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AlpArslan Buyuk Seljuke EPISODE 52 Season 3 with Urdu Subtitles

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Alparslan EPISODE 33 with Urdu Subtitles

Read here tha how this Episode starts, This Series is Superb:

This is Episode No 52 of AlpArslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 with Urdu Subtitles by GiveMe5. What are they talking?I told you, but you did not believe me.But I have spoken nothing but the truth.Now......the proof of what I said is here.4.1You gathered all of the soldiers of the dead vassals and came here, but......I hold the keys to the castles that those vassals and Arsak......ruled.Artuk Bey, Atsiz Bey, Avar Bey.Listen to me carefully now.Your duty will be important.You will take your armies and conquer Meryemdisin, Ambert, and Subinsehir......and bring the keys to the castle to me before I meet the battlefield.Listen to me carefully now, King Bagrat.

My hand that holds the keys to your castles......also holds the sword that's going to take your lives.Now make your decision......are you going to be a puppet in Count Leon's hands, who attempted to kill you. And stay a slave to Byzantine......or are you going to turn to the Sultan of me, Mohammad Alparslan, son of Cagri Bey, and my just reign?I do not expect Count Leon to be honorable towards us.But he is not only treacherous to his enemies, he is treacherous towards his friends too.

قسط دیکھنے کے لیے نیچے اسکرول کریں اور watch here پر کلک کریں، شکریہ ۔

This is a Wonderful Series and so this Episode:

Now make your decision, King Bagrat.Are you going to ignore the safety of your soldiers......and continue to work with that bastard who tried to kill you, and fight me?Or are you going to go after the truth.I hope he is not thinking of making a deal.Something is wrong.Count Leon will pay for what he has done.We came here to fight, King Bagrat!What are we waiting for to take the revenge of our vassal friends?Now go and tell them what is going on......and what kind of trap Count Leon......lured you into.Damn it.I am not going to wait any longer.What nonsense is this, King Bagrat?

Tell me what you have talked about!It was not Alparslan who killed our soldiers and was Count Leon!Here's the truth.Is King Bagrat convinced my Sultan?They wanted to pin us against each other.Now they're in a conflict.Now the war is between them and Leon.Come on.Will we let them go King Bagrat?This is. ridiculous. Kont Leon- -You're involved in it.Calm down King Bagrat.What are you doing in front of the soliders?Everyone will know the truth.Whoever betrayed us......will be punished.Now we'll go to Ani and make you pay for Kont Leon's death.

Just Continue to read the summary of this Episode:

But first, we'll tell our soldiers who the real killer is.So they won't think we're afraid.No one must know the truth. Including your soldiers.You don't want them to know you sent them to death Lord Arsak.Damn it.Atsi-z Bey.Sent half of our soldiers to the castles we conquered for support.Split into two.You'll go to Meryem Nisin, Ambert and Subinsehir.Nothing can change the fact that Turks are the enemy King Bagrat.It's not too late to attack.Let's go after them and destroy them.I only fight my real enemies Lord Arsak.This is a mistake King Bagrat.Shut up.We're going to Ani.No one must know the truth. Even your soldiers.Leave our Commander go King Bagrat.Take him!I told you this was a mistake King Bagrat.

But it's not too late to turn around.Everyone listen to me.The truth isn't what it seems.Kont Leon- -We're here to fight Alparslan, King Bagrat.Not to run awaYou might retreat.But me and my soldiers will attack the Turks.Death to all Turks!My Sultan.Your plan destroyed their order.Now the infidels fight each other like idiots.Thanks to Seferiye Hatun.If they hadn't brought the papers......we wouldn't have proof of anything.PC7 §CHR1If our Sultan didn't think of getting that tradesman followed...... none of us would be a live right now.If the infidels didn't attack from the behind we would've killed them all before they set foot in the chapel.You did everything you could.You shielded your life for ours Batur Bey.

Thank you.Batur Bey.I'll go and mix you a remedy.It’ll help your wound okay?My Sultan.Kavurt Bey's son Merdan Bey is here.Mercian Bey?Let's go.&Welcome Merdan Bey.-Did you come to visit your dad...-Not to visit.I came to takesomeone into account.Who and what willyou take account for?I'm going to take my uncle Alparslan to account for Siraz.I'm going to ask him how he can give Siraz which me and my dad got so easily to Fazulye.I'm going to ask how my dad agreed to this.I thought you would as how your dad was doing before these but...... turns out that doesn't mean anything to you.If we come to the topic of taking someone to account...All of the workings of the lands which belong to Seljuk...belongs to the nation's Sultan Alparslan Bey.And he would only report to Allah who is the owner of everything there is.

This is the end of this Episode, You must watch this Episode

Not to you.Now...... are you going to visit your dad...or not?or not?If you want to see him I'll allow it.If you want to see him I'll allow it.The guards will shew you the way.The guards will show you the way.I'll of course see him.I'll of course see him.We're not cowards like King B.agrad.We would never betray Roman even if that costs us our lives.We would never betray Roman even f that costs us .our lives.Turks will pay for our vassal brothers who they've stabbed in the back.Turks will pay for our vassal brothers who they've stabbed in the back.Turks will pay for our vassal brothers who they've stabbed in the back.They have to.They're coming.The army separated. They have less men than us.How can my uncle do this to us?Doesn't he know that us going to Siraz and other Parsian cities were allowed by Sultan Tugrul?

Didn't you tell that to him?Didn't you say you weren't giving your blessings?You give up the throne which was yours and serve him...... but he takes the land which was yours and gives it to a lowlife Emir.You're going to tell my uncle to give up on this right away dad, if not this won't end well.You're going to tell my uncle to give up on this right away dad, if not this won't end well.Calm down son, calm down.Don't get mad.Aren't you a son of Cagri Bey dad?Isn't the throne and all of the Seljuk which my uncle took over a legacy to you too?Are you that scared of your brother?

Are you that scare..Stupid...You're the one who's blind to my real purpose.If I obeyed was to not to be killed.Look at what happened to those who fought with Alparslan.Ibrahim Yinal.Kutalmis.Suleyman.Two of them dead...and one defeated.WhyBecause they didn't revolt in the right time!A smart man......dreams about revolting only when......he's strong enough to take down his enemy.Do you understand?You have a point, father.I failed to see your intention.Forgive me.Until we're strong enough to take my uncle down......I will keep quiet.No.You will not keep quiet, son.You will keep saying...You will keep saying......what you think is right.And I will be the loyal brother......who's trying to control his rebellious son.

Keep in mind that......until that day comes......don't let anyone understand your intention.•'You made a mistake, Mansur.!You shouldn't have been the one to tell Kavurt Bey about Shiraz.Things will get complicated now.So what?Alparslan Bey is intending to weaken everyone......who might have a claim on the throne.He imprisoned us here......and then took his brother's land away from him.He'll kill us all when the time comes.Open your eyes, brother!Open your eyes!If we don't unite against Alparslan Bey......we will all be destroyed.ANI KALCSIAN I CASTLEYou and I... We're a good team.

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Apr 19, 2023

جب چار چار دن قسط اپلوڈ نہیں کرو گے تو پھر فیسبک پر پوسٹ ہی کرتے رہو گے کہ ہمارا یوٹیوب سبسکرائیب کرو اور ویوز کم ہیں 😅😅


Talha Anwar
Talha Anwar
Apr 18, 2023

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