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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 38 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles
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This is Episode No 38 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. You should spend your time by your homeland for one last time, instead of looking at my face.No one will know that you are gone, where we are going......or what happened to you, Mohammed Alparslan.My the governor of Azerbaijan, I will rule over worthy of your name, just as other places you have given under my care.Sit down, Seferiye Hatun.Since your husband Melik Alparslan is not here......the throne is yours as his proxy....the throne is yours as his proxy.Since the Yabgulus are not eager to pledge loyalty to us......then we will unite them under a shadow they will be running to.

In Vaspurakan.Under Yusuf Yinal's son Ibrahim Yinal's shadow.My Sultan......what......will our nephew Alparslan will say to this?I told him that Vaspurakan was under my command......but he did not obey as he said it was his sword right.Those who do not obey the people we have appointed will meet the same end!Vaspurakan is......under your rule as the governor of Azerbaijan.As you command, my Sultan.Also, when I talk to Alparslan with the firman you are going to give to me......he will have no other choice but to obey.It's a Sultan's order, Ibrahim.Don't you accept my word as the firman?Estagfirullah, my Sultan.Of course I do.-But...-You are still talking, Ibrahim!My Sultan.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

Did you not hear what I said, Seferiye Hatun?My Sultan.....I sat down as you ordered, as your orders are superior t® manners, but while you are here...You lost Vaspurakan, Yinal Bey.-Brother, don't...-I here not with a firman, but with my word.You said that your words were firman, my Sultan.And I acted accordingly as necessary...What you have done was necessary?My Sultan, Alparslan...Alparslan did not give the property of Seljuk......without my, the owner of the property's someone else, despite being a member of the dynasty.

But you. What have you done?Instead of informing me about it immediately, you lost to your ambition.You tried to make him obey.You besieged the castle.You treated your family as if they were your friends!Like it was not enough, with the catapult you have harmed your own people!Forgive me my Sultan.The catapult...There is no need to talk about this anymore.What's done is done.By doing this, everyone showed their true selves.Patience and silence..Patience and a Bey's......and a Bey Hatun's......virtues.These are given at birth.

I understood that......the state me and my brother Cagri Bey established......can only survive......under the rule of Beys......and their Hatuns......who were blessed by these virtues......after we pass.Ani CastleANIKA LGAni CastleWe're ready to leave fathe Good.It's a long path......but seeing Alparslan in a cage......will make it worthwhile.You asked to see me Tekfu Tell Priest Stefanos to get ready.He's coming .with us.Priest Stefanos?Will he invite Alparslan to Jesus Christ's sacred path before he dies?Priest Stefanos will come for me, not Alparslan.That freak that follows Besasiri disturbs me.

I'll feel a bit better if Priest Stefanos is there.A wolf cannot be caged.If you wish I'll send word to Vaspurakan.No time.We'll go to save Alparslan Bey from Besasiri.How?Where is priest hadrath?If you're here to confess, he's busy.You'll have to wait.Priest Hadrath will come out soon.Let the first circle know.As you wish.Priest Stefanos.Get ready. You're coming with us.Where?Tekfur Grigor is leaving.Besasiri caught Alparslan.He wants to see him before he's in Shiraz.Hurry up. 'He has all the solutions.He can either fix it......or break it.

We showed Arslan Yusuf mercy.But he dares to start an uprising.My Sultan.As we've talked about before......if it wasn't forSeferiye Hatun.....who knows where we would be?What you did in your husband's absence......makes your throne suit you better.You proved I was right to make the have you marry you to my nephew Alparslan.Thank you my Sultan.Where is Akinay Hatun?My Sultan.Mother was wounded in the attack.She's resting.I'm done resting my Sultan.Thank Allah I am well.Welcome.You graced us.Thank you Akinay Hatun.Thank you.My Sultan.Yes Hacip?Cagri Bey was ambushed.What?

He's in a critical state.Who would dare?We don't know yet my Sultan.We're going to Merv.Start preparations.My Sultan.Those who attacked him.....might still be around.If you allow me......I can go before you to make sure the road's safe.Brother?Go Yinal Bey.You'll stay here Seferiye Hatun.Tell Alparslan what happened when he's back.As you wish my Sultan.Can you travel Akinay Hatun?<2I could even run all the way.We shouldn't wait anymore my Sultan.Our Bey's situation is getting worse!Hurry up!He's losing a lot of blood!Hurry up!Come on!Oh Allah, help us!Put the onyx stone on the wound!

His breathing is getting slower, stop the bleeding! Suleyman! Flora.Flora.Flora!Are you okay? Who is the Hatun?Tekfur's daughter, my Sultan.She helped my Bey in Ani when he was a prisoner.Altun Can Hatun is on the way.My Sultan, Altun Can Hatun is on her way.Why did you get out like this?Your father.I was worried about your father.Is he okay?Are you okay?I'm okay.He's going to be okay too, InshAllah.I'll be back soon, don't worry.Make sure she recovers.Of course, my Bey, don't worry.Let's go.Help me!Help me!Help!Stop!Help me!Help me, my BeyHelp..Who did this?The Buyids, my Bey.Arslan Besasiri has taken Alparslan Bey prisoner!Arslan Besasiri?They're going towards the East, my Bey.You need to get to them!Tell the Alps to keep......securing the road, Haydar.Go to the base, get a troop and go to Derinkaya.

We need to cut in front of them and get Alparslan Bey back..MegypB|a s8iOh, Merciful Allah, have mercy on us!You're the Al-Shaafi, heal him!Spare Cagri Bey to the people he cares for......and the whole Seljuk!My nephew, who had been sharpening his claws for his now in the cage.For Allah......the Everlasting.For Allah, the Everlasting.Who are you?I don't know whatyou're dreaming of......but you'll wake up to a nightmare.Protect the Emir!Surround the cart, position!Hurry up!This way!The arrow came from that way, go check it out!Arslan Besasiri.....I was expecting to see you.Yusuf Yinal's son.....Melik Ibrahim Yinal.Are you here to make me pay for your brother Cagri's death......or for your nephew Alparslan?

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