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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 44 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles GiveMe5

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

How this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 44 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. This place belongs to me nowNo one can stop me!What's going on here?Everyone, put your swords down!How could this be?Alexander!Get up!Alexander!Alexander!You killed my son!May God be my witness, you will pay for this!How could you do this!?How?Alexander!How could you do this!? How could you disobey the peace agreement......our Sultan sealed!Suleyman!You did not come to the wedding so you could attack the inn with Kutalmis Bey, right?Do you think you can put discord between me and Flora by killing her brother?Not only me, you put the state in a bad position too!SuleymanWhat you see is not the truth.Kutalmis Bey is responsible for what happened, and the blood on my sword Alparslan Bey is telling the truth.Although he did do it unwillingly......he helped us a lot with his sword.But he did not know about it.What about you, Suleyman Bey?What about you, Suleyman Bey?

You are working together with the nfidels and pave the way for peace You marry a infidel hatun for peace!You marry a infidel hatun for peace!And now, you are getting mad on behalf of Tekfur's stupid son and these corpses?If your real problem is the brother of the hatun you are in love with.....then I killed him! Me!You are getting proud of that, huh?Byzantine is our enemy too.But we are not letting our ambition shadow the path of Seljuk!You should know that you will end up the same as your cousin Ibrahim Yinal, whom you are following!Your pain is great, Tekfur.That's why......I will let you go with your men.But, the moment you come to Ani, I will take your head!Now, take your son and go. Come on!This is for the brave soldier you just killed.Surmari is mine now!Let it be known!Don't come here again......or I won't show you any mercy!It looks like you trust those disorderly soldiers that stand behind you.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

But don't forget about the end of the Bey they supported before.I am not like Yinal Bey, Melik Alparslan.Don't forget that.Do your best.will not forget that you killed my son.Don t come here with your army!Surmari is surrounded!Alparslan!Although the blood on your sword is not my son's, you have a part in his death.\ 6From now on, watch your back!Because, I will be there!Go and bury your son, Tekfur!I am not in the mood!Can't you see his pain?Like I your back!You too!I am coming too, I need to see Flora.Don't!Don't, Melik SuleymanI don't want to see a single Turk around me!This marriage ended before it begun!You say that you are a Melik of Seljuk state, and the heir......but you still want to go to Ani and stay with the infidels.I told you to watch who you are speaking to......and choose your words accordingly, right?We lost Surmari because of you!

If you had not bring Alexander here, and wanted peace, none of these would happen You couldn't be given a single piece of land, let alone the throne of our state!You are not talking to your brother Suleyman......but to the heir of the throne, Suleyman What do you think being a heir means?When you don't put the state ahead of......yourself, and act for its benefit.....being a Melik or an useless!You are not bothered by Surmari!You want the throne!You can't accept me being the heir!That's why you are using Flora as an excuse!You want can't accept me being the heir, Alparslan!My Bey!Don't.Love made you blind!But you still have time to fix your mistake.Now, I will go to Curcan and you will go to Damgan!Speak with the BeysThey will stop supporting Kutalmis Bey, or they will lose their heads!You can't give me ordersIt's my order, Heir Suleyman! Come to your senses!It's my order, Heir Suleyman! Come to your senses!And do what being an heir requires!They will come after us.They will come in stronger.To protect Parnagut bridge, Surmari, Curcan and reach for more......we need to send word everywhere.So that the Turkmens will take their spears and bows......and come!They will come, Rasul Tegin, they will.But we need to fill the eyes and pockets of those who come.

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

What we have is not enough.Allow me to go and pillage the infidel lands.We can't pillage.What will we do then?Yinal Bey's treasure will be good enough.Brother.When we went to his funeral......we looked where it was hidden.It was gone.He took it somewhere else I guess.How can we find it?Who knows where he hid it.Someone must know Resul Tegin.We can't stop now.Now it's time for massacre for Arslan Yabgu's sons.Find and bring Erbasgan.My Sultan. We found the one we were looking for.You did?Whereas he?In a Turk tribe in Gurcan.ANi KALesiThank God.Suleyman?Where is he?Alexander!Alexander!Alexander!Alexander!Alexander's with God now my girl.How could they do this?How could they do this?I'm furious.But I promise you.Turks will pay for this greatly.The wedding was a scam Flora.They wanted to seem friendly......and attacked Surmavid.And they were brutal.Suleyman knew this.No.My girl.He knew it.Why isn't he here consoling you?He's with them.

