of my sweet Guice.This tastes bad, sister......but Akinay Hatun will order for my best dishes to be cooked if I eat it.

Listen to what Akinay Hatun, says. Okay, Guice?Akinay Hatun......I don't know if it's important but...Go ahead, Seferiye Hatun.I've seen small boils on Alparslan Bey's hands.He told me that he'd see you, but......I didn't know if a man who doesn't even care about dagger wounds......would careabout such a thing.Don't worry.When Alparslan Bey returns from Surmari with good news......I will look at them by force even if he does not want.How? Who gave the headquarters to Arslan Yusuf?

Who do you think?Cagri Bey and......his precious son Alparslan!You think that they care about much as you care .about them!While you are......endangering yourself in infidels' land......they just... ...gave your property to your enemy!Look at that!I would make them pay for it, how could you do something like this without.....knowing why they did it!Do you intend to make me go mad!?The Haqq.....and you......know about my intention!-That throne is...-Will Ibrahim Yinal......take that throne by betraying his state!?

Is that how I am going to get what's my right?I am Yusuf Yinal's son Ibrahim Yinal!It's true that I-rebelled against the Sultan......but I never betrayed my state!I would not!If this is found out.....even I cannot protect you, Oke Hatun.You should know that!Take out your dagger.What does that mean, Yinal Bey?Stab me.No.What's your goal?To wound yourself and return to Ani?No, no!I will not allow that, Yinal Bey.Do as I say Oke!Stab me Oke!Stab me!Don't touch!I can do it myself!

Now, draw an arrow..Do as I say Oke.Finally.I am sure your alps must be curious about..We are not surrendering, Tekfu If you want to takeus as your prisoners....then you will come inside.So you are saying that your alps should die? Did I hear that correctly?Our Bey just gave us the good news of shahada, Tekfur, not death!I would sacrifice my flesh and blood for you, my Bey.Alexander.Bring them.Watch then!I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Mohammad is His servant and messenger.

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