They're celebrating victory.I'm so sorry.I'm so sorry my girl.I'm so sorry.We'll wait until we hear something.Bertu Bey. Alparslan's coming.<?<?Alparslan Bey?Don't let him see you.You killed our leader Ibrahim Yinal Bey......and also our soldier, Goktas Bey.Isn't it enough?Why are you here?The so called leader Yinal.....was a rebellious Melik.You were supposed to be killed......along with the rebel.But Sultan forgave you instead.Now, you don't learn from the past......and you follow another rebel, Kutalmis Bey.From now on, whoever betrays us......won't be shown mercy.We're here to say that.Kutalmis Bey is in the wrong.Whoever......stops supporting will be for the best.Or what Melik Suleyman?What will you do if we follow Kutalmis Bey?Show us.Sons of Mikhail think they own the state......but they don't know who it's for.You have always looked down upon Ibrahim Yinal......and Kutalmis Bey, who conquered many lands.How dare you speak against the Sultan......and worry about the matters of the dynasty.Turks are loyal to the Sultan, not the Beys.No.

We are loyal to those who fight for us.Not those who work with the enemy.Bertu Bey.You sided with those who caused us harm......and the ones who killed Ibrahim Yinal.Now Melik Suleyman......wants to side with the enemies to marry his daughte Do you care about the state or Hatuns?If any of you......want to be rebels......come over here.Is this what the Turkmens deserve?Turkmens won't allow those.....who threaten to destroy them.This tribe is the home of those who rebel against Seljuks.This traitor wantedto kill Altuncan Hatun.Don't you know it?He took lands from the Infidels.Is Kutalmis Bey a traitor?Or is this man who worked with the infidels.....and sided with them?Stop being stubborn.Rebellion never brought anyone any the heir to the Seljuk State's throne.And I don't want any Turkmens to get hurt here.During my own reign.......I want to fight alongside you......and with your children to conquer the world....and with your children to conquer the world.You act like you own the lands we conquered for you.And now you want our children?We are only loyal to Kutalmis Bey.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

And you aren't great enough to conquer the world Melik Suleyman.You can only win the heart of an infidel girl.So Kutalmis Bey, too, has started a rebellion.Correct.Well, it's not a surprise.My brother Alparslan was given authority over all the lands he took.My brother Suleyman was named the heir.Your brother Yinal Bey ruled over Azerbaijan.However, our Sultan's most loyal and Kutalmis Bey, were never......given even the tiniest piece of land.Does that sound fair to you?You've always kept quiet like that.You've always kept quiet and accepted what they saw fit.Until now, you were just letting them......take what was solely yours....take what was solely yours.However.....from now on, you're letting them what belongs to me......and our children to be born as well.So don't keep quiet, Erbaskan.So don't keep quiet, Erbaskan.Meliksah.I'll be back in a minute.Oh, come here Meliksah.M ash Al I a h.Meliksah.Meliksah.Forgive me, my Bey.Erbaskan told me about what happened.First Yinal Bey, now this...My uncle's clearly going to be troubled.Look at you! MashAllah.

Thank Allah, He granted you to my brother.I'm glad he did!May you have one as well, Gevher Hatun.Ameen.Erbaskan Bey......I invite Surmari, to discuss a matter from which......both of us will benefit.If you care about your future, don't tell anyone about this and come to Surmari.We didn't know, my BeyForgive us, Alparslan BeyAlparslan Bey!Forgive us, Alparslan Bey!It's the end for you, Besasiri's dog.The Turks are going to pay for this attack.Don't worry about it!Yet you're the one who always pays, Tekfur. How does that work?Get off of m,y throne now.Take that damn horse of yours out of here!Treat my horse with respect.He's been emotional lately.He might get sad if he feels that he's not welcome. That would make me sad as well.Do you understand?I told you to get up.I see that you've added another loss to the list.I lost my son.They killed my son!That's the price you pay for trusting Turks.The greater tragedy here is the fact that......despite all the defeats you suffered, you still don't get it.The Turks liveonly to kill, old man.Only to kill.I can't say that I'm sorry for your your son was a useless idiot anyway.

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Mudassar Shabbir
Feb 12, 2023

Can destan drama Episode 19 subtitles???


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